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January 31, 2014

With mine and several other of my friends' birthdays coming up in the next couple of months, I'm in all out present buying mode. I've already bought a couple of gifts and I'm so happy with all the purchases. It's amazing when you know exactly what all your friends love so can tailor the buys to them... I just love it. Call me soppy, but I love to make people happy and to see people smiling. Woo.
My birthday is only 4 days after my best friends', so while searching for hers I've been looking for myself too (women are multi taskers okay) and found some lovely things. I've always wanted to read the Teen Vouge Handbook, because even though I haven't read a single issue of the magazine in my life, it's always looked pretty informative so I'm guessing the book will be too. And it has a pretty spine so hopefully it will look nice on my bookshelf (nice logic there liv!) I'm also wanting to take a read of the John Green books, but have yet to decide a favourite. Should I choose the hyped over The Fault in our Stars or go for the less obvious choice in An Abundance of Katherines? There's waaay too many decisions to make and that's scaring me.

I'm also going to be asking for a set of driving lessons for my birthday along with a provisional licence as I'm (finally) seventeen, so if you're on the roads around Yorkshire you better mind out because I'll be let loose soon! It's so scary that my next birthday will be my eighteenth and that so many people I know are now 'proper' adults, for all of you older readers this will seem completely normal to you and you'll probably think I'm weird for writing this, but I don't know... leave comments below I guess.

What are you asking for this year birthday wise?

Love Olivia x

ootd | ain't nobody gonna get in my way

January 24, 2014


| long sleeved tee - topshop | blazer - new look | skirt - river island | scarf - h+m |
song lyrics from robin thicke's 'get in my way'
Here's a recent OOTD, which if I can remember rightly I wore last Friday to college. I find it so difficult to choose clothes to wear for college because I don't want to go all out and wear nice dresses and so on, but I don't want to turn up in a bin liner, or god forbid something from the awful McKenzie. That's why I've been sticking to skater skirts and basic tees - please help me with suitable options and leave some comments below please!
I also crimped my hair on Friday to channel my inner Lorde and thought it went quite well. I'd certainly do it again, just because it's a nice change to not having it in my face all the time, but I'd only be able to do it when actually wake up before my alarm (which is never) because I'm lazy on a morning. Oops.
And just to keep y'all updated on the Olivia being a fan girl front, Nicola Roberts has commented on two of my Instagram pictures in two weeks which is as scary as it is exciting. At least she hasn't yet told me I need to learn how to spell like Cheryl Cole did. Time will tell, but until that happens I'll be making good use of my spellchecker. (I haven't had to use it yet in this post thank goodness)
What do/did you wear to college?
Love Olivia x 

music | 2013 concerts

January 20, 2014

Last year I saw my three favourite girl groups from throughout my life. These were Girls Aloud, Little Mix and The Saturdays. I was one of those strange fan girls who nearly cried when their favourite song came on, but I don't regret one second of it. I just wish I wasn't as self conscious during the gigs because then I'd maybe of enjoyed them a little more than I did... eek.
I've grown up with Girls Aloud, and seeing them on the 25th of February was a dream come true. I still can't believe it happened, 10 months on. I was metres away from my idols which is an incredibly scary thought, especially as the closest I'd been before was when they were on the telly and I was watching it. Ain't that sad. They were absolutely amazing live, with slick dance moves and mesmerising voices (especially Nadine Coyle #teamnadine) and it made my life to say I was able to see the queens of pop before they sadly split up *cry*

I saw Little Mix live on the 8th February, and could have touched them, I was that close. I was literally on the 3rd row from the front. It was ridiculous. I also met the support act Reconnected that night and they were cute and then added me on Facebook. I later deleted them, (oops) but I guess it's the thought that counts! Haha. I swear Perrie waved at me too, which was super nice and super crazy. I also blagged the promotional poster especially made for the date I went to, WHICH WAS AMAZING OMG. The end.
Third girlgroup was The Saturdays on the 23rd of August, where I was FRONT ROW and they were so good and even though Frankie was away popping babies out they did so well and I got the setlist from the gig and only two people in the world own that so that's special too. Fangirling over. *hides from haters* 
What were your favourite concerts of 2013?
Love Olivia x 

2014 blogger challenge | skincare

January 17, 2014

Even though I read waaaay too many beauty blogs, I wouldn't class myself as a beauty blogger or even a beauty fan. With a limited skincare and make up routine, you'd all laugh at my half hearted attempts at a 'what's on my face' or a 'how much is my face worth?' post. If I'm perfectly honest, my face costs very little and that's why I was worried when I saw the second topic for the #2014BloggerChallenge, which was skincare.
Then I remembered my favourite moisturiser and suddenly my brain decided to work again. It's called Garnier Summerbody, a gradual tanner which is said to "gradually build a natural looking sunkissed tan" whilst also moisturising for 12 hours.
For a beauty novice, this product is great. I don't smell of biscuits for days after applying it, and don't need to wait forever to put my clothes back on as the moisturiser sinks into the skin within five minutes. It's known around the world as a perfect starting point in the fake tan world, and I completley agree with the general view that it's great. I don't own a mitt, but I can dollop this tan on any part of my body and it doesn't come out in streaks. Another great thing is that when I wash my hands after applying to avoid the dreaded 'orange hands' look, a slight amount of the product has already soaked in which means when I wake up the next morning I have a slight tan, just like I would if I was on holiday!
At only £7.99 a bottle, and only £3.80 something when it's on offer, I'd reccomend this product so much. Personally, I like buying the 'dark' bottle because when I bought the light shade I didn't notice much of a change, but if you're very, very pale ot only want a slight tan, the light shade may be more to your taste.
Have you ever used Garnier Summerbody?
Love Olivia x

