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April 04, 2014

finally new clothes! | chesca and I love revision days | but we got starbucks so all is good | revising again before work | make up free selfie woo | me and fergus are hawt | go ape was so good! | go ape outfit | a lovely bracelet from jewellery moments* | holly is great | me | enrichment enriches us | and again | lollypop selfie | the vamps | whimsical quote
March is over already which means I'm seventeen!
I went to work a little bit, I barely did any shopping except this Saturday where I spent the money I'd worked hard for *sobs* and I went tree top climbing which showed how unfit I was. I also realised that watching Ja'mie during enrichment periods really wasn't enriching me but it's funny so who cares.
Olivia x
ps: costa hot chocolates are better than starbucks ones.

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