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July 19, 2014

Dress = H+M
Jacket = Republic (rest in peace)
Bracelets = Republic and H+M
I still feel sad at the fact the clothes shop Republic closed down, though I wasn't the biggest fan of it I still found plenty of items in there which perked up my outfits and my mood, from the little jacket that you can see above which is always fab to throw over dresses when it gets cold (as I am writing this I am gazing out of the library window to a thunderstorm) to a white shift dress which was always a firm favourite a couple of years back, until I realised it wasn't wearable (don't ask.)
In what I'm wearing here  I feel like an innocent baby stepping out into the world, and nobody leaves baby in the corner. I just love the feeling of happiness this dress gives me. It is true, in my head at least, that clothes can make you happy. Money cannot buy you happiness but it can buy you clothes, which when it comes to this dress is the next best thing. Fashion is seen by the critics as such a fast paced, materialistic hobby, but I feel as though it is now a way to express how you are feeling and who you are (contrary to my previous hipster post last week.) I mean, imagine the world if every single one of us were wearing a white tee and boyfriend pants? It's ridiculously creepy.
Do you feel different when you wear different clothes?
-Olivia x


July 13, 2014

As my last app review post went down rather well, I thought I'd give you a taste of the latest apps to grace my phone along with my opinions on them. Without these four apps, my phone usage time would be rather different and I would forget a lot of things, so give the following post a read and download your favourites to your own phone, whether this be an Apple product or one running the Android system.

Vouchers | Countdown+
Countdown+ is probably one of the main reasons I chose an Apple device over an Android phone. It's an app I've seen littered over the social networking times more often than you can say it's name in a minute and for good reason. There are few adverts cluttering up the free version and this leaves me with a warm feeling, especially as I can now see how many days it is till I see Little Mix live again and when I'm eighteen. 9/10
Vouchers is great. Owned by the media giant that is vouchercodes.co.uk, the app delivers everything you would expect it to. There are plenty of discounts ranging from 25 percent off at Marks and Spencers to a three course meal at Pizza Express for under fifteen pounds, which makes my stomach and my bank balance jump for joy. The only problem I have with the app is the need for it to know your location at every moment in time, as I'm a sucker for security and I don't feel as though the app should know my whereabouts. However, this is easily solved by a little delve into the settings where you can turn your location to private. 6/10

Youtube | Instagram
The Youtube app for the Iphone is much better than the website and definitely twenty times better than the Android app, which I find to be unreliable, dark and dingy looking. I like the 'add to favourites' feature, along with the slide to view sidebar function which means that you can have the full screen for your video. Also, the flick to bottom video viewer is rather fabulous as it means I can look for new videos or read the comments of a current video while still watching it. Having the app has meant I now watch Youtube clips much more often than I ever did before, and I think this is testimony to the quality of the app. 9/10

Instagram is something that most techy people will use everyday, along with embarrassing twelve year old boys who want to display their selfie face to the world. I enjoy scrolling through my feed immensely on my Iphone, although the shoutout for shoutout pictures are rather annoying and pointless as I'm not going to follow somebody just because you told me to. Alas, it's rather fab to display your pictures and you can view my Instagram account here. The only problem I have with the app is that it lowers the quality of your pictures during uploading, but if you have an original copy it doesn't matter as much, I just wouldn't recommend taking photos directly through the app. 7/10

Do you use any of these apps?
-Olivia x


July 12, 2014

I was kindly gifted the 'Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser' during a promotional round with So Post, and I'm so glad I was offered it. I received the 50ml starter kit which retails at £9.25, and to me, the beauty novice, I believe it is worth every penny. I'm a cleansing wipe kind of girl who has no time to sit and plough through an excessive beauty regime, but I've decided to find time to fit this into my routine, it really is that good.
The starter kit comes with the 50ml cleanser and a muslin cloth which is used for exfoliating your skin and removing your make up. The product describes itself as a "rich, concentrated cream that gently removes daily grime and make up, to leave skin smooth and exceptionally clean. Used with the pure muslin cloth it lifts away dead skin cells, revealing fresh, radiant skin." And yes, I do agree with this. Behind the fancy packaging and the well known name lies a product which can live up to its own hype.
The product is released through a pump, which is an ingenious idea. The pump releases the cream slowly and steadily, which is perfect for people like me who want a product to last as long as possible as the cream doesn't explode into your hand the second the pump has any pressure applied towards it. I mean, who doesn't hate that? It's like trying to get your toothpaste back into the tube after you've squeezed it slightly too hard and you realise that you've got enough paste on your brush to last you a week, let alone half a day. Or is that just me... I don't know?
The smell of the cream isn't personally to my taste, it reminds me of the rub we used to have when we were little that helped with coughs and colds (did anybody else have this?) but I had to look past it to get to the good stuff. After applying it to my face, my skin felt cleaner and tighter and after rinsing it off with the muslin cloth I felt as though I'd just had a invigorating face mask. Now, this is all good and well, but imagine having this every night for two months. Imagine how clean your skin must be. (!) I've been using this product consistently for two months and it still hasn't run out, so I'm happy. My skin has become much better since getting this product and I honestly would recommend it fully.
Have you ever used any Liz Earle products?
-Olivia x


