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March 10, 2014

 t shirt = primark | kimono = new look | skirt = river island
I love kimonos at the moment, they disguise my lumpy bits and make my usually dark outfits look rather summery. I've got two kimonos at the moment, this one from New Look and another from River Island which if I'm honest is very similar to the one I'm wearing here apart from it has thick black piping round (which actually makes it 10 times cooler.) I can't wait for summer to arrive, especially as I've got tickets to see both Little Mix and Jessie J at Scarborough, so I'll see you all there!
Just as a side note, I'd like to say a big hello to Katie, who blogs over at Scaphelia, because her posts have inspired me a lot recently, especially her first ever post and the one about becoming a tourist in your own city. I loved her blog so much it's now got it's own little button on the home screen of my phone, so I can easily have a read when I'm unmotivated.
Another great blog has to be Lauryn's, which is called Lauryn's Notebook, her site has probably the longest posts I've seen for a while, but every word is meaningful and it really makes me smile. Her post about the deterioration of the printed word echoed everything I've ever thought about magazines, and to top it off, she's such a lovely girl so if I were you I'd give her a follow.
Who inspires you?
Olivia x


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