robin thicke 'blurred lines'

April 01, 2014

How do I introduce a new series? I'm planning on having an album review post every month as you guys seem to like them, and I've decided to start with my favourite album of 2013, Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines.' Although I'm a woman and therefore should be hating on Mr Thicke as he supposedly attacks every womans' rights through song, I love him. His tracks are catchy, (most of them anyway) he gives off more 'swagger' than Cher Lloyd could even dream of, he's just cool.

The album starts with the number 1 single 'blurred lines,' which needs no introduction. Love or hate the song, it gets in your head and you can't help but sing along. I don't personally think the track was anything to get hot and bothered over, especially when the likes of Rihanna have sung much worse and nobody's campaigned for them to be pulled from radio.

'Blurred Lines' is quickly followed by a bunch of uptempo r+b tracks, with the best being 'take it easy on me' and 'get in my way' which I think from memory I referenced in one of my ootd's a couple of weeks back. The aforementioned track 'take it easy on me' was produced and had guest vocals from Timberland, which is probably why it sounds so much like a Justin Timberlake track, but it's good, whereas 'get in my way' is one I'm using while working out as it's a motivator because 'ain't nobody gonna get in my way, I'm gonna make it, no matter what you say.'

After the second chart smash 'give it to you,' the albums' mood changes. It becomes slightly whimsical, where Thicke is looking back on his life, talking about real life and himself, which is a lovely change. The closing track 'the good life' always hits a chord with me, and - here's a fun fact for you - it was wrote seven years ago and was first performed at a virgin megastores event back in 2006, and has been laying in the archives before it was put onto this album!
What do you think of 'blurred lines?'
Love Olivia x

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