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November 08, 2013

a lovely selfie // jade thirlwall  // my watch and the vamps bracelet  // cheryl cole lyrics // cheryl messaged me // and again // my converse // the nail varnishes from company magazine // another selfie yay // nadine coyle // hello magazine // revlon nail varnish // fruit tea // me and ewan // my mcdonalds meal // blogger cards
October has been quite a hectic month, but I've loved it. I feel like I've turned a corner in my life and that things are starting to change, I now know that I don't need to take sh!t from anybody if I don't want to and that I'm kinda comfortable in my own skin. If the word comfortable exists, anyway.
Something big happened this month, and my childhood hero Cheryl Cole messaged me on non other than Instagram; I really wasn't expecting the message and it made me so happy, especially when I've tried to get her to notice me for years now. She sent me a crying happy face in one message, and wrote 'and you need to learn to spell the whole thing in one *three love heart faces* don't hate me *crying face* you walked into it!!' Aw, I was so happy (no I'm not sad I promise, just dedicated haha)
I'd also just like to give a little mention to my watch, which has now gone to watch heaven :-( If my friend Gemma is reading this, yes, I did try to make time fly and sadly it didn't work. Grieve with me. It's also with my The Vamps bracelet, which is amazing and goes with every outfit I own. And it supports the boys which is good:-)
There's also lots of pictures of celebrities on my Instagram this month, nobably members of Girls Aloud and Little Mix. I have had serious style envy of Jade Thirlwall for a long time (because she's amazing and has one of the best voices ever) and she's one of my idols. She's just really cute. Aw.
What does your Instagram look like this month? Do you enjoy reading monthly round ups?
Love Olivia x


  1. I don't post on Instagram nearly enough lol, but I like reading other peoples roundups (:

    1. I always feel like I post waaay too much on Instagram haha :-) Hope you liked reading mine hahaha x

  2. I love Instagram roundups x


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