breaking up with blogging

April 05, 2014

[we're breaking up like girls aloud]
I've been thinking about this a lot recently, but I've never wanted to put it into fruition because I love blogging, I really do. I get a rush when somebody comments on my posts and it has helped me so much recently in terms of my own confidence, I started to think that if I've got the guts to post a picture of myself on the internet which I took at 8am in the morning, usually with no make up on, I really should have the guts to believe in myself more. Blogging and the blogging community have helped me so much, you don't understand. If curvy girls can post pictures and not be ashamed of themselves, why should I be?
BUT... and here's the big but... I've got exams. I'm failing in the mocks over and over again and it's only a couple of weeks till the real, scary, actually count for something ones. So I've made a massive decision and I'm giving up blogging until the end of exams, until I know I can honestly promise some time to this little space on the web because I'm sure you'd rather see a well thought out post instead of the crap I've been dropping recently (although my views are up, it isn't my best work at all)
I'm sure you won't miss me, but if you do I'll be spouting rubbish on Twitter @xoliviamae sometimes which you can follow me on here and I've recreated a Tumblr which I shouldn't have done because Tumblr is not good for me in any sense of the word but you can follow me here. (ps: there are no super skinny models reblogged so if you're wanting stuff like that please don't follow me)
I will still be doing the 100 days of happy tag on Instagram so there may some collages posted on here until the middle of June, and a couple of already scheduled posts, but apart from that, goodbye.
Lots and lots of love,
Olivia x

insta march

April 04, 2014

finally new clothes! | chesca and I love revision days | but we got starbucks so all is good | revising again before work | make up free selfie woo | me and fergus are hawt | go ape was so good! | go ape outfit | a lovely bracelet from jewellery moments* | holly is great | me | enrichment enriches us | and again | lollypop selfie | the vamps | whimsical quote
March is over already which means I'm seventeen!
I went to work a little bit, I barely did any shopping except this Saturday where I spent the money I'd worked hard for *sobs* and I went tree top climbing which showed how unfit I was. I also realised that watching Ja'mie during enrichment periods really wasn't enriching me but it's funny so who cares.
Olivia x
ps: costa hot chocolates are better than starbucks ones.

face b4 beauty regime review*

April 03, 2014

Back in November, I won a competition ran by the skincare brand Face B4 and the Sarah Harding Addicts for a set of the new spot treatment range that Face B4 had out, as the lovely Sarah Harding was now 'the face.' I had a lot of hope for the products, the press had started to hype about them, Sarah was promoting them, (and she's stunning) and they were medically proved to work. Except, for me, they didn't.
I didn't want to post this, especially as I didn't like the idea of being sent something for free and then moaning about it, but I've always said I'd be honest about anything I reviewed, and I'm being honest about this. From a quick Google search of 'face b4 reviews,' it seems I aren't alone and so I don't feel as bad about posting this. But here I go...

left = foam | right = serum
[yes the foam is falling]
Firstly, the boxes the products came in (not pictured) are big, bulky and to be frankly, quite ugly. The business have tried to put waaaaay too much information onto one box, and it ended up being one big cluttered mess. It doesn't get much better when it comes to the actual bottles. I didn't know how to even open the 'daily cleansing foam' at first, and when the weird foam came out of the pump thing, it felt like the cheap and nasty stuff you get in public toilets. It might as well have been, the amount of good it did for my skin. After using the product religiously like the long winded instructions said for a couple of weeks, my face looked like a pizza. One thing Face B4 did get right is that after using their products, I did want my face before back! I was thinking that this was just the product bringing out the inpurities in me before letting me start afresh, but alas, after another week or so using the product I ended up giving up on it. It didn't work. Onto the serum...
I've never tried a serum before, so had high hopes for the Face B4 'after cleansing serum,' especially as it usually retails at £14.99 so isn't exactly cheap. Yes, I would say it moisturised my face, but nothing more than my trust Body Shop moisturiser would, and definitely less than my Marc Jacobs Honey body lotion. However, my face felt soft and wasn't left greasy after using the product, so I'd probably give it a 6/10. Maybe a seven on a good day.
Have you ever tried Face B4?
Love Olivia x

