June 03, 2014

I recently bought a shed load of jewellery from Sister Vintage, an independent Scottish business run by a lovely girl called Sara. I know nearly everybody say's this during store reviews, but her products really are ridiculously good value for money. Every item she sells is less than five pounds which means you barely have to break into a note to buy something lovely! That is if you don't still use the pound notes from the Monopoly games... yup I went there. Along with the products above, I managed to pick up a couple of goodies for my sister Eve's birthday, which I can't reveal until next week, but what I can assure you is that they're fab! I've been wearing the blue triangle necklace constantly this week as it goes with absolutely everything, especially during the summer when block colours are my best friend. Along with the necklace, I picked up a scrabble ring for just 25p (!) which gives my outfits a kooky edge and reminds me of the Pixie Lott obsessed days where my internet history consisted of 'steal her style' pages and early fashion tumblr accounts, and then I had a long camera necklace pop through my letter box which looks absolutely amazing on, it's just the right length so it doesn't get in the way - does anyone know how annoying it is to flick a long necklace off the table when you sit down for exams!? View Sister Vintage here.
-Olivia x


  1. I've always wanted a scrabble ring - can't believe yours was only 50p! Lovely haul xx

  2. Thank you so much Megan! xx


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