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January 31, 2014

With mine and several other of my friends' birthdays coming up in the next couple of months, I'm in all out present buying mode. I've already bought a couple of gifts and I'm so happy with all the purchases. It's amazing when you know exactly what all your friends love so can tailor the buys to them... I just love it. Call me soppy, but I love to make people happy and to see people smiling. Woo.
My birthday is only 4 days after my best friends', so while searching for hers I've been looking for myself too (women are multi taskers okay) and found some lovely things. I've always wanted to read the Teen Vouge Handbook, because even though I haven't read a single issue of the magazine in my life, it's always looked pretty informative so I'm guessing the book will be too. And it has a pretty spine so hopefully it will look nice on my bookshelf (nice logic there liv!) I'm also wanting to take a read of the John Green books, but have yet to decide a favourite. Should I choose the hyped over The Fault in our Stars or go for the less obvious choice in An Abundance of Katherines? There's waaay too many decisions to make and that's scaring me.

I'm also going to be asking for a set of driving lessons for my birthday along with a provisional licence as I'm (finally) seventeen, so if you're on the roads around Yorkshire you better mind out because I'll be let loose soon! It's so scary that my next birthday will be my eighteenth and that so many people I know are now 'proper' adults, for all of you older readers this will seem completely normal to you and you'll probably think I'm weird for writing this, but I don't know... leave comments below I guess.

What are you asking for this year birthday wise?

Love Olivia x


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