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December 27, 2013

| jumper and midi skirt = ark clothing |
I'd just like to start this blog post by wishing you all a merry Christmas, hope you all got everything you wished for and ate too much, just like me. The pictures above depict a fatter Olivia, who spent too much time eating and not enough time exercising. Hopefully I'm not the only one who's pigged out over Christmas, because if I am it'll make me feel bad. Boo.  
I'm wearing a tartan midi skirt (you can't deny tartan is the best thing in the world) from Ark, and even though it is a little bit long and a little bit too stretchy, I like it. When I'm a bit thinner (or what I was before the mince pies were brought out) it'll look lovely. Well I hope it will, anyway. 

I'm also wearing a super cosy and snuggly cropped jumper, also from Ark. Because it's a pastel blue, it'll be ok to wear on those chilly spring days where the suns shining but not exactly releasing heat.... boo. That justified the price for me, because at £30 it was a little expensive, especially as I'm skint from buying millions of christmas presents.
Did you eat too much over Christmas like me, and did you get anything nice?
Lots of love,
Olivia x 

ootd | we're looking like stars in here, lets light it up

December 23, 2013

| dress = ark clothing |
The dress I'm pictured in above is from the new collection at Ark Clothing, and is beautiful. I think it's meant to be a short, skin tight mini dress which would (for normal people) be suitable for nights out on the town, but because of my shortness I'm able to wear it on a normal day as the hemline is a little bit lower than it would be on an 'average' person - haha!
If you haven't had a chance to visit an Ark store yet, I'd recommend it. As well as stocking their own 'made by Ark' clothing, they've teamed up with brands such as Motel Rocks and Fred Perry to stock their clothing too. I've had a store on my local high street for as long as I can remember, and have appreciated it for years because of the cheap but well made clothes - and the accessories! Everything in there is a little bit whacky and different to what you'd expect to see in stores such as Topshop and Dorothy Perkins, where the stock is all a bit samey. I've got my eye on a couple of tie dye tees which have gone into the sale online, so all I need now is funds! Oh, girls just wanna have funds... *starts singing*
I do apologise for the lack of #ootd's at the moment, I have a bunch of photos saved onto my phone of outfits but I just either haven't had time to put them onto the computer or have had other brainwaves for posts so the pics have just kinda.. sat there. Oops. I also apologise for the dreaded hashtag, I think in future I'll leave them to Company magazine because we all know they love them! (meow)
Have you ever visited an Ark store or had 'short girl' problems?
Please let me know!
Love, Olivia x

life's like a box of chocolates

December 20, 2013

Todays post is just me rambling and trying to get my brain sorted. Expect lots of disjointed paragraphs which you may find vaugly entertaining and slightly weird. I kinda wanted to make sure my drafts page was empty before 2014 because I feel like 2014 will be a life changing year for me and I really want to start afresh. Normal posting will resume soon. *pinky promise* So without further ado, a little delve into the mind of Olivia....
Written November 20th 2013
I've decided to read a lot more, especially meaty and gritty books which aren't all fluffy and light like my usual reading (which is Company magazine and the TV guide - I recommend What's On TV.) I've chosen to read the book "Girlfriend in a Coma" by Douglas Coupland, which from the blurb seems to be right up my street and one that will leave me with lots of unanswered questions, a great (not so) light relief from coursework and writing essays! It's about a girl is put into a coma to wake up 30 years later trying to live in a world that has moved on. It's sad, but life isn't always one big joke. 
Written November 26th 2013
I've also chosen to reread the George Orwell classic 1984, which I loved first time round because of all the ideas that in my little opinion tie in so well with the world right now. I mean, even Girls a Aloud had a single kinda centered around it. That isn't the reason I'm reading it. Promise. 
Written November 12th 2013
I've started creating playlists. Yay. They're just little personal ones with a dozen or so tracks each on them, but they're all centred around a theme so when I'm feeling down, I pick my depressive theme and when I'm happy I pick my happy ones. I also have one named Independence which has tracks like Boy by Little Mix and Ain't No Hat For That by Robin Thicke. There's a little kid right at the beginning who just says in such a cute voice 'ain't no hat fo' thattttt' and he's so cute and aw. The main reason I love that song right there.

Written December 8th 2013
You know when you're so stressed out everything becomes funny? At the moment I'm meant to be sat reading books about Russia and Russian people and I usually love reading about it because Russian people were interesting like 100 years ago but I just don't want to read it right now. Hence me writing this now because I'm a proper little procrastinator and if I do this I don't have to do the thing I'm meant to be doing. For tomorrow. Oh I'm stupid.

