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February 28, 2014

dress: ark heels: new look
[song title from hairspray the movie]
[I've finally found a new position to take my outfit posts other than in front of my bedroom door! Yay.]
Today I was channelling my inner Audrey Hepburn and wore a beautiful nineteen sixties inspired dress from Ark, and before I say anything else, I'd just like to tell you all that it's beautiful. I may not pull off the shift dress look because I actually own these things called hips, but to me, it's the perfect dress. As many of my previous blog posts have suggested, I'm in love with Ark Clothing at the moment, especially as some of their new season stuff is actually wearable all year round, like a fashion staple. I've had many a dress which looks great for a couple of weeks and then the trend wears off... you know what I'm going to end the story with. High street heaven *cries* </3

This dress was one of many, many options for a themed party I was invited to, but instead I chose something a little more over the top, because over the top makes me smile. I also wanted to wear my hair down and you couldn't really wear it down in this dress as it doesn't show off the collar then, and that's one of the main features of it so...?

I teamed it with my trusty black heels from New Look, (which I can walk in I promise) which are rather comfortable but the zip keeps falling down. So that's my excuse if I ever look like I can't walk in them, the zips a little dodgy aha. (I'm seriously being honest here, I'm not doing it to get out of walking like a fool) (I should really stop using brackets) (Yay)
Do you ever shop in Ark and do you think I pull off a shift dress? (please say yes) (brackets again I know)
Love, Olivia x

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  1. The dress looks fab on you, you definitely pull it off!! I have never heard of ark clothing before now (shock! horror!) but I've seen their clothes and they look amazing, maybe I might sneak in a little order soon!! Really enjoyed reading this :)xx



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