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December 16, 2013


Thanks to Simon Cowell and the amazing four girls that are Jade, Jesy, Leigh Anne and Perrie, Little Mix have become massive over the past year. Their first album, DNA, was a smash on both sides of the pond, and their second album, Salute seems to be going the same way. I was lucky enough to buy myself a signed version before they sold out (yay) so here's my review of the "best pop album of the year" according to the Sun! 

Salute is a great opening and reminds me of Beyonce's Run The World, with all the carnival sounds playing through it. It certainly would get me up on my feet dancing and continues the theme of GIRL POWER that was running through their debut. 

Move is a track that you've all probably heard by now, it's a mish mash of sounds which I'm still unsure about whether they fit together but it's damn catchy so yeah, it's good. Get your back off the wall, don't ya get comfortable... 

Little Me is the girls second single from the album, and is an uptempo ballad. I love the message running through it but if I'm perfectly honest, it should have stayed an album track because it doesn't really sound chart friendly and is really only there to make the Mixers happy. Tell her she's beautiful, wonderful etc etc 

Nothing Feels Like You has a great opening and a really catchy beat moving through it. I love Jesy and I felt like she shined so much in this track. Aw. 
Towers is another ballad, but I quite like this one. It's not memorable at all and reminds me so much of ballads on sone of The Saturdays' albums, but it makes me smile which is a good thing I guess. 

Competition is next. I LOVE IT! Me and my friend Beth always sing this one to each other "I say it once, you say it twice, you know I like a bit of competition from time to time..." It's one of the best tracks on the album but I don't think it's single material. Yay. 
These Four Walls is the proper ballad of the album. The tear jerking stringy one. You may of heard the girls performing it on Suprise Suprise where they were amazing and if you say they can't sing live, your wrong. Just listen to this track please. 

About the Boy has such a great opening and has lots of swagger. Maybe they've been taking tips from Cher Lloyd (my phone changed that to Cher Alloys hahaha) - their swaggers in check! *starts to sing*

Boy is kinda acapella (they'll have aca babies I know it) and showcases their voices and aw I love it. And it includes a line that says AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT - google it please if you haven't seen the video before hahaha 

Good Enough is yet another ballad and it's one I listen to when I'm in a depressive mood. It's even on my sad playlist on ITunes along with lots of sad Marina Diamondis and Lana Del Ray tracks. Cry. 

Mr Loverboy is practically a polar opposite to Good Enough, so much that it's on my happy playlist! Yay. I boogie around the room every time this comes on. You wish you were me, promise. 

A Different Beat is the last track on the normal album, and is a great happy upbeat ending. It basically finishes where Salute started off. Just keep matching to a different beat and be yourself is the message it says, and I hope the girls finish the tour with this track because it's amazing. Aw. 

And there you have it, my fave tracks would probably be A Different Beat, Salute, Competition and Boy. And when I'm upset, Good Enough. But I'm not upset right now, I'm actually very happy (and meant to be revising) so it's not in my faves which may make you upset but it doesn't make me. Isn't that a mind blagger for a morning?! Anyway, I'm off. See you in a couple of days!
Love Olivia x


  1. Whilst I'm not a big fan of Little Mix and that type of pop culture, based on this I may have to download the album! Especially if the Sun rate it so highly haha! Lots of love, Lauryn from xxxx

    1. Its worth listening to the tasters first and picking your faves if you're not into pop music, but thank you Lauryn! Having a read of your blog now xxxx

  2. Oh nice! I didn't know Little Mix had new album (I'm so behind in life), but I do like Move, and probably everything else as well from the sounds of them. :)

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx

    1. You're not behind! If you like move, I'd say you'll probably like Competition the best, that's my fave too!


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