Written December 12th 2013
I've just realised I've got more Bloglovin followers than usual, which is amazing because that means that at least 24 of you are reading this on a regular basis. Hi to my regulars! (I sound like a pub I know) My readers seem to be interested in one topic I write about but then not the next, which is kind of weird because I think seem to write about the same kind of thing all the time and I don't want to get bored myself and I defo don't want you to get bored either. Please tell me in the comments box if I'm boring you and what you like to see me write about etc etc. And then I'll see what I can do. I'll be like Bob the Builder CAN WE FIX IT YES WE CAN kinda thing. Yay.

What kind of things do you find in your 'draft posts' folder? Are they as weird as mine?
Love Olivia x

review | little mix salute

December 16, 2013


Thanks to Simon Cowell and the amazing four girls that are Jade, Jesy, Leigh Anne and Perrie, Little Mix have become massive over the past year. Their first album, DNA, was a smash on both sides of the pond, and their second album, Salute seems to be going the same way. I was lucky enough to buy myself a signed version before they sold out (yay) so here's my review of the "best pop album of the year" according to the Sun! 

Salute is a great opening and reminds me of Beyonce's Run The World, with all the carnival sounds playing through it. It certainly would get me up on my feet dancing and continues the theme of GIRL POWER that was running through their debut. 

Move is a track that you've all probably heard by now, it's a mish mash of sounds which I'm still unsure about whether they fit together but it's damn catchy so yeah, it's good. Get your back off the wall, don't ya get comfortable... 

Little Me is the girls second single from the album, and is an uptempo ballad. I love the message running through it but if I'm perfectly honest, it should have stayed an album track because it doesn't really sound chart friendly and is really only there to make the Mixers happy. Tell her she's beautiful, wonderful etc etc 

Nothing Feels Like You has a great opening and a really catchy beat moving through it. I love Jesy and I felt like she shined so much in this track. Aw. 
Towers is another ballad, but I quite like this one. It's not memorable at all and reminds me so much of ballads on sone of The Saturdays' albums, but it makes me smile which is a good thing I guess. 

Competition is next. I LOVE IT! Me and my friend Beth always sing this one to each other "I say it once, you say it twice, you know I like a bit of competition from time to time..." It's one of the best tracks on the album but I don't think it's single material. Yay. 
These Four Walls is the proper ballad of the album. The tear jerking stringy one. You may of heard the girls performing it on Suprise Suprise where they were amazing and if you say they can't sing live, your wrong. Just listen to this track please. 

About the Boy has such a great opening and has lots of swagger. Maybe they've been taking tips from Cher Lloyd (my phone changed that to Cher Alloys hahaha) - their swaggers in check! *starts to sing*

Boy is kinda acapella (they'll have aca babies I know it) and showcases their voices and aw I love it. And it includes a line that says AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT - google it please if you haven't seen the video before hahaha 

Good Enough is yet another ballad and it's one I listen to when I'm in a depressive mood. It's even on my sad playlist on ITunes along with lots of sad Marina Diamondis and Lana Del Ray tracks. Cry. 

Mr Loverboy is practically a polar opposite to Good Enough, so much that it's on my happy playlist! Yay. I boogie around the room every time this comes on. You wish you were me, promise. 

A Different Beat is the last track on the normal album, and is a great happy upbeat ending. It basically finishes where Salute started off. Just keep matching to a different beat and be yourself is the message it says, and I hope the girls finish the tour with this track because it's amazing. Aw. 

And there you have it, my fave tracks would probably be A Different Beat, Salute, Competition and Boy. And when I'm upset, Good Enough. But I'm not upset right now, I'm actually very happy (and meant to be revising) so it's not in my faves which may make you upset but it doesn't make me. Isn't that a mind blagger for a morning?! Anyway, I'm off. See you in a couple of days!
Love Olivia x

favourites | november edition

December 13, 2013

November's such a funny month isn't it? Everybody seems to just sit there in their cosy jumpers and wooly knits but can't really do anything Christmassy because it's too early. So I end up sitting there and drinking hot chocolate and watching family movies with the fam (while eating food again) but by the time it comes to Christmas I'm sick of eating and watching movies so it's rather annoying. I never know what to do. Anyway, ramble over and here's what I've been doing and loving in November.

