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August 30, 2013

If you ever met me in person, you'd know that I have a massive obsession with anything that comes in CD form (or as a record, because old music is the best!) and when I realise that I like a new band/singer, I usually feel the need to drag out their whole back catalogue and start a 'collection', so to speak. And this month, my obsession is with The Ordinary Boys. You've probably just had a brainwave and decided that actually you might remember them, but I don't judge you if you don't, because they were only famous for a year or so after the lead singer Preston (you're remembering more now...) was married to the Katie Price wannabe that is Chantelle Houghton. They both went into the Celebrity Big Brother house, fell in love for a year or so and then split up, leaving The Ordinary Boys a little broken and not really famous anymore. This album was released just after Preston's CBB fame, and is their least critically acclaimed and the least bought actually, which is a little weird because only people in the know knew of the boys for the two albums before, but that's how the cookie crumbles!

Their style of music is really unique I think, a bit like Oasis if you imagine them releasing an album now, a little like Plan B, when he did the 'She Said' and gave up on rapping for a while, and a teensy bit like John Newman right now. But just a teensy bit.

The album I bought today's called 'How to Get Everything You've Ever Wanted in Ten Easy Steps', - try saying that quickly while drunk - and although the songs are short compared to the poppy songs I usually listen to, it's a good album which covers most bases. I don't think I'd listen to many of the tracks on their own, apart from the most famous track on the album, 'Nine 2 Five', but personally I don't think the tracks were written to be listened to on their own, it's a concept album and it's meant to be listened to all the way through, the music guiding you - god I sound like so spiritual (!) - through somebody's life. But I might be wrong.
Love Olivia x


  1. Annie1.9.13

    Haven't heard of the Ordinary Boys in years! Might have a look on YouTube now haha x

    1. You should! They're really good:) x


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