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February 10, 2014

finding maga 2013 leaflets | my decorated wardrobe | the roberts sisters sent me some loving | chezza looking perf as always | my nip+fab bodycream | me and harvey | danielle likes cath kidston | me and matthew | with chloe losing her subway virginity | costa #1 | costa #2 before american hustle | costa #3 with tom | selfie | badminton selfies #1, #2 and #3

Another month has gone and we're now a whole month into 2014.. it doesn't seem that Christmas was only five weeks ago but what's even more scary is that it's now even closer to my birthday and I aren't in the right frame of mind to drive, not at all. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'll probably crash and kill somebody and then be banged up for life. No need for my driving license then ahaha (very nervous laugh)
Anyway, back to January. It was a weird month where lots of things happened but at the same time nothing happened... I got a private message from Nicola Roberts on Instagram, I spent loads of money on a trip to York with Chloe, I bought tartan wrapping paper and covered my whole wardrobe in the stuff, we started the weekly #badmintonselfie hashtag and I went to see American Hustle with Bestie and Esme. We went to Costa, I bought a rip off drink mango fruit cooler that was absolutely lovely, and then went to Costa a few days later for a hot chocolate with Tom. I went three times to Costa this January, which was great because I love the atmosphere in my local (which is only a mile + half walk from home yay) but it wasn't so great for my purse. Which now matches my bag! (my mum is great at present buying)
I also spent loads of time stressing over coursework, spent too much time eating and spent too little time with friends. But that's going to change in February. I need to stick to my new month resolutions or else I'll go mad.
How was your January?
Love Olivia x

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