I went to see Catching Fire on Monday (if you say the hunger games two I have permission to scream at you) and it was bloody amazing. Me and Tara sat on the back row as you do, munching on popcorn and swooning over Peeta Mellark - apologies if this comes up as smell ark because my predictive text really does have some of the weirdest ideas! Hopefully he doesn't smell. Or he smells good, like David Beckham. Oooh. But back to Catching Fire, it was the best film I've seen all year, made the One Direction movie look nothing within two minutes and had great acting in from all involved. I'm even planning on going to see it again, and I never go for repeat viewings of a movie. Unless it's Mean Girls, but that doesn't count.
This month has centered around the big day, the 25th of December. Even though it isn't actually happening for agessss, every supermarket has started to bring out their turkeys and in turn, their Christmas adverts. Personally, my favourite this year is Morrisons' offering (although that may be because I do like a bit of Declan Donneley) haha! I don't really see why there's been such a big hooha about the John Lewis advert mind, the best bit about it for me is the background music! I don't understand how the advert will make people pick John Lewis over Next for example, but I might just not be actually getting it. Hm. Please can somebody write in the comments what the real meaning of it is because I really am intreigued to find out. *hint hint hint*
I also bought the Little Mix album (expect review soon!) which was also bloody amazing and has some great little stompers in. My fingers are crossed that I'm able to get tickets for them in concert, but if I don't I'll be stalking the Sheffield Arena facebook page a few days before because they always seem to offer the front row like a day before the gig. Mad, I know. In other CD news, I ordered the Robin Thicke and Olly Murs album too. I really hope I have enough money to last me now hahahaha, compact discs aren't cheap anymore you know :(
How was your November?
Love Olivia x

the sunshine award |

December 09, 2013

I got a lovely message from Megan ('meganruthxo') last week telling  me that she had nominated for a "sunshine award," which is given out to bloggers who are "positive" and who "creatively inspire others in the blogosphere," which I thought was really cute and kind of humbling! I mean me nominated for an award?! Who'd have thought it. It might only be little but good things come in small packages and all of that... 
When you are nominated for this award, you are meant to share eleven facts about yourself, answer eleven questions, nominate eleven bloggers and write eleven questions for eleven other people to answer. That's one hell of a lot of elevens. So here we go!
What is one food you couldn't live without? That would have to be potatoes. They can be made into anything and everything. Or broccoli.
Would you rather have a good makeup day or a good hair day? Make up day because my hair couldn't look nice if it tried *sobs*
Favourite fashion trend for A/W? TARTAN! I've gone completely overboard and bought everything tartan that you possibly could, but I don't care (I love it)
Where's the best place you've ever been? Disneyland! No contest.
Worst fashion/beauty mistake you've ever made?Backcombed hair every single day. My hair still isn't the same and probably will never be, which is sad. 
Favourite Nail Varnish? I have a pale pink one from MUA, the cheap Superdrug brand. Most of you would probably say the brush is waaaay too small and that the colour isn't strong enough, but I have unsteady hands as it is so the little brushes suit me. Yay. 
What was your most recent purchase? A chip butty in Morrisons yesterday. Living the student life #yolo 
Favourite pizza topping? Either super supreme without the olives or just plain old vegetable. Complete opposite ends of the spectrum haha. 
What are you most looking forward to in winter? Drinking way too many cups of hot chocolate and having a valid excuse. It's cold alright? 
Do you have any talents? Nope. *cries* 
Why did you start blogging? I was always a big reader of blogs, my favourite always used to be This Must Be Pop because she used to introduce all of these new, talented artists months before anybody else. It was through her that I got to know who Parade were (of turn it up louder, louderrrrrrrr fame) and then I decided to create my own. Little did I know that 2 years down the line I would have had 3 blogs, deleted two of them and have people actually reading this blog. Aw. 
I nominate milkte4, coloursandcarousels, theweekendertrender, gingerlypale, hiddenbeauty, funfairsandfairydust (oh god I can't think of anymore) and I would like you guys to answer the same questions I answered because they're very very good - thanks Megan - and I think it'd be nice to compare your answers to mine, like see who also likes Morrisons cafe food and who is also untalented like me. I'd be nice to have a talent *cries again*
Adios amigas!
Olivia x

prize | card games make me smile

December 06, 2013

(apologies for the photos not coming out properly, I have yet to work out how to use my new camera)
A few weeks back I recieved a parcel from Charlotte, who runs the amazing fashion and lifestyle blog Colours and Carousels. Now, my parcels and letters are usually really boring and they usually only include bank statements and adverts from local takeaways, but this one was good and therefore I needed to write about it.
The parcel I recieved include a pack of playing cards, but these weren't any average playing cards with boring diamonds on or anything - they were blogger playing cards! Yep, these cards showcased what it was to be a blogger in the United Kingdom. Flying the flag for us again (sorry if I reminded you of the Eurovision track oops)
Charlotte is a lovely girl who I have serious blog envy of. Her blog design is amazing, her pictures are so bright and airy and make me want to visit or have every single thing she posts about, and her music taste is perf. I mean, who has both Oasis and Lorde in the same playlist and isn't awesome?
I tested these cards out with one of my friends and I hate to say it, but I WON! (if I'm perfectly honest I don't hate to say it at all I love winning at things because it isn't the taking part that counts at all) I don't usually win at things except Monopoly when I'm the banker so it was a nice suprise to win something. As I'm never going to win anything at sports. *hides from flying footballs*
I have a review coming up of the new FaceB4 facewashes and getting rid of spots things, so you'll be seeing that soon. Sadly, it was a bit sh!t and my face came out with 5000000000 spots which made me look lovely when I woke up. Aw.
Have you ever won anything in a competition and if so, what did you win? (I'm nosey alright)

desert island essentials

December 02, 2013

Hi guys, long time no see! As you can probably tell, I've kinda deserted my little place on the internet for the past week or so, just because I've had so many other things occupying my time. I've been rushed off my feet with 'teenager stuff' (which did include too many trips to Costa for my bank balance) and even though I've currently got five posts saved in my drafts, not a single one of them have come close to fruition recently. Which makes me sad.

