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August 30, 2013

If you ever met me in person, you'd know that I have a massive obsession with anything that comes in CD form (or as a record, because old music is the best!) and when I realise that I like a new band/singer, I usually feel the need to drag out their whole back catalogue and start a 'collection', so to speak. And this month, my obsession is with The Ordinary Boys. You've probably just had a brainwave and decided that actually you might remember them, but I don't judge you if you don't, because they were only famous for a year or so after the lead singer Preston (you're remembering more now...) was married to the Katie Price wannabe that is Chantelle Houghton. They both went into the Celebrity Big Brother house, fell in love for a year or so and then split up, leaving The Ordinary Boys a little broken and not really famous anymore. This album was released just after Preston's CBB fame, and is their least critically acclaimed and the least bought actually, which is a little weird because only people in the know knew of the boys for the two albums before, but that's how the cookie crumbles!

Their style of music is really unique I think, a bit like Oasis if you imagine them releasing an album now, a little like Plan B, when he did the 'She Said' and gave up on rapping for a while, and a teensy bit like John Newman right now. But just a teensy bit.

The album I bought today's called 'How to Get Everything You've Ever Wanted in Ten Easy Steps', - try saying that quickly while drunk - and although the songs are short compared to the poppy songs I usually listen to, it's a good album which covers most bases. I don't think I'd listen to many of the tracks on their own, apart from the most famous track on the album, 'Nine 2 Five', but personally I don't think the tracks were written to be listened to on their own, it's a concept album and it's meant to be listened to all the way through, the music guiding you - god I sound like so spiritual (!) - through somebody's life. But I might be wrong.
Love Olivia x

And I just can't get enough...

August 24, 2013

Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Shirt - River Island
Leggings - Marks + Spencer
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - Fred Perry

As those of you visiting the Leeds or Reading festivals this bank holiday weekend will know, Mr Weatherman gave out the great news that there was going to be rain. A washout to be precise. How predictable, half of the country venture out of their tents to watch Eminem and Fall Out Boy, to be hit by a thunderstorm or two and cans of wee (come on, it's a festival!)

And as usual, I was at a concert, seeing the wonderful The Saturdays girls, (yey!) at the Open Air Theatre in Scarborough, thankfully away from a muddy field but still open to the skies. Which scared me. A lot. I had my pac-a-mac in my bag, but as I've found out before, they don't work when you're pelted with rain for four hours while sat in a soggy seat trying to dance while trying to stay dry. So this time I chose to wear rain suitable clothes and these are my picks!

So basically here's my guide to surviving an open air concert:
(at a venue which is by the sea and doesn't allow umbrellas!?)
Never ever, ever come in a crop top and shorts. It might be lovely at two in the afternoon, but once those dark skies come in and you're sat at the top of a hill, you'll wish you were in a onesie and/or your dressing gown. I've seen so many people look like they're suffering from frostbite at these gigs, so please come prepared!
Have a bag big enough to hold everything you need. A backpack would work, a shoulder bag is probably best. If it rains you can hide them under your pac-a-mac, if it doesn't, you haven't lost it to the seat below, or worse still, it flying away.
Don't try and bring cans in. They aren't that badly priced inside the venue, unless you're wanting a cocktail or something, and you're going to get it confiscated when you enter the venue anyway. I suppose not buying one outside gives you a bit of change to buy some in - (yey, miss moneypenny thinking here!) If you really want to bring a drink in, at Scarborough they allow you to take a 500ml bottle through the gates, but I'm a bit clueless about everywhere else haha.
Have an outfit suitable for all weathers. My shirt could have its sleeves rolled up or down depending on whether I was warm or not, the buttons on the neck could have been undone if I was sweating (don't think I ever will be but you should always be prepared!) And I always find leggings keep you cool or warm depending on the weather, it might just be the type I buy - Marks and Spencers if you'd really like to know aha.
On the subject of style, I always find it's better to keep your hair tied up. When you're grooving to you're favourite band I find it so annoying to keep having to flick hair out of my face, having it in a bun at the top of my head is so much easier and means that I don't look like a drowned rat at the end of the night - and even if I do I can't tell unless I look in a mirror!

On the topic of open air concerts, I must admit that The Saturdays were AMAZING, even though Frankie wasn't there because she's got a bun in the oven and Mollie lost her voice half way through the set. They carried on like troopers, and they got by as a threesome. And I managed to meet Bo Bruce, who was supporting! Aw, she's lovely!
Have you got any tips about staying stylish at outdoor concerts?
Love Olivia x



oh when we took a holiday...

August 19, 2013


Every year I like to go abroad somewhere, where I can hopefully get a tan and do a bit of good ol' sightseeing, and with that in mind the family decided to book for Majorca, which is one of those islands that the majority of the UK seem to flock to every summer, and not at all 'exclusive,' but it's one of my favourite places in the whole world - I've been a few times - and I couldn't think of anywhere better (apart from Disneyland, because I just love Disney) to spend a week at.

We stayed in Palma Nova, a beautiful resort on the South coast of the island, and even though I expected it to be warm, it was really warm, like 30 degrees every single day at like 8pm at night, which is madness when you think in the UK I'm snuggled up watching Corrie, but no, it was lovely and everybody out there would have done anything for you if you asked. Everyday at least one staff member went 'nada,' (which means it's nothing) when you said thankyou to them for something and I thought it was so sweet!


Here you can see a man we found dressed up as Aladdin - lets see if any of you can work out
how the guy's floating in mid air; I know how and it's not as difficult as you'd think, just look at his arm.... (that really was a massive hint...) While the fam were looking round Palma, I noticed there were loads of shops with little dogs in the windows, most of them dressed up, which I thought was so cute! Maybe London should take a leaf out of Palma's book, I want to see more dogs in suits!

 Palma was beautiful, especially the Cathedral - saying that, it's the big thing that tourists come to see so it wasn't exactly going to be like a shed was it? Everywhere you went there were little street sellers trying to earn a living, with absolutely spectacular drawings and paintings; I went and bought a handmade bracelet (with my name on - come on, it's tradition!) for myself + a friend and when you see the effort that goes into making something, aw it's amazing.

Yes, we found a H+M...

Beaches are just so relaxing, you can sit by the pool or by the beach, reading or sunbathing or doing them both at once - women are multi-taskers after all - and you can just let all your worries drift away, unless you get burnt and then you spend the next week moaning!  

Honestly, one week away can make all the difference, and I can't wait to hop on a plane and get back to Palma Nova, where the sun seems to never stops shining. I'd recommend staying here to anybody, it's quiet enough that you aren't woken up at 4am, but lively enough that you aren't bored out of your minds for a week - bearing in mind Palma Nova's literally only a 5 minute walk from Magalluf!
What lovely holidays have you been on?
Love Olivia x

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