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October 01, 2013

Hi guys! This last week I've been waiting (rather impatiently) for a package to come through my door featuring a single bundle for 'Can We Dance' by The Vamps. If you haven't heard of them, you're missing out on so much. They're not the next One Direction, but they're not trying to be. Firstly, they can all play instruments (yay!) which automatically makes them 10 times better than One Direction and their arch enemies The Wanted.
And they're hot.
Which makes them 100 times better, of course.
Their new single, Can We Dance is a catchy feel good track which basically tells the story of a teenage lad with not very cool friends who wants to date a beautiful girl but doesn't want to do all of the 'lets give her a sexy look and smile' stuff too. Because that's kind of awkward.
It's great.
I bought the fan bundle, which means that overall I had 9 tracks to listen to, eight spread across three different CD's and one on download, and if I'm perfectly honest my favourite B-side isn't on the main disc, it's on Disc 3 (also known as Connor's CD) and it's called Weightless. A cover of an All Time Low track, Weightless is a lovely love song, you can listen to The Vamps perform it live *here.*
You can buy it on ITunes *here*, on Amazon *here* or if you'd like to buy the fan bundle, which is pictured, where you get three CD's and a download for £6.50, including postage *here*.
Love Olivia x


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