2014 blogger challenge | high end wishlist

February 14, 2014

If I had the money, I'd have bought all these high end products in an instant. But sadly I don't have lots and lots of money, so instead of this being a haul, it's a rambly wish list post which makes me a little bit sad because it would be amazing if I was sat here writing to you with all of these expensive things around me. But alas, I'm not, and I'm sat in a pair of leggings with the 'natural collection tinted moisturiser' smothered over my face. Yay.

Anyway, back onto topic. I absolutely love make up and if I knew how to use it all - yes this does include all these bb creams and under eye concealers (!) - I'd definitely have a bulging bag of delights including the above products, which are the 'naked 3 palette,' the 'naked 2 palette' (I can see a pattern emerging here) and hundreds and hundreds of 'eos lip balms.' Eos are massive in America and are a little like the 'rimmel baby lips' I guess, but much less purse friendly and much harder to get hold of. However, I've heard recently that they're now stocking the eos balms on the Amazon UK store, which is kinda cool. Maybe I will buy one after all (insert wishful thinking here)

I'd also love to buy myself a Nomination bracelet. I guess these aren't exactly 'high end' but as you don't really see them on the high street much, (apart from in a little jewellers in my town) for the sake of this little wish list they're high end. Yay. Feel rich for five minutes. I just find nomination bracelets 'cute' in a way. They're not dangly and jangly like Pandoras, but you can customise them and make them fancy and dancy and really pretty and colourful and that makes me smile so yeah um I want one. I told you this wish list would be rambly. Ahaha.
What high end products do you lust over?
Love Olivia x

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