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December 06, 2013

(apologies for the photos not coming out properly, I have yet to work out how to use my new camera)
A few weeks back I recieved a parcel from Charlotte, who runs the amazing fashion and lifestyle blog Colours and Carousels. Now, my parcels and letters are usually really boring and they usually only include bank statements and adverts from local takeaways, but this one was good and therefore I needed to write about it.
The parcel I recieved include a pack of playing cards, but these weren't any average playing cards with boring diamonds on or anything - they were blogger playing cards! Yep, these cards showcased what it was to be a blogger in the United Kingdom. Flying the flag for us again (sorry if I reminded you of the Eurovision track oops)
Charlotte is a lovely girl who I have serious blog envy of. Her blog design is amazing, her pictures are so bright and airy and make me want to visit or have every single thing she posts about, and her music taste is perf. I mean, who has both Oasis and Lorde in the same playlist and isn't awesome?
I tested these cards out with one of my friends and I hate to say it, but I WON! (if I'm perfectly honest I don't hate to say it at all I love winning at things because it isn't the taking part that counts at all) I don't usually win at things except Monopoly when I'm the banker so it was a nice suprise to win something. As I'm never going to win anything at sports. *hides from flying footballs*
I have a review coming up of the new FaceB4 facewashes and getting rid of spots things, so you'll be seeing that soon. Sadly, it was a bit sh!t and my face came out with 5000000000 spots which made me look lovely when I woke up. Aw.
Have you ever won anything in a competition and if so, what did you win? (I'm nosey alright)


  1. The cards look cute. I won some hair and make up goodies in a giveaway once! xoxo.

    1. Aw, I've only won one thing hair/beauty related and it was a real letdown:/ But congrats haha:)

  2. Annie9.12.13

    These sound so cool!

  3. I won a signed One Direction CD when they were on the X Factor x

  4. Love this gift hahaha, I don't think I've seen anything like it!x


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