July 11, 2014

I was in York yet again to witness the preparation for the masses, that is the thousands of cyclists who were partaking in the Tour de France last weekend and the billions of people who were watching it on live television screens across the globe. I feel rather lucky to live in a part of the world where we have had many sporting events take place, from London 2012, to Glasgow 2014, through to this - Yorkshire showing us all how it's done with the Tour de France. I visited on the Saturday, where the city was fit to bursting with tourists and locals alike, who were all watching the events taking place 20 miles down the road in Leeds on large TV screens - yes, some were also trying on clothes in the massive Ark changing rooms queue, but more on that another day.
Everywhere you looked there was at least one thing that you could decide was placed there especially for the tour, and it made me smile. As a lady said on the North East news on Friday night, you're all going to moan and groan about it until it takes place, and then you'll be swept up by the magic when the day comes. I somehow got mistaken for a tourist from 'down south' as I attempted my best French accent with the typical 'no je parle pas francais' but overall I was exempt from making a fool of myself as little children ran around in bright yellow tabards with bikes supported by stabilizers.

The train journey was eventful and rather beautiful in some ways, basically we were shafted onto an old train as the most up to date ones were all in Leeds transporting the thousands expected to fall upon the city, and you could only open the doors by sticking your head out of the window and pushing the handle from the outside. Chances are these trains are in circulation everywhere, but I've never experienced anything like it and I loved the way I could gaze out of the window and have fresh air hit my face rather than standing in a stuffy cabin with only finger print covered surfaces for a view. This was probably my highlight of the Tour de France weekend and it's something I will remember forever. There's a picture of the interior and exterior above, I do sincerely apologise to the people who are staring at the camera confused as hell, I had to do it! *hides*

Did you watch the Tour de France?
-Olivia x


July 10, 2014

Yup, I'm a while behind as usual for the 2014 Blogger Challenge, but they do say that the snail always wins the race in the end... (excuses over, now lets begin)
There are so many things I wish to do this summer, from the extravagant to the downright simple. I feel as though a bucket list is something that is private and special to each individual, whereby the creator of the list spends time and effort thinking of all the magical things that suddenly seem realistic with the aim of completing them within a set period of time. As you can see above, my list is covered in dreams, scribbles and hope, three things which I think define my life right now. Here's a snippet of what's in my list, and why it needs to be achieved:
Read 5 books: It was part of my new years resolution to read at least 12 books this year, and to put it bluntly - I failed. I want to do this so badly as this gives my head and my flossy little brain time to think about other people's problems before my own because I am too self inflicting and too annoying about myself and I just want to escape into a fantasy world. A world of pure imagination, if you understand where I'm coming from.
Visit the Coronation Street set: This has been on my mental bucket list since it was announced back at the beginning of the year that there was going to be a tour, I just can't think of anything better. Walking down a film set? Check. Walking down the most famous cobbles in the world? Check. Having fun in Manchester? Yup this needs to happen, and it's nearly planned already.

Go bowling: I've been bowling a couple of times this year already and I've enjoyed myself every time. This was on my list, not because it's something I've never done before, but because I feel like you can't replicate good memories but you can build on them and that's what I plan to do. Who wants to spend time feeling busy doing nothing when in twenty years time these lazy days will mean exactly that to you. Nothing.

Feel comfortable in yourself: Yup, the word comfortable has pushed itself into yet another list of mine, but I would love to tone up, smile and feel good about myself. This doesn't have to mean losing weight, this means wanting to look in the mirror and smile, this means having a change in my insides rather than one on the outside. Even if my belly is pudgy, and my cheeks are full, as long as there's a smile on my face that isn't false is when I know that I've achieved this goal and that I'm truly happy.

What's on your summer bucket list?


