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December 13, 2013

November's such a funny month isn't it? Everybody seems to just sit there in their cosy jumpers and wooly knits but can't really do anything Christmassy because it's too early. So I end up sitting there and drinking hot chocolate and watching family movies with the fam (while eating food again) but by the time it comes to Christmas I'm sick of eating and watching movies so it's rather annoying. I never know what to do. Anyway, ramble over and here's what I've been doing and loving in November.

I went to see Catching Fire on Monday (if you say the hunger games two I have permission to scream at you) and it was bloody amazing. Me and Tara sat on the back row as you do, munching on popcorn and swooning over Peeta Mellark - apologies if this comes up as smell ark because my predictive text really does have some of the weirdest ideas! Hopefully he doesn't smell. Or he smells good, like David Beckham. Oooh. But back to Catching Fire, it was the best film I've seen all year, made the One Direction movie look nothing within two minutes and had great acting in from all involved. I'm even planning on going to see it again, and I never go for repeat viewings of a movie. Unless it's Mean Girls, but that doesn't count.
This month has centered around the big day, the 25th of December. Even though it isn't actually happening for agessss, every supermarket has started to bring out their turkeys and in turn, their Christmas adverts. Personally, my favourite this year is Morrisons' offering (although that may be because I do like a bit of Declan Donneley) haha! I don't really see why there's been such a big hooha about the John Lewis advert mind, the best bit about it for me is the background music! I don't understand how the advert will make people pick John Lewis over Next for example, but I might just not be actually getting it. Hm. Please can somebody write in the comments what the real meaning of it is because I really am intreigued to find out. *hint hint hint*
I also bought the Little Mix album (expect review soon!) which was also bloody amazing and has some great little stompers in. My fingers are crossed that I'm able to get tickets for them in concert, but if I don't I'll be stalking the Sheffield Arena facebook page a few days before because they always seem to offer the front row like a day before the gig. Mad, I know. In other CD news, I ordered the Robin Thicke and Olly Murs album too. I really hope I have enough money to last me now hahahaha, compact discs aren't cheap anymore you know :(
How was your November?
Love Olivia x


  1. Annieee13.12.13

    I really want the little mix album hehe

    1. I've left a review of the album, you should take a look! It's bloody amazing haha


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