sorting through memories

April 02, 2014

I had a sort through my drawers last Saturday because I figured if I had clean drawers I had a clean mind, which would help with revision (and it's the best form of procrastination) and I found some hilarious things. There were old One Direction baby pictures from magazines which I saved, not because I loved them because I wasn't really a fan, but because I thought they'd be worth a few bob when they became world wide sensations. If you want them from me, they're in the bin or in a land fill site in good old Yorkshire right now. Don't cry (much)
 Parade were my life, which makes sense because my first ever tweet was me begging my favourite member Jess to follow me. Yay. (She is pretty cool tbf) All my friends went to the Clothes Show with their Textiles class and that meant they got cute bags with Parade on and I was insanely jealous... but I got over it and when they split up in February 2013 I wasn't heartbroken. And I had 5/5 knowing I existed so I had contentment. If only that'd happened for Girls Aloud ey...
 I'm not one of the eight year olds who buys First News I promise... naughty me ripped it out of the newspaper in the school library because it had a Little Mix interview in.... yeah I probably shouldn't have done it but what is a sixteen year old fan girl to do (actually don't answer that, I'm so ashamed)  
 Among old exam papers and Parade pics, there was a Company magazine from all the way back in 2011 - August to be exact! Let me guess why I bought it.... it wasn't because I was obsessed with The Saturdays by any chance? Hahaha
 This was from More magazine! Hell that was a long time ago... it doesn't even exist anymore which is kinda sad because they introduced me to the 'whats in my bag' articles which made me wish I lived in a big city so I could show them my shopping. Which quite often featured spotty dresses and blazers. Not very different to what I buy now actually haha!
 Here are the things I couldn't bear to get rid of... a Cheryl Cole magazine which is super limited edition because everybody threw them out a couple of years back, an article which shows that Girls Aloud back together (oh the feels) along with a signed Parade slip and a The Wanted poster. Yeah, The Wanted - but they're on Vespas which are the second best mode of transport ever bar a Lambretta but that's another story. 
What do you find when you sort out your drawers?
Olivia x

robin thicke 'blurred lines'

April 01, 2014

How do I introduce a new series? I'm planning on having an album review post every month as you guys seem to like them, and I've decided to start with my favourite album of 2013, Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines.' Although I'm a woman and therefore should be hating on Mr Thicke as he supposedly attacks every womans' rights through song, I love him. His tracks are catchy, (most of them anyway) he gives off more 'swagger' than Cher Lloyd could even dream of, he's just cool.

The album starts with the number 1 single 'blurred lines,' which needs no introduction. Love or hate the song, it gets in your head and you can't help but sing along. I don't personally think the track was anything to get hot and bothered over, especially when the likes of Rihanna have sung much worse and nobody's campaigned for them to be pulled from radio.

'Blurred Lines' is quickly followed by a bunch of uptempo r+b tracks, with the best being 'take it easy on me' and 'get in my way' which I think from memory I referenced in one of my ootd's a couple of weeks back. The aforementioned track 'take it easy on me' was produced and had guest vocals from Timberland, which is probably why it sounds so much like a Justin Timberlake track, but it's good, whereas 'get in my way' is one I'm using while working out as it's a motivator because 'ain't nobody gonna get in my way, I'm gonna make it, no matter what you say.'

After the second chart smash 'give it to you,' the albums' mood changes. It becomes slightly whimsical, where Thicke is looking back on his life, talking about real life and himself, which is a lovely change. The closing track 'the good life' always hits a chord with me, and - here's a fun fact for you - it was wrote seven years ago and was first performed at a virgin megastores event back in 2006, and has been laying in the archives before it was put onto this album!
What do you think of 'blurred lines?'
Love Olivia x

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