July 09, 2014

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 
5 | 6 | 7 | 8

I love playsuits as they're just so easy to slip on and wear, all you need is a pair of sandals or wedges to complete the look, which is fabulous for girls like me who are on a budget. And my oh my have New Look pulled out all the stops this year, with beautiful fabric designs in lightweight styles. If I had a massive budget, every single one of these playsuits would be in my basket and rightly so, as they can all be tailored towards different events and days out. Number 7 would be perfect for those chillier summer nights, where it is too warm for a denim jacket though too cold for bare arms, but it would also look nice teamed with thin tights and black brogues come Autumn. Number 2 is also a firm favourite, as it incorporates the new skort trend with a lovely coral colour I have come to associate with summer days and cocktails in the garden. Number 4 is also beautiful and the extra beading makes it look much more expensive than it actually is, and with my student discount card I can bag it for even cheaper! Hmm.. there may be an order going in sometime soon *wink wink*

Which one of these playsuits are your favourite?
-Olivia x

MUSIC: Cheryl Cole VS The Saturdays

July 07, 2014

As some of you may know, I'm addicted to girl groups and the happy go lucky music that they release in time for festival season, but I certainly wasn't expecting the two drops from Cheryl Cole and The Saturdays this fortnight, as The Sats released 'What are you Waiting For?' and Cheryl herself released 'Crazy Stupid Love.' (not to be confused with the chick flick of the same name, of course) Here's my totally honest opinions of the two tracks, hopefully you like it and if you'd like to give me a reply in the comments that would be fab too!

What Are You Waiting For, or WAYWF as I'm going to call it from now on so my fingers don't get tired (!) is what I would call an stereotypical annoyingly catchy pop song. It's basically a chant, obnoxiously loud and irritating and something I cannot seem to remove it from my head. It may be due to my lack of brain cells, but having the title as the basis of the whole song is a genius invention, I can easily sing WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR a million times a day rather easily. I did expect something a little different from the girls as it was the first single to be released from their new greatest hits album, but what they've come up with seems to be doing well on the radio and I'm sure it'll do better than their latest track Not Giving Up which kind of flopped through little radio play and too few performances. As long as WAYWF has a killer dance routine and the power to make a rather grumpy crowd jump up and chant, I'll be happy as this could be the highlight of their tour set list (only 64 days to go!) You can watch the video for What Are You Waiting For below: 

Cheryl Cole's newly dropped Crazy Stupid Love is also a club banger with a rap interlude provided courtesy of the one and only Tinie Tempah, and is, on first listens, a much better track than What Are You Waiting For - but wait! (pun not intended) Crazy Stupid Love seems to be one of those songs that sound fab but weird at first and then you realise that they're all style with little substance. I think the chorus and the 'la la la la la la' bits are excellent, but the whole thing mashed together just falls a little bit, well flat for me. I can't seem to decide what is wrong with it, especially as in my head I like it but when I'm actually reviewing it I just can't commit to giving it a good review... the one thing I definetly can say about Crazy Stupid Love is that the Tinie rap is rather embarrassing and that nobody needs to know that Tinie was dickmatised.. yup you heard right. I think this is going into the new 'embarrassing song lyrics' blog post (coming in a couple of weeks!)

My verdict:
What Are You Waiting For is good for those who have a short memory and who love repetition.
Crazy Stupid Love is good for those who like trumpets and music videos that involve twerking.

The Saturdays - What Are You Waiting For.
Do you agree with this?
-Olivia x


July 06, 2014

 Long sleeved tee = Primark
Shorts = Bank
Collar = Claires
Brogues = New Look
Watch = New Look
Here's my outfit from the day out me and my little sister had in York, which was fab. I've been told because I'm wearing a black and white striped top, it makes me look like a hipster which is kind of awkward and weird because I don't think of myself as a hipster, in fact I would rather not be a  hipster. However, if wearing something I feel comfortable in makes me stereotypically one then so be it. Another ridiculous thing I have heard recently is that if your Tumblr account includes pretty pictures of flowers along with somewhat grungy memes it obviously means you have issues in your life and that you're trying to portray that you are mentally unstable on the interweb. Bar this already being an awful assumption and something that trivialises people who actually are mentally unstable to start with, it is something that annoys me incredibly. Tumblr is meant to be a place where you can be yourself and reblog things that reflect either what you're thinking at the time, or just make you smile. Reblogging a picture of a flower does not mean I want to be a flower, nor does it mean that I am referring myself to a flower, stuck in a dark hole with urges to be released into the wild. Tumblr is not an English lesson and therefore I don't believe that we need to describe our motives for every single thing we post. I'd like to think we can go onto the internet, or walk down the street and not have anybody judge us for what we're wearing or what we reblog on the internet. I know I judge people, and I know that I am not a very nice person sometimes especially when it comes to the small things, but I'm trying to change and I think that's the important thing. So, there's my rant of the day. How often do you judge people and think you know them when in fact you're making assumptions and actually have no idea who they are at all? Until next time..
-Olivia x


