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January 20, 2014

Last year I saw my three favourite girl groups from throughout my life. These were Girls Aloud, Little Mix and The Saturdays. I was one of those strange fan girls who nearly cried when their favourite song came on, but I don't regret one second of it. I just wish I wasn't as self conscious during the gigs because then I'd maybe of enjoyed them a little more than I did... eek.
I've grown up with Girls Aloud, and seeing them on the 25th of February was a dream come true. I still can't believe it happened, 10 months on. I was metres away from my idols which is an incredibly scary thought, especially as the closest I'd been before was when they were on the telly and I was watching it. Ain't that sad. They were absolutely amazing live, with slick dance moves and mesmerising voices (especially Nadine Coyle #teamnadine) and it made my life to say I was able to see the queens of pop before they sadly split up *cry*

I saw Little Mix live on the 8th February, and could have touched them, I was that close. I was literally on the 3rd row from the front. It was ridiculous. I also met the support act Reconnected that night and they were cute and then added me on Facebook. I later deleted them, (oops) but I guess it's the thought that counts! Haha. I swear Perrie waved at me too, which was super nice and super crazy. I also blagged the promotional poster especially made for the date I went to, WHICH WAS AMAZING OMG. The end.
Third girlgroup was The Saturdays on the 23rd of August, where I was FRONT ROW and they were so good and even though Frankie was away popping babies out they did so well and I got the setlist from the gig and only two people in the world own that so that's special too. Fangirling over. *hides from haters* 
What were your favourite concerts of 2013?
Love Olivia x 

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