June 09, 2014

Dress = Ark
Trainers = Fred Perry
Bag = River Island
Sunglasses = Primark
Me and my sister Eve (pictured) took a trip into the historical city of York yesterday, amid claims that it was going to chuck it down with rain. Prepared with our umbrellas and an action plan which included Subway and Starbucks, we ran from the train station expecting to be hit with a torrent of water. Except it didn't happen. Funnily enough, the sun was out and stayed out all day, leaving both of us happy we decided to pack our sunglasses at the last minute. I absolutely adore York, I love the architecture, I love the shopping, I love the people. It's the first time either of us have ever dared to take outfit pictures in the middle of the street, and I found the experience rather liberating, nobody actually cared that we were doing it and we just looked like stereotypical tourists rather than the weird bloggers we actually are.
While we were taking these photos the area around us was buzzing with people, it turns out we were stood slap bang in the middle of an inauguration for the new Anglican bishop of Leeds, which was rather fab because neither of us had ever seen so many important religious people before and it made me smile.  
If you like seeing pictures of the prettier of the pair of sisters (yup) my sister and I have a big project planned which involves much more of her and I can't wait for the date when we can reveal what is going on. Lets just say that she's got a very different idea of life to me and I think that's going to show on our new project.
Have you ever been to York and visited the Minster?
-Olivia x  

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