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February 28, 2014

dress: ark heels: new look
[song title from hairspray the movie]
[I've finally found a new position to take my outfit posts other than in front of my bedroom door! Yay.]
Today I was channelling my inner Audrey Hepburn and wore a beautiful nineteen sixties inspired dress from Ark, and before I say anything else, I'd just like to tell you all that it's beautiful. I may not pull off the shift dress look because I actually own these things called hips, but to me, it's the perfect dress. As many of my previous blog posts have suggested, I'm in love with Ark Clothing at the moment, especially as some of their new season stuff is actually wearable all year round, like a fashion staple. I've had many a dress which looks great for a couple of weeks and then the trend wears off... you know what I'm going to end the story with. High street heaven *cries* </3

This dress was one of many, many options for a themed party I was invited to, but instead I chose something a little more over the top, because over the top makes me smile. I also wanted to wear my hair down and you couldn't really wear it down in this dress as it doesn't show off the collar then, and that's one of the main features of it so...?

I teamed it with my trusty black heels from New Look, (which I can walk in I promise) which are rather comfortable but the zip keeps falling down. So that's my excuse if I ever look like I can't walk in them, the zips a little dodgy aha. (I'm seriously being honest here, I'm not doing it to get out of walking like a fool) (I should really stop using brackets) (Yay)
Do you ever shop in Ark and do you think I pull off a shift dress? (please say yes) (brackets again I know)
Love, Olivia x

honey could be my lover

February 24, 2014

I've been raving on about the Honey perfume ever since I picked up a sample in Debenhams back in August 2013, much to the delight of my family, especially as my second choice for perfume was the Katy Perry Killer Queen, which was much cheaper and came in a much bigger bottle. But alas, my family are amazing and bought my Honey. I screamed. I was very happy.
Honey is described as a 'sunny, delicious, floral, energetic and alluring fragrance' and I can wholly agree with all of the million adjectives the promoters use. It's great, its pretty, it lasts a fair while and the perfume bottle as expected from Marc Jacobs is unique and looks perfect on my dressing table (or chest of drawers.)
I expected it to be a scent I'd only like wearing in the summer, but it works in the winter too, which surprised me. Who would have known that smelling honey, oranges and pears throughout January would bring me so much happiness? It may be because I despise winter and probably will forever, but when I use Honey it gives me hope that summer is fast approaching and I won't be in wooly jumpers and tights for much longer.
I'm not a beauty reviewer, so don't really understand all of the 'top notes, bottom notes' things, but what I do know is that it smells bloody good, isn't too in your face and does change smell throughout the day. According to the Amazon description, (which is very very biased) 'orange blossom resides at the heart of the fragrance and mingles with the nectar of honeysuckle and peach for a note of sparkling femininity.' Basically, it's not like a Lynx body spray and would only smell good on guys if they wanted to act like laydeees. Yay.
Do you use Honey? Or do you have a different favourite perfume?
Love, Olivia x

kimberley walsh 'a whole lot of history'

February 21, 2014

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know I'm a mahoosive Girls Aloud fan who used to collect every single thing they released. I was an addict at one point. If they were drugs, I'd be in rehab. So when Amazon started to offer signed Kimberley Walsh autobiographies for sale back in November, I knew I'd be stupid if I didn't buy one. (yes mum I know you bought it for me) The thing is, it wasn't as good as I expected it to be. To be perfectly honest, it wasn't even good enough to finish. And this is why I'm writing this.
It's taken me a couple of months to pluck up the courage to write this post, because in my head I just couldn't believe that I could absolutely hate something a member of Girls Aloud released. Apart from the shoddy 'Ten tour' DVD and the god awful 'Beautiful Cos You Love Me,' I loved most of the Girls Aloud back catalogue. And the things I didn't like I didn't hate enough to write a post detailing why. But this book is diabolical. It's awful.

Where do I start? The front cover looks like something a twelve year old made in an outdated version of Publisher, and wasn't something that should have been ok-d from an actual publisher,  the two quotes on the outside covers are from Kimberley's best friends, Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts, so not a quote you'd actually take any notice of if you had half a brain cell. The inside cover says Kimberley is 'one of the most successful young women in the land' which is cringeworthy in itself and I haven't even got into the book yet. Ouch.

I'm not saying there's something wrong with all the book, but I can't actually say one mildly interesting thing that has happened in Kimberley's life. She was in Girls Aloud. She was Cheryl Cole's friend. And apart from appearing in Shrek the musical, she's lived a pretty normal life.

