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October 22, 2013

When Charley and Molly asked who wanted to be involved in this years #bloggoween, I jumped at the chance! Bearing in mind Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, (because then Christmas comes next and that means amazing foooooood) I honestly don't think people take enough notice of it. Yes, it's an Americanism we've kinda snatched, yes it's meant to be for young children, but that doesn't stop many people from enjoying it and making it their own, whether your three or thirty.

I'm going to show you some of the best films you can watch at Halloween, because as an adult, you can't really go trick or treating without feeling like you're intruding on an eight year olds meet up with the neighbours.

Unless you really want to knock on people's doors and ask for sweets.

The first obvious film choice for Halloween is the teenage favourite, Twilight. Now, I'm not a fan of it and thought the film was a bit tedious *dodges bullets* but I know many of you like it, so it must be doing something right! Whether you watch this film with your girlfriends, your boyf or have it on in the background before you go to a partay, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Whatever team you're on. Personally, I have to be on Team Jacob. Don't hate me Robert Pattinson fans!

Alien is another film choice. It's amazing. I'm not a horror film kind of person but I liked this, don't know whether its because the movies not exactly scary (I didn't think so anyway) or because its actually got a storyline, ha! For those of you who haven't seen it, it's about a spaceship which is infected by aliens and what happens. Lots of people die. There's four films in the franchise, so if you want a quiet Halloween night, you could have a movie night and depending on how easily you get frightened, scare yourself sh!tless. If you like Prometheus, you'll like this. Prometheus was a prequel to the Alien films, which is why they're nearly the same.

Everybody seems to love the Paranormal Activity franchise. They don't really need an explanation (I don't think) but if you'd like an in depth one here's the wiki for it - there's two main characters and one ends up dead. The end.

What are your favourite films to watch at Halloween time?
 Love Olivia x
{ I'd just like to apologise for this post not being up on time - it was meant to be posted on Friday but silly Olivia forgot to press the schedule button. Oops! }


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