June 05, 2014

Even though I own an IPhone, am studying an computing related course at A level and have written and designed websites since the age of nine, I don't think of myself as somebody who could ever be classed as 'technologically advanced.' I still cannot use 99 percent of the functions the IPhone famously owns, I had to Google how to turn my new computer off, and my preferred music streamer is Windows Media Player rather than fancy Spotify or ITunes. However, I find this makes me appreciate the little things held in the applications we over consume on a daily basis. Here's four apps which I've recently downloaded with little reviews beside them, hopefully they help you in your quest for the perfect phone application list. Some may be simple and rather embarrassing, but they all help me to stay on track and make me smile countless times a day.

No Crop is good, I admit it. Although the name makes it sound like there is little to it bar a white border to be used on Instagram, since the recent update No Crop is a multi functional app which I now use on a daily basis. Including a brightness, tone and transparency setting along with shapes and text editing features, No Crop deserves a high rating. The only letdown is the huge amount of adverts which litters the app at every turn, but with a few selective clicks you can avoid being transported to a buying page for Clash of the Titans. Well, most of the time anyway. 8/10.

Polyvore has an app, though you may not know it. The app developed especially for fashion fans combines everything we love about the online version, except it's now much easier to use because there is now the little added extra of a touch screen. I love how easy it is to use, although I wish there was a way to insert images into the app just like you can download the grabber to use on the computer. 7/10

ITV Player is everything I'd expected if I'm completely fair, it has every programme you'd probably want to see emblazoned across the top of the page, it has too many adverts just like the actual channel and it wants you to see the Compare the Market meerkats more often than the programmes they broadcast. It's okay if you desperately want to watch a programme you haven't seen, but personally I'd much rather wait for the repeat or scour Youtube for it. 5/10

Buffer is what I would call a holy grail product for any blogger. It's the same as Hootsuite, but much easier to use. You just type the tweet in, type the time in and let it schedule for later in the day. With a maximum of 10 scheduled tweets or posts at once, this app is pretty great for any of you on Twitter or Facebook. You can even program the app to only post when your homepage is most active, so during the #lbloggers and #tbloggers chats. The only bad thing is that you can't schedule any more! 9/10


  1. Alexandra Dove6.6.14

    Great little reviews, I've never used Buffer but it sounds great! So does that No Crop app, I've yet to find an editing app that I actually like!

  2. Thanks so much Alex, your continued support means so much to me, I notice every single comment and tweet eeeeee


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