I thought I'd give you a chance to read the post I was involved in over at Charlottes blog, she runs a series called Desert Island Essentials and asks bloggers six very important questions about how they'd survive. I also noticed that the name of the series does spell out DIE which made me laugh, even if it was unintentional. (was it Charlotte?)

On your lovely little desert island you find an Ipod, however it can only hold 5 songs - which five songs would you choose?
This is such a hard decision! I'll probably regret this list as soon as I get there if I'm honest...
I'll Stand by You - Girls Aloud
Live in the Country - Girls Aloud (can you tell I'm a Girls Aloud fan)
Dance with Me Tonight - Olly Murs
Things We Lost in the Fire - Bastille
Move - Little Mix because right now it is stuck in my head and it probably will never leave - haha!

Surprisingly, there is also a TV on the island! But, you can only pick one movie or TV show to watch for your time here, what would you choose?

Coronation Street because there'll be a never ending amount of episodes to watch - you see, tactical thinking here!

Before you were stranded you were carrying a book, what one book would you want to have on the island with you?

Pop Tart by Kira Coplin or one of the Goddess Guide books. Probably Pop Tart.

Obviously, you’re not going to be left to starve. If you could only have 1 meal and 1 drink a day what would it be?

A roast dinner with all the trimmings, yum! And probably Diet Coke to drink because everybody needs caffeine.

When stranded on your island what would your must have beauty essential be?

Cleansing wipes so I can take all the dirt off my face while being nice to my skin, because you never know what's going to be lurking under the sea so I don't want to wash my face in there...

Everywhere has WiFi these days, right? Well your island does! However you are limited to one blog and one YouTube channel - who would you choose?

For the blog I'd have to support my fellow Olivia and choose www.whatoliviadid.com, not only does she have beautiful posts, she also updates regularly which would be a godsend, because I guess I'll get rather bored and lonely on this island! The Youtube channel would have to be Zoella just because I don't watch any other Youtubers that often... that's really bad isn't it!?
And there you have it! I've made a promise to myself to update more often from now on because I really do enjoy writing and designing my little part of the world wide web and it shouldn't be pushed to the side. Hopefully there'll be a post on Friday. You can view the original Desert Island Essentials post here and follow me on Bloglovin here.
Love Olivia x

i love sweater weather | part two

November 16, 2013

*all pictures taken from my tumblr*
...And I'm back! Here's part two of the 'sweater weather tag,' which we were all tagged in by 'milkyte4.' You can read part one of the tag here. I tag 'tollydoshposhfashion' and 'gingerly pale' to complete the quiz, hope you enjoy doing it as much as I have girls!

What is Autumn weather like where you live?
I live in the north of England, which means that we get colder weather than all of you lucky southerners :) Jokes aside, it has been lovely weather in the past few weeks, for this time of year anyway, and I suppose when it gets cold I have more of an excuse to drink gallons and gallons of hot chocolate - if only haha
Most worn sweater?
I also don't wear sweaters that often, because I'd much rather wear a lovely top and a warm scarf and don't really like being too warm, so I don't really have one. There probably is one that I'll think of as soon as I press publish on this, but that's sods law I suppose!
Skinny jeans or leggings?
This is such a hard decision, why can't I like both?! I shall say leggings because you can wear any pair of leggings you want within reason and get the same effect, with skinny jeans you need to find a good pair before you can fall in love with them (why is this tag so hard to complete)
Combat boots or uggs?
I absolutely detest uggs, even if their the proper ones. I've been scarred by seeing waaay too many people wearing the fake ones which make you walk on the side of your feet, and that's kind of sad because the real ones are probably very nice. But combat boots. Has to be boots.
Favourite movie or tv show to watch on a winter day/night?
Chalet Girl is a great film to watch on a winters night, probably because it's set in a ski resort which gives me hope that the sludgey kind of snow outside my window will one day turn into the snow you can actually have fun in, like skiing or sledging. When the clocks turn back, I become a soap fan again and this Autumn I will start watching Emmerdale and Corrie again, because they seem to drag in the summer and when I actually watch them I get kinda bored. But autumn/winter soap writers are cool (no pun intended I promise)
What song have you been loving right now?
At the moment I'm in love with Pixie Lott's version of Royals, originally by Lorde. I can't deal with the soul in her voice, she took a good song and made it 100x better. Yay.
And there you have it! The sweater weather tag done. Please tell me if you enjoy reading these sort of posts, and whether you'd like me to continue doing them. Yay.
Love Olivia x

