music // the saturdays - living for the weekend

October 28, 2013

Even if you don't like The Saturdays, you can't deny that they have had an amazing chart run, especially for a girlgroup who have only just received their first number one (for What About Us, which if I'm perfectly honest I didn't like it) a few months back. Since their last album in 2011, the girls have been running through studios all across the world recording their new record, 'Living For The Weekend.' I bought it last week, and um like it.
Here's my review of the new album - (I'm sorry if I use un-musicy comments, I'm not a professional haha)
1: What About Us: As I've said above, I didn't really like this track because I thought it was too autotuned and didn't really show off the voices of the girls very well. But somebody must have liked it, because it became their first number one. The 'na na na' or the 'u-u-u-u-us' bits were probably the best, which is bad because they're the computer generated bits. Boo.
2: Disco Love: The forth (!) single off the album got to number five in the charts, which I thought was quite good. The lack of Frankie wasn't noticeable which shows how much she brings to the group, (meow) but yeah, I thought this track was really catchy and made me smile. The video's amazing too!
3: Gentleman: I loved this song so much! It reminds me of Girls Aloud, which is always a good thing, and the lyrics were so clever - 'he already had the milk so why would he go buy the cow?' is probably my favourite, especially when I saw the 100000 banners with the quote on when I saw them in Scarborough. Also, please listen to the rap. Who knew these girls could rap too!?
4: Leave a Light On: With a booming chorus, this tracks a good 'un. It sounds ridiculous, but it's one of those tracks that you'll be able to sing with a hairbrush while looking into the mirror, the verses lack a little after the great chorus, but it doesn't make the song 'bad.' Far from it.
5: Not Giving Up: This is one of the clubbier tracks, and would have fit in perfectly with LFTW's predecessor, On Your Radar. The chorus is amazing, and Mollie's verse makes me smile. Get ready to partay baby! This is meant to be a fan favourite, and I can see why!
6: Lease My Love: On my first listen, I didn't like this. I'm not a fan of the first part where the girls basically repeat 'you can't lease my love' like a million times. I just don't really like it and there's a 99% chance it will be skipped when it comes on shuffle. *next*
7: 30 Days: The first single released from the album, all the way back at the beginning of 2012 (whaaat!) as what the fans thought was from a rerelease of On Your Radar. It doesn't really fit in with this album I don't think, but on its own it's a good track. Not single material, but a good filler track. Sadly, that's all it will ever be on this album, especially when there are other tracks that are so much better than this one.
8: Anywhere With You: I feel like this is Not Giving Up's little sister. It features a unnamed rapper who doesn't bring much to the song, but doesn't make it sound bad in any way. It's a filler track, but a catchy filler track. 'I just wanna be anywhere with you right now....' will be in your head for a while after listening to this.
9: Problem with Love: The beginning of this track is amazing. However, it goes downhill a little when we get to the really autotuned verses and middle eight. But the chorus is good. I think. This one might need a few more listens before I can make a proper decision.
10: You Don't Have The Right: The first ballad of the album, and even though it's not a patch on the ballads on any of their previous albums, it's a nice change from the up tempo tracks further up. It gets better once Una starts singing in the second verse, because I think this track needs a rockier voice to carry it. The soft voices just can't cut it.
11: Don't Let Me Dance Alone: This is where the album really picks up. Very similar to Not Giving Up, but I still enjoyed it and four hours after listening to it for the first time, I've still got it in my head. Not bad for a first listen!
12: Somebody Elses Life: I love it! Yes, they ruined it compared to the acoustic - but I still love it! This track completely sums up the journey The Saturdays girls have been on in the last few years, and makes an excellent ending to the album. If you have any spare time listen to the girls singing this track acoustically.
Favourite tracks: Somebody Elses Life, Gentleman, Not Giving Up, Leave a Light On.
Overall rating: 7/10

Would you like to see more posts like this? Or would you like me to stick to fashion-y/beauty posts?