beauty | nip+fab are fab

January 10, 2014

[this is my first ever edited picture, be proud of me please]
Before Christmas, I'd never heard of the beauty brand Nip + Fab. If you'd have told me the name a couple of months back, I think I'd have been spouting off (not so funny) remarks about plastic surgery clinics and diet shakes. But when I received the lovely gift of three of their best selling body butters for Christmas, I realised that they were in fact a skincare brand with absolutely amazing products that smell heavenly.
I received the triple pack, which contains three 50ml body butters in the flavours sugared almond, winter cherry and spiced apple (which is pictured.) I don't know why I picked up the spiced apple tub to use first, as I'm a massive lover of cherry smelling things so typically that's the one I probably should have gone for.
If you've been in Primark recently and bought one of their Christmas candles, you'll already know what this certain butter smells of. I loved the smell of the candles in store, but shunned them in favour of a salted caramel Yankee, so this pot came at just the right time. I just love the smell of it. It reminds me so much of Christmas and markets. There's not much more to say on that haha
Although the pots are covered by a layer of foil which I couldn't get off without stabbing into it with scissors and making an almighty mess, once you get into it you'll be hit by an actual full tub which isn't common anymore *cries.* My legs are much softer now than they were two weeks ago, and I swear it's the Nip + Fab products that are doing it.
Basically, I'd reccomend you buying it.
Have you ever used any Nip + Fab products?
Love Olivia x

cute as a button, every single one of you | favourite blogs

January 06, 2014

Reading blogs has been a big part of my life ever since I clicked on 'this must be pop' back in 2011. Back then, I was an avid music fan with a music blog (it was awful, don't ask) all about the latest goings on in the world of Girls Aloud, The Saturdays and The Wanted. I was even posting about the release of One Direction's first single. Crikey, that was a long time ago.
Over the years, my blog-roll has changed dramatically to include fashion, lifestyle, beauty and music blogs, so here is a look through my favourite blogs of 2013.

Jess' blog is primarily lifestyle, but I love that. I fell deeply in love with her blog after her trip to Auschwitz, it's a place I've always wanted to visit in the world because it holds so many secrets of the horrors of war, and Jess' write up of it made me speechless. If you check the comments of the post, you can see my admiration for her. (sound so much like a creepy stalker here oops) She also has a great taste in books and her photography is phenomenal.
Charlotte's blog is one that I've only foundrecently, but it's quickly become a firm favourite. Every post is unique and I can say that every time I click onto her page, I'm entertained and I can't say that about many blogs, you know you're doing something good when you can keep my attention for more than five minutes. (I also have Charlotte to thank for the blogger cards and I was featured in her desert island essentials series)
Georgina's blog is an old favourite, and if I'm perfectly honest always will be. I've missed her posts for the past few weeks, but after reading her latest post I've been able to understand why she hasn't updated. I have serious style envy over her, she looks stunning in every outfit and needs to have more confidence, and her new blog design is lovely as is her! (take a read and leave a comment on her blog please telling her she's great)
Another old favourite here, I've always admired Becky for her beautiful photography skills and her ability to make so many mean cakes and snacks. Her blog was the catalyst in me starting 'xoliviamae,' and I don't think you'll find a better all round blog anywhere. Just don't read any of the recipes if you don't want to put on weight. The chocolate orange cupcake recipie will make you a stone heavier within weeks. It's inevitable.
Last but certainly not least is Paige's blog. I found her Instagram before her blog and was amazed by the quality of the photos and how often she updated, and squealed when I found out she also wrote a blog. It's the perfect mix between fashion, beauty and lifestyle and it makes me happy. Her short but snappy posts are perfect for the procrastinator that is me!
What were your favourite blogs of 2013? Do you follow any of my favourites?
Love Olivia x

2014 blogger challenge | new years inspiration

January 02, 2014

So guys, it's 2014. Sorry for the break in posts, I really should have been posting more than my usual twice a week baring in mind it's the school holidays, but personally I don't think anything I've written in the past month is worth reading, therefore you won't be reading it. I've got five A4 pages on Microsoft Word full of blog posts, but my computers' recycling bin is hungry so I'm giving it something to eat. Sorry if that disappoints you (it probably doesn't)
This year I've decided to join the #2014bloggerchallenge, thought up by the lovely Gaby over at 'anothergirlyblg,' where she gives the 407 participants a topic to write about and then over five days we all post our thoughts. I'm kind of scared really, that means I've got four hundred and seven blogs to read over the coming five days. Eek.
This months topic is called 'new years inspiration.' I found a quote on Momentage (my new favourite app, post hopefully coming soon) and thought it summed up what I want 2014 to be like perfectly. I don't want to be scared of offending people or saying the wrong thing anymore. I know I word vomit sometimes, but if you're with me you'll have to like it or lump it. Life doesn't have a pause or rewind button and I think I need to remember that, I forgot to look at the big picture in the latter end of 2013 and I wholly regret it now.
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The second quote I found was from the twitter queen @nuhdeencoylenow. Yes, I know it's a micky take account for the Irish one from Girls Aloud, but it's hilarious. I've cried at some of the tweets before, they're just amazing. *hides from Girls Aloud fans* The tweet said

"Ay hope Gerrls Aloid has taught oiur fans to NEVER be afraid to stab others un the back fur money and success #rolemodels"

and if I'm perfectly honest you could live by it, just by applying for a job you're stabbing somebody in the back and if you're going to get through life, you need to be ruthless. Which I've learnt. *sobs* You can't please everybody. (not on topic at all but Nadine's having a baby girl which makes me very very happy)
Are you taking part in the 2014 blogger challenge? What quotes are you living by in 2014?
Love Olivia x

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