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March 12, 2014


t shirt = new look | denim skirt = primark | necklace = new look
bracelets (from left) = cath kidston, primark, primark, homemade by my sister

Here's the first OOTD I'm gonna post as part of my new series, 'OOTD Wednesday', which doesn't include any alliteration or funny quips in the title because nothing sounded right when I tried to add it to the bloody word that is Wednesday. Eurgh. So for now, my Wednesday posts are going to have a really boring title name and some nonesical song lyric attached to it. If you can think of a funny name, please tell me it as it'd make me smile (and it'd be probably be used to be fair) 
I find it so difficult to find clothes to wear in this weather because I still have to wear tights with everything so can't put nice clothes on because they look silly with tights. *crying face* But hopefully I've made some cheap skirt from Primani look like it shouldn't be in the bin... hopefully...

Olivia x


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