Love Olivia x

ootd // sweet as a sugar coated candyman

October 25, 2013

{top = new look, necklace = primark, skirt = primark, jacket = miss selfridge, bag = mango}
The past few weeks have been really manic and I haven't had much time to myself. Even more crucially, I haven't had any time at all to go shopping - crazy I know! Although I have made myself a list for the next time I go out, and there's some hell ass expensive things on there that I really want, I don't know whether I'll buy them because I just can't justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on something so trivial, when it can be put towards something worthwhile. And no, that something worthwhile isn't shoes.
Here I'm wearing my favourite jacket from Miss Selfridge. Its so snuggly and warm and can either be dressed up or dressed down, depending on how I feel. I've teamed it here with a basic white tee and a midi skirt that's waaaaay too big for me because I picked up the wrong size in the shop and didn't return it. Well done Liv.
I'm also wearing a chunky POW! necklace - I thought it was so cool in good old Primani and just couldn't resist adding it to my basket, along with too many other things. Little things like that really make me happy - it sounds silly but when you look at something funny or motivational it makes you feel better, Zoe has her 'yes' bracelet to remind her to say yes more and I have something similar for other reasons, it'd be nice to know whether other people had little bits of jewellery that made them happy.
I also tried red lipstick! God I was worried on how this one was going to turn out. Beauties such as Olivia over at What Olivia Did pull it off so effortlessly, but normal people like me kinda... don't. The shade I used was by Natural Collection, shade red? It probably has a proper name but I have no idea where it says so you'll have to do a Google search if you really want to know haha. I don't think the red lips turned out that badly, but it won't be a look I'll be sporting every day of the week.
What beauty looks scare you?

Love Olivia x

bloggoween // fab films

October 22, 2013

When Charley and Molly asked who wanted to be involved in this years #bloggoween, I jumped at the chance! Bearing in mind Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, (because then Christmas comes next and that means amazing foooooood) I honestly don't think people take enough notice of it. Yes, it's an Americanism we've kinda snatched, yes it's meant to be for young children, but that doesn't stop many people from enjoying it and making it their own, whether your three or thirty.

I'm going to show you some of the best films you can watch at Halloween, because as an adult, you can't really go trick or treating without feeling like you're intruding on an eight year olds meet up with the neighbours.

Unless you really want to knock on people's doors and ask for sweets.

The first obvious film choice for Halloween is the teenage favourite, Twilight. Now, I'm not a fan of it and thought the film was a bit tedious *dodges bullets* but I know many of you like it, so it must be doing something right! Whether you watch this film with your girlfriends, your boyf or have it on in the background before you go to a partay, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Whatever team you're on. Personally, I have to be on Team Jacob. Don't hate me Robert Pattinson fans!

Alien is another film choice. It's amazing. I'm not a horror film kind of person but I liked this, don't know whether its because the movies not exactly scary (I didn't think so anyway) or because its actually got a storyline, ha! For those of you who haven't seen it, it's about a spaceship which is infected by aliens and what happens. Lots of people die. There's four films in the franchise, so if you want a quiet Halloween night, you could have a movie night and depending on how easily you get frightened, scare yourself sh!tless. If you like Prometheus, you'll like this. Prometheus was a prequel to the Alien films, which is why they're nearly the same.

Everybody seems to love the Paranormal Activity franchise. They don't really need an explanation (I don't think) but if you'd like an in depth one here's the wiki for it - there's two main characters and one ends up dead. The end.

What are your favourite films to watch at Halloween time?
 Love Olivia x
{ I'd just like to apologise for this post not being up on time - it was meant to be posted on Friday but silly Olivia forgot to press the schedule button. Oops! }

christmas gift ideas // books

October 11, 2013

I love books. I also love rainy days where I can sit at home with a hot chocolate and read said books. It's so magical how they can transport you into a different life, one that's not your own, where either the grass is greener (aka popstar autobiographies) or not so greener. (aka serial killer autobiographies)

And because Christmas is coming up - yes guys, please don't bury yourself in the sand, it is OCTOBER *shrieks* - I thought I'd make a list and a collage of the best books to buy every member of your family this festive season. Or next week if there's a sale on in Waterstones. Which there probably is.

Books featured:
1984 - George Orwell
It - Alexa Chung
Where We Are - One Direction
The Collection - John Green
1984 - For those of you who haven't heard of 1984, by George Orwell, it's a book which was published in 1948. Sounds ancient? Written about the world in 1984, it shows how Big Brother is always watching us and that we are all manipulated by the media until we don't know ourselves or our pasts anymore. Sound familiar? The TV show Big Brother was named after this book and that turned out to be the show that shaped a generation. It's scarily relevant and a book that can only get better with age.
It - Fashion and beauty bloggers alike have been looking forward to this book for absolutely agessssssss and I think it's a good read. Well, what there is to read of it anyway. It's not an autobiography, more like a mini journal and to be perfectly honest I think it's a poor substitute for 'The Goddess Guide' by Gisele Scanlon, but for Alexa fans and general fashion fans, it's a lovely way to spend a night, even if it is a little short.
Where We Are - I wasn't surprised to hear that One Direction had another book out, but was kinda sceptical whether it'd actually have anything in it. I have one of the 1D books and there's more pictures in it than text, which is disappointing baring in mind they do have a lot to talk about, from Simon Cowell and whether he really is a monster to whether Harry Styles really did love Caroline Flack. On top of that, they're the most popular band in the world, and have broken more records than The Beatles. Which really is scary. Where We Are is just the third in the book series of the money making five, and great for 1D fans. Not so good if you're looking for a cosy Sunday evening read.

