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December 09, 2013

I got a lovely message from Megan ('meganruthxo') last week telling  me that she had nominated for a "sunshine award," which is given out to bloggers who are "positive" and who "creatively inspire others in the blogosphere," which I thought was really cute and kind of humbling! I mean me nominated for an award?! Who'd have thought it. It might only be little but good things come in small packages and all of that... 
When you are nominated for this award, you are meant to share eleven facts about yourself, answer eleven questions, nominate eleven bloggers and write eleven questions for eleven other people to answer. That's one hell of a lot of elevens. So here we go!
What is one food you couldn't live without? That would have to be potatoes. They can be made into anything and everything. Or broccoli.
Would you rather have a good makeup day or a good hair day? Make up day because my hair couldn't look nice if it tried *sobs*
Favourite fashion trend for A/W? TARTAN! I've gone completely overboard and bought everything tartan that you possibly could, but I don't care (I love it)
Where's the best place you've ever been? Disneyland! No contest.
Worst fashion/beauty mistake you've ever made?Backcombed hair every single day. My hair still isn't the same and probably will never be, which is sad. 
Favourite Nail Varnish? I have a pale pink one from MUA, the cheap Superdrug brand. Most of you would probably say the brush is waaaay too small and that the colour isn't strong enough, but I have unsteady hands as it is so the little brushes suit me. Yay. 
What was your most recent purchase? A chip butty in Morrisons yesterday. Living the student life #yolo 
Favourite pizza topping? Either super supreme without the olives or just plain old vegetable. Complete opposite ends of the spectrum haha. 
What are you most looking forward to in winter? Drinking way too many cups of hot chocolate and having a valid excuse. It's cold alright? 
Do you have any talents? Nope. *cries* 
Why did you start blogging? I was always a big reader of blogs, my favourite always used to be This Must Be Pop because she used to introduce all of these new, talented artists months before anybody else. It was through her that I got to know who Parade were (of turn it up louder, louderrrrrrrr fame) and then I decided to create my own. Little did I know that 2 years down the line I would have had 3 blogs, deleted two of them and have people actually reading this blog. Aw. 
I nominate milkte4, coloursandcarousels, theweekendertrender, gingerlypale, hiddenbeauty, funfairsandfairydust (oh god I can't think of anymore) and I would like you guys to answer the same questions I answered because they're very very good - thanks Megan - and I think it'd be nice to compare your answers to mine, like see who also likes Morrisons cafe food and who is also untalented like me. I'd be nice to have a talent *cries again*
Adios amigas!
Olivia x


  1. Annie9.12.13


  2. I find your writing so funny and honest, it's like talking to an old friend! The best line this post is probably the one about potatoes - they can actually be made into pretty much anything :)

    Louise x

    1. aw thankyou haha, that's made my day!x


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