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March 14, 2014

The last time I featured 'The Vamps' on my blog, they had barely released a single and were classed as 'just another one hit wonder boy band.' Fast forward a couple of months and they've had their second top five single, announced a nationwide tour and are currently supporting The Wanted. Scary, huh?
Although Wildheart has been out for a while now, I really wanted to do a review on it and some of the b-sides on the album, because I've seen so many people (including my friends: hi Holly) who won't give them a try and won't listen to them because they're 'just a manufactured group' with 'zero talent.' Firstly, they're not manufactured. If you want to class four teenage lads who sang on Youtube and then found each other manufactured you can, but to me manufactured is boys auditioning to record label executives who then choose the best of the bunch and throw them together to make a band. That isn't what The Vamps are.
The first CD features the title track 'Wildheart,' along with three covers, 'You Said No,' a cover of the Busted track, 'Best Song Ever,' originally by One Direction and 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl,' which is a cover of the track by Jet. All the covers are a bit more rockier than what you'd expect from a pop band, but that's why I love them. It's definitely not hardcore rock, for that matter if you're a proper rock fan you'd laugh at me for even suggesting they're even slightly rock, but they have that kinda vibe going through them, which I like. And this is coming from somebody who spent their childhood living to Girls Aloud, who definitely aren't rock. Although my ITunes seem to think they are. Hmm.
As I bought the fan bundle, (it was on a whim I promise!) I received a second CD which included Wildheart again, but this time only sung by two of the members and another cover, this one being 'A Thousand Years,' originally by Christina Perri. I also picked up a 20 minute DVD called 'Carry On Vamping,' which although it had a pretty good play on words in the title, it wasn't that flash. But it was signed by the beauty who is Connor Ball, so all was good.
Do you like The Vamps?
Love Olivia x


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