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September 18, 2013

All my life I've loved to take photos. Of beaches, of friends, of myself (!) but recently I've realised that a lot more people are liking taking photos. Whether it's because they want to post them all over Facebook and Instagram to gain the necessary likes, or because they actually want to capture memories to remember when they're old, everybody's getting a bit snap happy with cameras at the moment.
So here's my take on the last few weeks of my life, in photos:
I'm an Instagram addict, so when I found the new app Shape'd, I was over the moon. Who doesn't want to sit and put pretty overlays over the top of their photos? I even created a new themed Insta page to do it on. Sad I know, but honestly it made me smile for quite a few hours when I knew I could take pictures of rabbits and then put another picture of a rabbit over the top! *cue sarcastic comments*
The thing is, I'm not even that fussed about rabbits. Monkeys on the other hand....
* and I really hope at least one person notices that the overlays actually have something to do with the picture, Hoops + Crosses with a cross, All Stars with a star, nature with a rabbit ;) *
I went shopping a couple of weeks back with my good friend, Chloe, and basically this is us in the Disney Store. I had a lovely day and ate waaaaaaaay too much pizza (thanks Pizza Hut!) and bought a nice little dress which'll look really nice come spring with my leather jacket and my tan brouges - shame that it isn't very nice weather at the moment or else I'd have been able to wear it now, where has Autumn gone!? I don't know where you all live, but where I'm from it's certainly more winter wonderland than autumn breeze. Brrr
Don't shoot me, but me and four of my friends went to see the One Direction movie. And I dread to say it, but it's actually quite good. *hides* I'm not really a Directioner, and to be perfectly honest I don't agree with a lot of the things the boys do... and a lot of the things the fans do as well. But all in all, it was a good movie, but kinda boring if you went to the tour - it was just like a tour DVD, broken up with behind the scenes sections. It'll be out on DVD before Christmas anyway, so if you're not really a fan I wouldn't rush to your local Odeon to see it. And if you are a fan, you'll have seen it already and cried next to the promotional poster. Or not.
There's me with Holly. Pulling funny faces because we're perfect. Ha!
Oh, and there's a Costa Coffee drink. It was awful actually. I don't advise any of you buying an Iced Americano unless you want to grimace at every mouthful taken. Ew.
What have you been up to in the past few weeks?
Love Olivia x


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