i love sweater weather | part two

November 16, 2013

*all pictures taken from my tumblr*
...And I'm back! Here's part two of the 'sweater weather tag,' which we were all tagged in by 'milkyte4.' You can read part one of the tag here. I tag 'tollydoshposhfashion' and 'gingerly pale' to complete the quiz, hope you enjoy doing it as much as I have girls!

What is Autumn weather like where you live?
I live in the north of England, which means that we get colder weather than all of you lucky southerners :) Jokes aside, it has been lovely weather in the past few weeks, for this time of year anyway, and I suppose when it gets cold I have more of an excuse to drink gallons and gallons of hot chocolate - if only haha
Most worn sweater?
I also don't wear sweaters that often, because I'd much rather wear a lovely top and a warm scarf and don't really like being too warm, so I don't really have one. There probably is one that I'll think of as soon as I press publish on this, but that's sods law I suppose!
Skinny jeans or leggings?
This is such a hard decision, why can't I like both?! I shall say leggings because you can wear any pair of leggings you want within reason and get the same effect, with skinny jeans you need to find a good pair before you can fall in love with them (why is this tag so hard to complete)
Combat boots or uggs?
I absolutely detest uggs, even if their the proper ones. I've been scarred by seeing waaay too many people wearing the fake ones which make you walk on the side of your feet, and that's kind of sad because the real ones are probably very nice. But combat boots. Has to be boots.
Favourite movie or tv show to watch on a winter day/night?
Chalet Girl is a great film to watch on a winters night, probably because it's set in a ski resort which gives me hope that the sludgey kind of snow outside my window will one day turn into the snow you can actually have fun in, like skiing or sledging. When the clocks turn back, I become a soap fan again and this Autumn I will start watching Emmerdale and Corrie again, because they seem to drag in the summer and when I actually watch them I get kinda bored. But autumn/winter soap writers are cool (no pun intended I promise)
What song have you been loving right now?
At the moment I'm in love with Pixie Lott's version of Royals, originally by Lorde. I can't deal with the soul in her voice, she took a good song and made it 100x better. Yay.
And there you have it! The sweater weather tag done. Please tell me if you enjoy reading these sort of posts, and whether you'd like me to continue doing them. Yay.
Love Olivia x

i love sweater weather | part one

November 15, 2013

*all pictures taken from my tumblr*

When 'milkyte4' tagged absolutely everybody in her 'sweater weather' tag, I knew I couldn't resist. In the past few weeks I've become much more appreciative of winter and everything that comes with it, from snow to the new Christmas ranges in both Starbucks and Costa, if I'm perfectly honest I'm becoming a bit of a fanatic about winter. It may be because of the lovely summer we had, but I'm really looking forward to snuggling up, watching movies and drinking tea.

Favourite candle scent?
It has to be the new scent from Yankee Candle, the salted caramel one. It's absolutely lush and just reminds me of cuddling up and watching telly. I can imagine it burning in one of Santa's dens while all of the children rush to meet him, aw I'm so soppy.

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate all the way! I absolutely love hot chocolate at the moment and have had at least two a week from about September onwards... on Monday I had two hot chocolates in one day, oops. But I suppose it's okay, because I had to walk to Costa to get one of them haha.
What's the best Autumn memory you have?
I honestly can't think of one. I do like looking at all of the leaves falling from the trees though. That can be my favourite memory. Jumping in orange and red coloured leaves while wearing my little wellies (which then progressed to brogues and frilly socks as I got older)
Which make-up trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?
It can't be dark lips because I don't usually wear any products on my lips, the only one I use is the Soap and Glory lip plumper because I like the fizzy feeling it has! So winged eyeliner, I'm so into it at the moment but keep adding too much of a wing and end up looking like a drag queen. Oops. *wipes make up off*
Perfect book to read?
My favourite books are by Giselle Scalon and are called The Goddess Guides. They're all about fashion and make up and food and they're amazing. But seen as though Catching Fire is coming out next Friday (woo!) I'm going to say The Hunger Games series. Such detailed writing which takes you right into Katniss' world and aw, I just love them.
Best fragrance for Autumn?
I've fallen in love with Honey, the new Mark Jacobs perfume. It's sweet, but not overpoweringly so, and according to the bottle it has 'sparkling notes of orange blossom and a hint of honey,' which is weird because I'm not a fan of orange smelling things, but this perfume is lush.
Part two will be posted tomorrow (yay) | do you like reading tag posts?
Love Olivia x

olivia likes baking | cheese straws

November 10, 2013

Gone are the days when teenagers walked into kitchens only to pull out processed meals and pot noodles, probably because of the success of television shows such as the Great British Bake Off. I'm a fan, (as is most of the country to be fair), and I find it fascinating how something can go from looking like a piece of slop to a masterpiece. Now, that doesn't mean that I'm a great cook. I can cook basic things, like pasta and 'student food,' but I do like to cook proper food when I can and today I baked cheese straws. They're pretty easy to make and also pretty easy to eat, and to be honest even your grandma's aunties dog could make them if they wanted to haha. I usually double up on all the ingredients, so if you only want to make something like 6 straws I'd half the amount posted here. But I like eating, so um I made lots.

what you will need:

200g of self raising flour
50g margarine
quarter of a pint of milk
75g grated cheese
pinch of salt
First, we need to preheat the oven to 180 degrees, before making our straws. Pour all of the self raising flour, the margarine and milk into a bowl and mix well. I find it is easier to put a little bit of each in at a time and mix them separately. When the mixture is smooth (without being sloppy, if its too sloppy it means you've added too much milk and you'll now have to add a bit more of everything else to balance it out) add all of the grated cheese and mix till all of the mixture has an even amount of cheese. Add more if you're a cheese fan, add less if you're not. Obviously.