I just felt that Kimberley's book spent more time talking about Cheryl than she did talking about herself, like Kimberley didn't have enough to say so just kept going on and on and on about Cheryl having malaria, Cheryl getting married to Ashley Cole, Cheryl divorcing Ashley Cole and... yeah that's all she spoke of.
So there's my kinda awkward ranty style post about Kimba... please leave your comments below!
Over and out,
Olivia x

what's in my school bag with smiggle*

February 18, 2014

Call me sad, but I love what you call 'back to school' shopping. I love rooting round all of the stationary shops, the textbook shops, Cath Kidston - the kids range  in there is perfect btw - and places like that to find what I would call 'the perfect school bag' and the perfect products to go inside it. And here it is! 
My school bag is a once pretty but now tatty holdall from Mango, which i picked up in the summer sales. As it's quite big, I can fit my A4 textbooks in there as well as two ring binders on a good day (on a bad day I'm lucky if I can fit in my lunch and necessities like perfume and Company magazine) and personally, I really like it. Although it's probably breaking from carrying so much weight, I think it'll hold out till the end of the school year which is pretty impressive I guess. I'm also a fan of bags that have a zipped pocket in to hold the things which you don't want flying about, so I was happy to find this bag had a zipped pocket too. Yay!
My pencil case is one I was kindly gifted by Smiggle, an Australian brand that I'd probably liken to Paperchase, but maybe a bit more bright and more for younger people. I was impressed to find out that it was good quality, even after having a bit of a bashing against all my text books and the like, AND that it could fit all my junk in - (and some of the other pretty awesome stuff Smiggle sent me too.) My package included lollypop rubbers, a calculator, a 3D ruler, gel pens and a pair of blue sports headphones (with review coming soon!) And as exam season is fast approaching, I seem to be using every product all the time, especially the gel pens! I don't know why, but everything seems clearer in my head when written in a bright pink sparkly pen - and this is definitely needed, especially as Henry VIII is so difficult! 

Smiggle open their first UK store on the 20th February at Westfield Stratford, London, and if you get down there for 11am there'll be free gifts, demonstrations and a hell of a lot of fun! I sure as hell would be getting the first train down if I didn't live so far away, but if you're like me and live a million miles away from London (ok maybe I'm slightly exaggerating,) Smiggle are opening plenty of other stores throughout March, notably in Reading, Brighton and Kingston. Smiggle and the seaside? This makes Livi one happy bunny. And if you live a gazillion miles away from any of those destinations (I make it sound like a holiday,) you can also visit their online store here.
What's in your back to school bag?
Love Olivia x
(The Smiggle products were gifted to me but all opinions are my own, you can read my full disclaimer policy here) 

2014 blogger challenge | high end wishlist

February 14, 2014

If I had the money, I'd have bought all these high end products in an instant. But sadly I don't have lots and lots of money, so instead of this being a haul, it's a rambly wish list post which makes me a little bit sad because it would be amazing if I was sat here writing to you with all of these expensive things around me. But alas, I'm not, and I'm sat in a pair of leggings with the 'natural collection tinted moisturiser' smothered over my face. Yay.

Anyway, back onto topic. I absolutely love make up and if I knew how to use it all - yes this does include all these bb creams and under eye concealers (!) - I'd definitely have a bulging bag of delights including the above products, which are the 'naked 3 palette,' the 'naked 2 palette' (I can see a pattern emerging here) and hundreds and hundreds of 'eos lip balms.' Eos are massive in America and are a little like the 'rimmel baby lips' I guess, but much less purse friendly and much harder to get hold of. However, I've heard recently that they're now stocking the eos balms on the Amazon UK store, which is kinda cool. Maybe I will buy one after all (insert wishful thinking here)

I'd also love to buy myself a Nomination bracelet. I guess these aren't exactly 'high end' but as you don't really see them on the high street much, (apart from in a little jewellers in my town) for the sake of this little wish list they're high end. Yay. Feel rich for five minutes. I just find nomination bracelets 'cute' in a way. They're not dangly and jangly like Pandoras, but you can customise them and make them fancy and dancy and really pretty and colourful and that makes me smile so yeah um I want one. I told you this wish list would be rambly. Ahaha.
What high end products do you lust over?
Love Olivia x

my insta january

February 10, 2014

finding maga 2013 leaflets | my decorated wardrobe | the roberts sisters sent me some loving | chezza looking perf as always | my nip+fab bodycream | me and harvey | danielle likes cath kidston | me and matthew | with chloe losing her subway virginity | costa #1 | costa #2 before american hustle | costa #3 with tom | selfie | badminton selfies #1, #2 and #3