i love sweater weather | part one

November 15, 2013

*all pictures taken from my tumblr*

When 'milkyte4' tagged absolutely everybody in her 'sweater weather' tag, I knew I couldn't resist. In the past few weeks I've become much more appreciative of winter and everything that comes with it, from snow to the new Christmas ranges in both Starbucks and Costa, if I'm perfectly honest I'm becoming a bit of a fanatic about winter. It may be because of the lovely summer we had, but I'm really looking forward to snuggling up, watching movies and drinking tea.

Favourite candle scent?
It has to be the new scent from Yankee Candle, the salted caramel one. It's absolutely lush and just reminds me of cuddling up and watching telly. I can imagine it burning in one of Santa's dens while all of the children rush to meet him, aw I'm so soppy.

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate all the way! I absolutely love hot chocolate at the moment and have had at least two a week from about September onwards... on Monday I had two hot chocolates in one day, oops. But I suppose it's okay, because I had to walk to Costa to get one of them haha.
What's the best Autumn memory you have?
I honestly can't think of one. I do like looking at all of the leaves falling from the trees though. That can be my favourite memory. Jumping in orange and red coloured leaves while wearing my little wellies (which then progressed to brogues and frilly socks as I got older)
Which make-up trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?
It can't be dark lips because I don't usually wear any products on my lips, the only one I use is the Soap and Glory lip plumper because I like the fizzy feeling it has! So winged eyeliner, I'm so into it at the moment but keep adding too much of a wing and end up looking like a drag queen. Oops. *wipes make up off*
Perfect book to read?
My favourite books are by Giselle Scalon and are called The Goddess Guides. They're all about fashion and make up and food and they're amazing. But seen as though Catching Fire is coming out next Friday (woo!) I'm going to say The Hunger Games series. Such detailed writing which takes you right into Katniss' world and aw, I just love them.
Best fragrance for Autumn?
I've fallen in love with Honey, the new Mark Jacobs perfume. It's sweet, but not overpoweringly so, and according to the bottle it has 'sparkling notes of orange blossom and a hint of honey,' which is weird because I'm not a fan of orange smelling things, but this perfume is lush.
Part two will be posted tomorrow (yay) | do you like reading tag posts?
Love Olivia x

olivia likes baking | cheese straws

November 10, 2013

Gone are the days when teenagers walked into kitchens only to pull out processed meals and pot noodles, probably because of the success of television shows such as the Great British Bake Off. I'm a fan, (as is most of the country to be fair), and I find it fascinating how something can go from looking like a piece of slop to a masterpiece. Now, that doesn't mean that I'm a great cook. I can cook basic things, like pasta and 'student food,' but I do like to cook proper food when I can and today I baked cheese straws. They're pretty easy to make and also pretty easy to eat, and to be honest even your grandma's aunties dog could make them if they wanted to haha. I usually double up on all the ingredients, so if you only want to make something like 6 straws I'd half the amount posted here. But I like eating, so um I made lots.

what you will need:

200g of self raising flour
50g margarine
quarter of a pint of milk
75g grated cheese
pinch of salt
First, we need to preheat the oven to 180 degrees, before making our straws. Pour all of the self raising flour, the margarine and milk into a bowl and mix well. I find it is easier to put a little bit of each in at a time and mix them separately. When the mixture is smooth (without being sloppy, if its too sloppy it means you've added too much milk and you'll now have to add a bit more of everything else to balance it out) add all of the grated cheese and mix till all of the mixture has an even amount of cheese. Add more if you're a cheese fan, add less if you're not. Obviously.

We now need a grease proofed tray to put our cheese straws onto. Shape the mixture into evenly shaped straws and place them onto the baking tray, making sure to leave a gap between each straw as when they are cooking they will expand and if they are not separated they will stick together and become one gigantic straw. Put them into the oven for 20-25 minutes, depending on how brown you would like them.

Leave the cheese straws to cool for 30 minutes on a wire tray. In the meantime, you can watch Jeremy Kyle or do whatever makes you happy to waste time. I like to watch Jeremy Kyle. When they are cool enough, it is time to take them off the wire tray and put them into a storage container. And then you can eat them (yay!)

