lush 'space girl' bath ballistic

March 28, 2014

Remember the days when we all hated baths because they were a waste of time, saying 'why can't we just go for a shower?' That doesn't really happen anymore, does it? Baths are now a place where we can just sit in and relax - and get clean of course - and I can't imagine having baths now without my favourite bath products. 
Here's a review of my favourite Lush product and the only one I have ever repurchased - the 'space girl' bath ballistic. As many bloggers and reviewers on the Lush website have said, this bath bomb (or ballistic) is great value for money. At only £2.25 per ballistic, it's on the cheaper end of the Lush spectrum, but that doesn't mean it doesn't do its job.

I can tell you now I didn't buy this product based on it's smell at first, just because I'm not good at smelling things in the Lush store as they all seem to just smell of the shop, but when you get this ballistic home, you'll definitely know you've got it. It's not the strongest smelling bomb I've ever used, but it gives off a lovely fruity scent that reminds me of summer. Once the bomb is dissolved in the bath, the water is a nice deep purple colour with speckles of red. Supposedly the 'space girl' is meant to pop in the water, and be like popping candy, but I haven't noticed this yet.

Have you ever tried the Lush 'space girl?'
Love Olivia x

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