where did the loving go?

March 26, 2014


denim jacket = zara | pink tee = river island | quilted skirt = river island | necklace = new look
There has been one quote this week that has stuck out among the rest, and it's been floating around in my head for days, like a conscience. When Cheryl Cole went into hospital with malaria, all she could think about was "I may have the shoes, but I can't walk to the shops in them." That's all I seem to think about recently, as we all look at people and judge them based on what they are wearing and how popular / rich they are, and that should never matter. I'm trying to focus more on the little things in life, friendship and happiness, and hopefully these things will make me a better person, even if I don't have the shoes, nor the fancy handbag.
Olivia x

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  1. LOVE that outfit, perfect for spring! xx



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