And that's how you make cheese straws the 'Olivia' way. They can be served on their own as a snack (or a full meal if you're a fanatic about them haha) or as a side with pasta and soup. I've heard that cheese straws are lovely dipped into food like hummus and sour cream, but I've never tried it so if it's disgusting don't shoot me! *wink face* If you make these, please let me know how they turn out because I love to know when people are reading what I write haha. Over and out!
Love Olivia x

instagram // october yay

November 08, 2013

a lovely selfie // jade thirlwall  // my watch and the vamps bracelet  // cheryl cole lyrics // cheryl messaged me // and again // my converse // the nail varnishes from company magazine // another selfie yay // nadine coyle // hello magazine // revlon nail varnish // fruit tea // me and ewan // my mcdonalds meal // blogger cards
October has been quite a hectic month, but I've loved it. I feel like I've turned a corner in my life and that things are starting to change, I now know that I don't need to take sh!t from anybody if I don't want to and that I'm kinda comfortable in my own skin. If the word comfortable exists, anyway.
Something big happened this month, and my childhood hero Cheryl Cole messaged me on non other than Instagram; I really wasn't expecting the message and it made me so happy, especially when I've tried to get her to notice me for years now. She sent me a crying happy face in one message, and wrote 'and you need to learn to spell the whole thing in one *three love heart faces* don't hate me *crying face* you walked into it!!' Aw, I was so happy (no I'm not sad I promise, just dedicated haha)
I'd also just like to give a little mention to my watch, which has now gone to watch heaven :-( If my friend Gemma is reading this, yes, I did try to make time fly and sadly it didn't work. Grieve with me. It's also with my The Vamps bracelet, which is amazing and goes with every outfit I own. And it supports the boys which is good:-)
There's also lots of pictures of celebrities on my Instagram this month, nobably members of Girls Aloud and Little Mix. I have had serious style envy of Jade Thirlwall for a long time (because she's amazing and has one of the best voices ever) and she's one of my idols. She's just really cute. Aw.
What does your Instagram look like this month? Do you enjoy reading monthly round ups?
Love Olivia x

beauty // insanely dissapointed with company magazine

November 01, 2013

Now, I love free things as much as the next person. When you realise your favourite face cream is buy one get one free, when the lady in Marks and Spencers asks 'would you like to try one of our sausage rolls?' It makes me smile. To me, Company magazine is known for having great gifts. Many complained about the eyeliner duo pen, but I really liked it and didn't see what all the fuss was about. Same with the mascara a few months back. I mean, I wouldn't use it as part of my everyday make up routine, but you wouldn't look like an idiot if you did use it. Except this month, Company magazine lost my trust. Those nail varnishes really were horrendous.

The magazine have been running a segment about nail art for agessss now, so I expected there to be some sort of nail promotion running at one point. Maybe a nail art pen. Maybe stickers. Even false nails popped into my head at one point. My problem with the nail varnishes are that they weren't even in colours you would consider to be 'on trend' for this time of year. Maroon, yes. But not deep-purple-which-wasn't-actually-deep. It was more of a murky grey ew colour, to put it nicely. Yes, the pink / red colour wasn't as bad as the 'other one' but I wouldn't have called it nice. Opening the magazine, I also expected there to be lots of nail art ideas featuring the colours they'd just given us. Nothing. There was nail art, yes. But none that I could use my purple and pink on.

Another problem was the actual varnish. It was thick, gloopy and didn't like the idea of spreading out onto my nail. But to be perfectly honest, I don't think I'd have wanted the colour on my nail anyway. Hmm.

I know this was a rant, but I really hope it isn't coming across spitefully. But for my favourite magazine, I just expected a little more. It'll have cost them money to produce these varnishes, and that could have gone towards making another months free gift even better.