Another month has gone and we're now a whole month into 2014.. it doesn't seem that Christmas was only five weeks ago but what's even more scary is that it's now even closer to my birthday and I aren't in the right frame of mind to drive, not at all. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'll probably crash and kill somebody and then be banged up for life. No need for my driving license then ahaha (very nervous laugh)
Anyway, back to January. It was a weird month where lots of things happened but at the same time nothing happened... I got a private message from Nicola Roberts on Instagram, I spent loads of money on a trip to York with Chloe, I bought tartan wrapping paper and covered my whole wardrobe in the stuff, we started the weekly #badmintonselfie hashtag and I went to see American Hustle with Bestie and Esme. We went to Costa, I bought a rip off drink mango fruit cooler that was absolutely lovely, and then went to Costa a few days later for a hot chocolate with Tom. I went three times to Costa this January, which was great because I love the atmosphere in my local (which is only a mile + half walk from home yay) but it wasn't so great for my purse. Which now matches my bag! (my mum is great at present buying)
I also spent loads of time stressing over coursework, spent too much time eating and spent too little time with friends. But that's going to change in February. I need to stick to my new month resolutions or else I'll go mad.
How was your January?
Love Olivia x

ootd | there's no place i'd rather be

February 07, 2014

 blazer, zara | tee shirt, new look | wet look leggings, primark | heels, river island | socks, topshop
title song from 'rather be' by clean bandit
Hello! Me again. Here's another #ootd, taken in the girls toilets in sixth form. (because I'm such a classy bird) I'm wearing my new blazer from Zara which is absolutely gorgeous, I mean I'm not such a big fan of Zara anymore because I can't afford the prices, but I just couldn't leave it there. It was thirty five pound, and worth every.single.penny. It's from their new s/s14 range and it'll go with everything. Today I was wearing my blazer with wet look leggings which I know not to wear again because I'm not a size eight but I know it'll go with all my skater skirts and little flared dresses in the summer.
There may not be as many ootds on here for a while, because I've realised I look horrendous in half the things I wear and really need to do something about my body. If I want to look as pretty as Cheryl Cole, I need to eat like Cheryl. No more cake on a lunchtime, I'm gonna have to eat salad instead. (yum) I'm also going to start exercising (!) by going on lots of long walks and actually keeping up with my 'seven minute challenge' that I've downloaded to my phone. I also bought a TOWIE fitness DVD which hopefully I will use... and if not at least I can laugh at the girls for being orange... yay
Who else is on a health kick at the moment?
Love Olivia x

2014 blogger challenge | you're adorkable

February 03, 2014

Although I've never, ever written a blog post about blogs on 'xoliviamae,' I'm still a massive fan of them. Nothing can beat sitting down and immersing yourself in somebody elses world, finding out their motivations and then learning something about yourself in the process. It's weird. I know people who only watch films because they find books 'boring' and for 'geeks' but how can you be a movie fan without loving books too? Take the Harry Potter series. Without the books, there wouldn't have been the tale. Take 'The Devil Wears Prada.' I bet half of you can quote lines from the film, but where would the film have been without the book? Anyway, rant over.
I'm going to be reviewing the book 'Adorkable' By Sarra Manning, which I picked up in The Works a couple of years ago during one of their 'three for five pound' promotions, and I loved it. It's about a young girl called Jeane, who's a teenage blogger and if I'm perfectly honest, a little weird. She's world famous in the blogging world and thinks she has the world all worked out, but she um doesn't. This is shown by her relationship with the super cool, Jack Wills wearing Michael, who's one of the 'populars' at school and a bit up himself. But finally Jeane and Michael become friends and they all lived happily ever after. Only joking.  
I really liked the book, but thought the writing was a little dumbed down, maybe because the target audience of the book was young teens, but saying that I'm technically a young teen at 16 so maybe I'm just an uber sharp critic? Regardless, I enjoyed the book and would read it again, preferably on a beach with the sun shining down on me. Oh I wish I was on a beach now. (not joking this time haha)
Have you ever read the book Adorkable? What did you think of it?
Love Olivia x

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