May 22, 2014

It has been 47 days since I last posted. And now I'm back, with a new design, a new dream, and a new outlook on life. The past forty seven days have been hard, ridiculously hard in fact, but I've now got a sense of determination which is pushing me through life so fast I can't seem to put my feet on the ground. I'm happy. I've got the world at my feet, a sun ready to shine over me and friends that only Jennifer Aniston could wish for. (I've still not mastered the art of funny puns though.)
Blogging is something that I believe can change my life. As I mentioned in my 'breaking up with blogging' post, my confidence has shot up levels since I dipped my finger into the fashion scene on the 19th August last year, and it continues to rise. As I look through my earlier posts, I can see how far I really have come. I started my blog in August being a fan of too many girl bands while having no sense of the world, and although this is still true and always will be, I would like to believe that I've matured into a better person through all of the happy accidents that have happened in the past couple of months.  
And that's what I believe has changed. I've become older, wiser, fatter, thinner, taller, shorter, more embarrassing... but this shows one specific thing has not come of me so I don't expect anything to change dramatically at all in the near future. Although what I do expect to change this year is a multitude of miniscule nit picks and dreams which will shape me to be the person you will see every day on my part of the internet.
There are some people who I'd like to thank for making the past couple of months bearable, their blogs have been something to read on an emotional stress induced night, and they provide constant themes of inspiration and happiness. Check out KatieGeorgina, Jess, Charlotte, Liv and Zara's blogs and be amazed. I'd also like to thank Holly who is flaming amazing along with everybody else who says 'hi' to me when I'm feeling down.
Now all we can do is look to the future. Away from studying and working, I have been busy plotting  ideas for this space, as well as for my life. It turns out that journalism may not be the best career for me, but this is something I do not have to worry about until I come of an age. I want to see the world, travel, study, write, dream, create, choose happiness over hard cash and these are the things you'll be seeing on good old 'xoliviamae' over the coming months. I hope you've fastened your seatbelts, because we're going on one hell of a ride. Jump aboard, you might just like it. 
-Olivia x


  1. olivia mae22.5.14

    Just seeing if this is working, I'm not trying to increase my comment count, I want to check haha *hides*

  2. Alexandra Dove23.5.14

    Awh well done for coming back, hope your exams went well! Looking forward to more posts from you :) Love your layout too!

  3. Thank you! My exams didn't go amazingly but I'm sure I can pull it out of the bag next year - also my layout isn't designed by me although I have tweaked most of it to be to my tastes, it is originally from 'lace louboutins and leather.' Hope you're okay Alex! xx


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