We now need a grease proofed tray to put our cheese straws onto. Shape the mixture into evenly shaped straws and place them onto the baking tray, making sure to leave a gap between each straw as when they are cooking they will expand and if they are not separated they will stick together and become one gigantic straw. Put them into the oven for 20-25 minutes, depending on how brown you would like them.

Leave the cheese straws to cool for 30 minutes on a wire tray. In the meantime, you can watch Jeremy Kyle or do whatever makes you happy to waste time. I like to watch Jeremy Kyle. When they are cool enough, it is time to take them off the wire tray and put them into a storage container. And then you can eat them (yay!)

And that's how you make cheese straws the 'Olivia' way. They can be served on their own as a snack (or a full meal if you're a fanatic about them haha) or as a side with pasta and soup. I've heard that cheese straws are lovely dipped into food like hummus and sour cream, but I've never tried it so if it's disgusting don't shoot me! *wink face* If you make these, please let me know how they turn out because I love to know when people are reading what I write haha. Over and out!
Love Olivia x

instagram // october yay

November 08, 2013

a lovely selfie // jade thirlwall  // my watch and the vamps bracelet  // cheryl cole lyrics // cheryl messaged me // and again // my converse // the nail varnishes from company magazine // another selfie yay // nadine coyle // hello magazine // revlon nail varnish // fruit tea // me and ewan // my mcdonalds meal // blogger cards
October has been quite a hectic month, but I've loved it. I feel like I've turned a corner in my life and that things are starting to change, I now know that I don't need to take sh!t from anybody if I don't want to and that I'm kinda comfortable in my own skin. If the word comfortable exists, anyway.
Something big happened this month, and my childhood hero Cheryl Cole messaged me on non other than Instagram; I really wasn't expecting the message and it made me so happy, especially when I've tried to get her to notice me for years now. She sent me a crying happy face in one message, and wrote 'and you need to learn to spell the whole thing in one *three love heart faces* don't hate me *crying face* you walked into it!!' Aw, I was so happy (no I'm not sad I promise, just dedicated haha)
I'd also just like to give a little mention to my watch, which has now gone to watch heaven :-( If my friend Gemma is reading this, yes, I did try to make time fly and sadly it didn't work. Grieve with me. It's also with my The Vamps bracelet, which is amazing and goes with every outfit I own. And it supports the boys which is good:-)
There's also lots of pictures of celebrities on my Instagram this month, nobably members of Girls Aloud and Little Mix. I have had serious style envy of Jade Thirlwall for a long time (because she's amazing and has one of the best voices ever) and she's one of my idols. She's just really cute. Aw.
What does your Instagram look like this month? Do you enjoy reading monthly round ups?
Love Olivia x

beauty // insanely dissapointed with company magazine

November 01, 2013

Now, I love free things as much as the next person. When you realise your favourite face cream is buy one get one free, when the lady in Marks and Spencers asks 'would you like to try one of our sausage rolls?' It makes me smile. To me, Company magazine is known for having great gifts. Many complained about the eyeliner duo pen, but I really liked it and didn't see what all the fuss was about. Same with the mascara a few months back. I mean, I wouldn't use it as part of my everyday make up routine, but you wouldn't look like an idiot if you did use it. Except this month, Company magazine lost my trust. Those nail varnishes really were horrendous.

The magazine have been running a segment about nail art for agessss now, so I expected there to be some sort of nail promotion running at one point. Maybe a nail art pen. Maybe stickers. Even false nails popped into my head at one point. My problem with the nail varnishes are that they weren't even in colours you would consider to be 'on trend' for this time of year. Maroon, yes. But not deep-purple-which-wasn't-actually-deep. It was more of a murky grey ew colour, to put it nicely. Yes, the pink / red colour wasn't as bad as the 'other one' but I wouldn't have called it nice. Opening the magazine, I also expected there to be lots of nail art ideas featuring the colours they'd just given us. Nothing. There was nail art, yes. But none that I could use my purple and pink on.

Another problem was the actual varnish. It was thick, gloopy and didn't like the idea of spreading out onto my nail. But to be perfectly honest, I don't think I'd have wanted the colour on my nail anyway. Hmm.

I know this was a rant, but I really hope it isn't coming across spitefully. But for my favourite magazine, I just expected a little more. It'll have cost them money to produce these varnishes, and that could have gone towards making another months free gift even better.

Have you tried the free Company nail polishes? What did you think?
Love Olivia x

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