The Collection - Everybody in the world and their dog seem to be obsessed with John Green at the moment, and rightly so. His words bring stories to life, my personal favourite being The Fault in Our Stars. This collection includes Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines, The Fault in Our Stars and Will Grayson, Will Grayson. A perfect box set for anybody who likes books that make them think, or make them cry. Or both.

What books are you planning on buying this Christmas?

 Love Olivia x

ootd // summer lovin, happened so fast..

October 07, 2013

Hello guys! I haven't done an OOTD for a while so I thought I'd grace you all with my face (omg that rhymed!) for once...
It's so difficult to decide what to wear on a morning at the moment, one minute it's absolutely freezing and I'm regretting not buying 200 denier tights, next minute I'm sweltering and having to take my jacket off... I just can't win.
It might just be me, but I find it helps to have one part of your body warm if the other one's cold, if you've got bare legs, slick a jacket on and hope for the best. If you're in thick tights, it might be a good idea to not wear a thick jacket too unless you want to be lugging round a massive parka when the sun decides to shine at 20 degrees.

Talking of parkas, the new Topshop parka range is absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure as hell investing in one. They're just so warm and snuggly, aw.

 Love Olivia x

music // i'm gonna pop your bubblegum heart

October 04, 2013

 I've been looking to complete my Marina & The Diamonds' album collection ever since I laid my eyes (and ears) on the masterpiece that was 'The Family Jewels,' a kooky, bit all over the place album which perfectly described how I was feeling at the time. Well, nearly. I haven't felt like a tree before so I don't know what tree you were barking up the day you wrote that Marina... *no pun intended I promise*
Electra Heart starts with the track 'Bubblegum Bitch,' which sounds exactly how you would imagine it to, a fast, punchy beat with strong lyrics to boot. About how Marinas 'character' Electra really is a bit of a bitch. Say it how it is I suppose..
The album bops along with Primadonna, (which isn't about a kebab shop) Lies, to Homewrecker and about how Electra 'breaks a million hearts just for fun.' She really isn't coming across as a nice person hahaha.
But, as bad as it sounds, this is where the album goes downhill. The poppy dancing songs are gone, replaced with upsetting tracks about being suicidal and 'the wasted years.' I understand why Marina wrote the tracks, (I think!) but personally I don't like them all being in a block on their own. They're great songs if you listen to them separately, because the sadness doesn't overwhelm you... I don't know.. 
Let me know what you think about the album in the comments box below.
 Love Olivia x

music // i just want to dance with the vamps

October 01, 2013

Hi guys! This last week I've been waiting (rather impatiently) for a package to come through my door featuring a single bundle for 'Can We Dance' by The Vamps. If you haven't heard of them, you're missing out on so much. They're not the next One Direction, but they're not trying to be. Firstly, they can all play instruments (yay!) which automatically makes them 10 times better than One Direction and their arch enemies The Wanted.
And they're hot.
Which makes them 100 times better, of course.
Their new single, Can We Dance is a catchy feel good track which basically tells the story of a teenage lad with not very cool friends who wants to date a beautiful girl but doesn't want to do all of the 'lets give her a sexy look and smile' stuff too. Because that's kind of awkward.
It's great.
I bought the fan bundle, which means that overall I had 9 tracks to listen to, eight spread across three different CD's and one on download, and if I'm perfectly honest my favourite B-side isn't on the main disc, it's on Disc 3 (also known as Connor's CD) and it's called Weightless. A cover of an All Time Low track, Weightless is a lovely love song, you can listen to The Vamps perform it live *here.*
You can buy it on ITunes *here*, on Amazon *here* or if you'd like to buy the fan bundle, which is pictured, where you get three CD's and a download for £6.50, including postage *here*.
Love Olivia x

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