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March 07, 2014

company spines | smiggle | lollypop selfie #1 | i'm actually in company magazine eek 
lollypop selfie #2 | ootd | scary flooding in town | 60's party
productive business lessons | kimba | year anniversary | promalom
So there's my February. It was a month with lots of 'firsts,' which may not have been documented on Instagram (nor any other social media for that matter) but whatever they were, they're all slowly shaping me into a different person. Hope you all had a lovely month, and here's to a better March. Oh, and hello to all of my new readers, thankyou so much for following little old me, it makes me so happy to see people want to see what I have to say.
Watching: Ja'mie Private School Girl
Listening: Marina / Girls Aloud
Drinking: Fruit tea / iced tea
Doing: essays and shopping
Olivia x


  1. You and your selfies Olivia ;)

  2. Congratulations for being in Company Magazine Olivia, I would love to be featured in it one day!

    Annie x


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