breaking up with blogging

April 05, 2014

[we're breaking up like girls aloud]
I've been thinking about this a lot recently, but I've never wanted to put it into fruition because I love blogging, I really do. I get a rush when somebody comments on my posts and it has helped me so much recently in terms of my own confidence, I started to think that if I've got the guts to post a picture of myself on the internet which I took at 8am in the morning, usually with no make up on, I really should have the guts to believe in myself more. Blogging and the blogging community have helped me so much, you don't understand. If curvy girls can post pictures and not be ashamed of themselves, why should I be?
BUT... and here's the big but... I've got exams. I'm failing in the mocks over and over again and it's only a couple of weeks till the real, scary, actually count for something ones. So I've made a massive decision and I'm giving up blogging until the end of exams, until I know I can honestly promise some time to this little space on the web because I'm sure you'd rather see a well thought out post instead of the crap I've been dropping recently (although my views are up, it isn't my best work at all)
I'm sure you won't miss me, but if you do I'll be spouting rubbish on Twitter @xoliviamae sometimes which you can follow me on here and I've recreated a Tumblr which I shouldn't have done because Tumblr is not good for me in any sense of the word but you can follow me here. (ps: there are no super skinny models reblogged so if you're wanting stuff like that please don't follow me)
I will still be doing the 100 days of happy tag on Instagram so there may some collages posted on here until the middle of June, and a couple of already scheduled posts, but apart from that, goodbye.
Lots and lots of love,
Olivia x


  1. Good luck on your exams! :) xx

  2. Good luck in your exams :) the blogging wold will wait for you!


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