Have you tried the free Company nail polishes? What did you think?
Love Olivia x

music // the saturdays - living for the weekend

October 28, 2013

Even if you don't like The Saturdays, you can't deny that they have had an amazing chart run, especially for a girlgroup who have only just received their first number one (for What About Us, which if I'm perfectly honest I didn't like it) a few months back. Since their last album in 2011, the girls have been running through studios all across the world recording their new record, 'Living For The Weekend.' I bought it last week, and um like it.
Here's my review of the new album - (I'm sorry if I use un-musicy comments, I'm not a professional haha)
1: What About Us: As I've said above, I didn't really like this track because I thought it was too autotuned and didn't really show off the voices of the girls very well. But somebody must have liked it, because it became their first number one. The 'na na na' or the 'u-u-u-u-us' bits were probably the best, which is bad because they're the computer generated bits. Boo.
2: Disco Love: The forth (!) single off the album got to number five in the charts, which I thought was quite good. The lack of Frankie wasn't noticeable which shows how much she brings to the group, (meow) but yeah, I thought this track was really catchy and made me smile. The video's amazing too!
3: Gentleman: I loved this song so much! It reminds me of Girls Aloud, which is always a good thing, and the lyrics were so clever - 'he already had the milk so why would he go buy the cow?' is probably my favourite, especially when I saw the 100000 banners with the quote on when I saw them in Scarborough. Also, please listen to the rap. Who knew these girls could rap too!?
4: Leave a Light On: With a booming chorus, this tracks a good 'un. It sounds ridiculous, but it's one of those tracks that you'll be able to sing with a hairbrush while looking into the mirror, the verses lack a little after the great chorus, but it doesn't make the song 'bad.' Far from it.
5: Not Giving Up: This is one of the clubbier tracks, and would have fit in perfectly with LFTW's predecessor, On Your Radar. The chorus is amazing, and Mollie's verse makes me smile. Get ready to partay baby! This is meant to be a fan favourite, and I can see why!
6: Lease My Love: On my first listen, I didn't like this. I'm not a fan of the first part where the girls basically repeat 'you can't lease my love' like a million times. I just don't really like it and there's a 99% chance it will be skipped when it comes on shuffle. *next*
7: 30 Days: The first single released from the album, all the way back at the beginning of 2012 (whaaat!) as what the fans thought was from a rerelease of On Your Radar. It doesn't really fit in with this album I don't think, but on its own it's a good track. Not single material, but a good filler track. Sadly, that's all it will ever be on this album, especially when there are other tracks that are so much better than this one.
8: Anywhere With You: I feel like this is Not Giving Up's little sister. It features a unnamed rapper who doesn't bring much to the song, but doesn't make it sound bad in any way. It's a filler track, but a catchy filler track. 'I just wanna be anywhere with you right now....' will be in your head for a while after listening to this.
9: Problem with Love: The beginning of this track is amazing. However, it goes downhill a little when we get to the really autotuned verses and middle eight. But the chorus is good. I think. This one might need a few more listens before I can make a proper decision.
10: You Don't Have The Right: The first ballad of the album, and even though it's not a patch on the ballads on any of their previous albums, it's a nice change from the up tempo tracks further up. It gets better once Una starts singing in the second verse, because I think this track needs a rockier voice to carry it. The soft voices just can't cut it.
11: Don't Let Me Dance Alone: This is where the album really picks up. Very similar to Not Giving Up, but I still enjoyed it and four hours after listening to it for the first time, I've still got it in my head. Not bad for a first listen!
12: Somebody Elses Life: I love it! Yes, they ruined it compared to the acoustic - but I still love it! This track completely sums up the journey The Saturdays girls have been on in the last few years, and makes an excellent ending to the album. If you have any spare time listen to the girls singing this track acoustically.
Favourite tracks: Somebody Elses Life, Gentleman, Not Giving Up, Leave a Light On.
Overall rating: 7/10

Would you like to see more posts like this? Or would you like me to stick to fashion-y/beauty posts?

Love Olivia x

ootd // sweet as a sugar coated candyman

October 25, 2013

{top = new look, necklace = primark, skirt = primark, jacket = miss selfridge, bag = mango}
The past few weeks have been really manic and I haven't had much time to myself. Even more crucially, I haven't had any time at all to go shopping - crazy I know! Although I have made myself a list for the next time I go out, and there's some hell ass expensive things on there that I really want, I don't know whether I'll buy them because I just can't justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on something so trivial, when it can be put towards something worthwhile. And no, that something worthwhile isn't shoes.
Here I'm wearing my favourite jacket from Miss Selfridge. Its so snuggly and warm and can either be dressed up or dressed down, depending on how I feel. I've teamed it here with a basic white tee and a midi skirt that's waaaaay too big for me because I picked up the wrong size in the shop and didn't return it. Well done Liv.
I'm also wearing a chunky POW! necklace - I thought it was so cool in good old Primani and just couldn't resist adding it to my basket, along with too many other things. Little things like that really make me happy - it sounds silly but when you look at something funny or motivational it makes you feel better, Zoe has her 'yes' bracelet to remind her to say yes more and I have something similar for other reasons, it'd be nice to know whether other people had little bits of jewellery that made them happy.
I also tried red lipstick! God I was worried on how this one was going to turn out. Beauties such as Olivia over at What Olivia Did pull it off so effortlessly, but normal people like me kinda... don't. The shade I used was by Natural Collection, shade red? It probably has a proper name but I have no idea where it says so you'll have to do a Google search if you really want to know haha. I don't think the red lips turned out that badly, but it won't be a look I'll be sporting every day of the week.
What beauty looks scare you?

Love Olivia x

bloggoween // fab films

October 22, 2013

When Charley and Molly asked who wanted to be involved in this years #bloggoween, I jumped at the chance! Bearing in mind Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, (because then Christmas comes next and that means amazing foooooood) I honestly don't think people take enough notice of it. Yes, it's an Americanism we've kinda snatched, yes it's meant to be for young children, but that doesn't stop many people from enjoying it and making it their own, whether your three or thirty.

