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March 21, 2014

tee = primark | skirt = river island | necklace = claires accessories
face = mine! | make up = none
If you have Facebook, you'd have probably have noticed that there are hundreds of your friends taking 'make up free selfies' in aid of cancer research. I posted a selfie on Wednesday night, amid the statuses that criticised the movement and thought it was a waste of time. It's not.
The idea of the movement isn't just taking a make up free selfie. Taking a selfie for the sake of wanting to upload it to Facebook is pointless. The idea is to raise awareness for cancer. Yes, cancer. Something we all know about, we all know the disgusting effects and the lives it wrecks, we know that right now we don't have a solution. And that's why we need to do something about it. We all expect there to be never ending funds for cancer research, but in reality money is constantly being spent and constantly running out. A £3 donation could mean a breakthrough, and that's what the #makeupfreeselfie tag is all about.

Since Wednesday, over a million pounds have been raised through text donations, and now guys are getting in on the action and wearing make up, a switch around from the original idea. A spokesperson for Breakthrough Breast Cancer said that they'd seen 'the number of unique visitors to our website smash all records to date.'
This is what we're striving for. By posting a status or a tweet you are effectively giving your timeline a chance to see what they can do for cancer. My friend posted information about a fundraiser organised in our town, some posted vital statistics. It's your choice.
Do your bit. Don no make up for a day, don make up if you're a guy... and please do the most important thing of all... text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3.
Three pounds could save millions of lives.
Three pounds could save your life.
Thank you.
Olivia x

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  1. Great post, I love the skirt! I like how you included the fact that it could save your life as well as someone else's, I think we forget that cancer can happen to anyone and that includes ourselves. I donated yesterday and I'm definitely proud to be part of the movement that's raised over £2m for cancer research in the past 48 hours! xx


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