July 03, 2014

OOTD for the bike | Jessie J and her second support act, Leah Mcfall | Sunny D is fabulous
You would only find ducks walking in the city in Yorkshire | Me and Cameron on a UCAS trip out | Marina Diamondis is also great

I'm reading a book called Hack which is so interesting | I'm sad and ask for members of Girls Aloud on my Starbucks cups | Selfie after Maleficent

I am smitten over Kate Spade's products | Me and Harvey | Yup, this could describe lots of people
This is the first time I've done an Instagram post in a couple of months, and boy have I noticed it. My Instagram feed used to be full of pictures which could easily be expanded on, I could write essays on them if I tried (!) but nowadays my feed is full of embarrassingly bad quality snaps taken either in bad lighting or with hideous filters on. I think the best picture from it this month is the over the top picture of me and Cameron as it was probably the most difficult to edit but it also looks the best. That was also a weird bus journey home. I wouldn't say I've had an exciting month, but I've had fun and I've ticked quite a few things off my bucket list, including going into Starbucks for a meal and sitting in the window for it, and fully finishing my first book of the year - YES I AM ASHAMED! Next month, I would like to have a laugh, dream more, finally buy myself a long deserved Ipod because I've lost my current one and get all of my photos developed. Dreams are made to glitter and July is going to be beautiful.
Have a lovely month!
-Olivia x


July 02, 2014

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
5 | 6 | 7 | 8
As we are rushing fast through festival season, the high street are pulling out all the stops to give us the best backpacks we can find. Sturdy they are not, but for fashion purposes I think all of these bags are perfect for a weekend away without having to break the bank. I especially love the second bag on the first row from Topshop, the oriental theme would look fab whether it be paraded down Oxford Street or a side street in Marbella. It's also a steal at £30 in the sale, with its suede exterior and kaleidoscope pattern - I may even make a cheeky purchase this afternoon as to me, it's the perfect bag for a perfect day. And think of the plus points, there's more arms for lugging the shopping round if this is on your back! *wink wink* The David and Goliath bag (number 6) is also a standout for me, it's the perfect touristy bag because it looks like it can withstand the pressure of trinkets and water bottles, what more could a girl want? Number 8 is the most unconventional backpack I've ever seen in my life, but it deserves a mention at an eye watering £130.00. Maybe I'll keep it on my Asos wishlist for the time being...
-Olivia x


July 01, 2014

Knees up: The singer's choice of attire failed to showcase her athletic body
On Wednesday I went to see Jessie J who was fabulous, I was expecting a good show but I wasn't expecting the flashing lights, the vocals and the dancing all rolled into one. I've never seen anybody slut drop, high kick and dance while holding a top note and maintaining a good mentality within a crowd - which strictly speaking is incredibly difficult to do at Scarborough's Open Air Theatre anyway due to the weirdly placed lake between the performer and the audience. To put it bluntly, Jessica Cornish was GREAT.
I went with Chloe, and we danced along to songs like Do it Like a Dude, Price Tag and Wild. We had the great experience of being sat next to one of the support act's mum and grandma, which was kind of awkward when we started to take the p!ss out of the girl on the stage. Aw, she was good but she was not 18 as I thought she was as she was meant to be a pupil at the local sixth form. But the rapper who was rapping (whatever else would he be doing?) was very talented and from memory I think he had a name to do with a door and knocking at it - yup I've got the memory of a goldfish and this proves it. (from further research I found out his name was Nocky Knox)
I took a load of photos, but they were all on my little Iphone and as I've now come to find out, the quality of the camera isn't the best, and it's even worse when you factor in strobe lighting and a pop star who's wearing a white cat suit. Alas, the selfies came out pretty well and that's all you need in life... right? I did manage to take one photo which came out rather okay though, and it included a ridiculously high kick which you can see below. (yay!)
 If I had the chance to see Jessie again I definetley would jump on the fastest train and hop foot to the arena, she was that good. Even if you're not the biggest fan of her like me, she'll give you a good night out and if it doesn't rain you won't mess up your hair 'do too. It's the little things in life.
Have you ever seen Jessie J live?
-Olivia x

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