I'm going to show you some of the best films you can watch at Halloween, because as an adult, you can't really go trick or treating without feeling like you're intruding on an eight year olds meet up with the neighbours.

Unless you really want to knock on people's doors and ask for sweets.

The first obvious film choice for Halloween is the teenage favourite, Twilight. Now, I'm not a fan of it and thought the film was a bit tedious *dodges bullets* but I know many of you like it, so it must be doing something right! Whether you watch this film with your girlfriends, your boyf or have it on in the background before you go to a partay, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Whatever team you're on. Personally, I have to be on Team Jacob. Don't hate me Robert Pattinson fans!

Alien is another film choice. It's amazing. I'm not a horror film kind of person but I liked this, don't know whether its because the movies not exactly scary (I didn't think so anyway) or because its actually got a storyline, ha! For those of you who haven't seen it, it's about a spaceship which is infected by aliens and what happens. Lots of people die. There's four films in the franchise, so if you want a quiet Halloween night, you could have a movie night and depending on how easily you get frightened, scare yourself sh!tless. If you like Prometheus, you'll like this. Prometheus was a prequel to the Alien films, which is why they're nearly the same.

Everybody seems to love the Paranormal Activity franchise. They don't really need an explanation (I don't think) but if you'd like an in depth one here's the wiki for it - there's two main characters and one ends up dead. The end.

What are your favourite films to watch at Halloween time?
 Love Olivia x
{ I'd just like to apologise for this post not being up on time - it was meant to be posted on Friday but silly Olivia forgot to press the schedule button. Oops! }

christmas gift ideas // books

October 11, 2013

I love books. I also love rainy days where I can sit at home with a hot chocolate and read said books. It's so magical how they can transport you into a different life, one that's not your own, where either the grass is greener (aka popstar autobiographies) or not so greener. (aka serial killer autobiographies)

And because Christmas is coming up - yes guys, please don't bury yourself in the sand, it is OCTOBER *shrieks* - I thought I'd make a list and a collage of the best books to buy every member of your family this festive season. Or next week if there's a sale on in Waterstones. Which there probably is.

Books featured:
1984 - George Orwell
It - Alexa Chung
Where We Are - One Direction
The Collection - John Green
1984 - For those of you who haven't heard of 1984, by George Orwell, it's a book which was published in 1948. Sounds ancient? Written about the world in 1984, it shows how Big Brother is always watching us and that we are all manipulated by the media until we don't know ourselves or our pasts anymore. Sound familiar? The TV show Big Brother was named after this book and that turned out to be the show that shaped a generation. It's scarily relevant and a book that can only get better with age.
It - Fashion and beauty bloggers alike have been looking forward to this book for absolutely agessssssss and I think it's a good read. Well, what there is to read of it anyway. It's not an autobiography, more like a mini journal and to be perfectly honest I think it's a poor substitute for 'The Goddess Guide' by Gisele Scanlon, but for Alexa fans and general fashion fans, it's a lovely way to spend a night, even if it is a little short.
Where We Are - I wasn't surprised to hear that One Direction had another book out, but was kinda sceptical whether it'd actually have anything in it. I have one of the 1D books and there's more pictures in it than text, which is disappointing baring in mind they do have a lot to talk about, from Simon Cowell and whether he really is a monster to whether Harry Styles really did love Caroline Flack. On top of that, they're the most popular band in the world, and have broken more records than The Beatles. Which really is scary. Where We Are is just the third in the book series of the money making five, and great for 1D fans. Not so good if you're looking for a cosy Sunday evening read.

The Collection - Everybody in the world and their dog seem to be obsessed with John Green at the moment, and rightly so. His words bring stories to life, my personal favourite being The Fault in Our Stars. This collection includes Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines, The Fault in Our Stars and Will Grayson, Will Grayson. A perfect box set for anybody who likes books that make them think, or make them cry. Or both.

What books are you planning on buying this Christmas?

 Love Olivia x

ootd // summer lovin, happened so fast..

October 07, 2013

Hello guys! I haven't done an OOTD for a while so I thought I'd grace you all with my face (omg that rhymed!) for once...
It's so difficult to decide what to wear on a morning at the moment, one minute it's absolutely freezing and I'm regretting not buying 200 denier tights, next minute I'm sweltering and having to take my jacket off... I just can't win.
It might just be me, but I find it helps to have one part of your body warm if the other one's cold, if you've got bare legs, slick a jacket on and hope for the best. If you're in thick tights, it might be a good idea to not wear a thick jacket too unless you want to be lugging round a massive parka when the sun decides to shine at 20 degrees.

Talking of parkas, the new Topshop parka range is absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure as hell investing in one. They're just so warm and snuggly, aw.

 Love Olivia x

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