July 13, 2014

As my last app review post went down rather well, I thought I'd give you a taste of the latest apps to grace my phone along with my opinions on them. Without these four apps, my phone usage time would be rather different and I would forget a lot of things, so give the following post a read and download your favourites to your own phone, whether this be an Apple product or one running the Android system.

Vouchers | Countdown+
Countdown+ is probably one of the main reasons I chose an Apple device over an Android phone. It's an app I've seen littered over the social networking times more often than you can say it's name in a minute and for good reason. There are few adverts cluttering up the free version and this leaves me with a warm feeling, especially as I can now see how many days it is till I see Little Mix live again and when I'm eighteen. 9/10
Vouchers is great. Owned by the media giant that is, the app delivers everything you would expect it to. There are plenty of discounts ranging from 25 percent off at Marks and Spencers to a three course meal at Pizza Express for under fifteen pounds, which makes my stomach and my bank balance jump for joy. The only problem I have with the app is the need for it to know your location at every moment in time, as I'm a sucker for security and I don't feel as though the app should know my whereabouts. However, this is easily solved by a little delve into the settings where you can turn your location to private. 6/10

Youtube | Instagram
The Youtube app for the Iphone is much better than the website and definitely twenty times better than the Android app, which I find to be unreliable, dark and dingy looking. I like the 'add to favourites' feature, along with the slide to view sidebar function which means that you can have the full screen for your video. Also, the flick to bottom video viewer is rather fabulous as it means I can look for new videos or read the comments of a current video while still watching it. Having the app has meant I now watch Youtube clips much more often than I ever did before, and I think this is testimony to the quality of the app. 9/10

Instagram is something that most techy people will use everyday, along with embarrassing twelve year old boys who want to display their selfie face to the world. I enjoy scrolling through my feed immensely on my Iphone, although the shoutout for shoutout pictures are rather annoying and pointless as I'm not going to follow somebody just because you told me to. Alas, it's rather fab to display your pictures and you can view my Instagram account here. The only problem I have with the app is that it lowers the quality of your pictures during uploading, but if you have an original copy it doesn't matter as much, I just wouldn't recommend taking photos directly through the app. 7/10

Do you use any of these apps?
-Olivia x

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