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January 02, 2014

So guys, it's 2014. Sorry for the break in posts, I really should have been posting more than my usual twice a week baring in mind it's the school holidays, but personally I don't think anything I've written in the past month is worth reading, therefore you won't be reading it. I've got five A4 pages on Microsoft Word full of blog posts, but my computers' recycling bin is hungry so I'm giving it something to eat. Sorry if that disappoints you (it probably doesn't)
This year I've decided to join the #2014bloggerchallenge, thought up by the lovely Gaby over at 'anothergirlyblg,' where she gives the 407 participants a topic to write about and then over five days we all post our thoughts. I'm kind of scared really, that means I've got four hundred and seven blogs to read over the coming five days. Eek.
This months topic is called 'new years inspiration.' I found a quote on Momentage (my new favourite app, post hopefully coming soon) and thought it summed up what I want 2014 to be like perfectly. I don't want to be scared of offending people or saying the wrong thing anymore. I know I word vomit sometimes, but if you're with me you'll have to like it or lump it. Life doesn't have a pause or rewind button and I think I need to remember that, I forgot to look at the big picture in the latter end of 2013 and I wholly regret it now.
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The second quote I found was from the twitter queen @nuhdeencoylenow. Yes, I know it's a micky take account for the Irish one from Girls Aloud, but it's hilarious. I've cried at some of the tweets before, they're just amazing. *hides from Girls Aloud fans* The tweet said

"Ay hope Gerrls Aloid has taught oiur fans to NEVER be afraid to stab others un the back fur money and success #rolemodels"

and if I'm perfectly honest you could live by it, just by applying for a job you're stabbing somebody in the back and if you're going to get through life, you need to be ruthless. Which I've learnt. *sobs* You can't please everybody. (not on topic at all but Nadine's having a baby girl which makes me very very happy)
Are you taking part in the 2014 blogger challenge? What quotes are you living by in 2014?
Love Olivia x

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