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July 19, 2014

Dress = H+M
Jacket = Republic (rest in peace)
Bracelets = Republic and H+M
I still feel sad at the fact the clothes shop Republic closed down, though I wasn't the biggest fan of it I still found plenty of items in there which perked up my outfits and my mood, from the little jacket that you can see above which is always fab to throw over dresses when it gets cold (as I am writing this I am gazing out of the library window to a thunderstorm) to a white shift dress which was always a firm favourite a couple of years back, until I realised it wasn't wearable (don't ask.)
In what I'm wearing here  I feel like an innocent baby stepping out into the world, and nobody leaves baby in the corner. I just love the feeling of happiness this dress gives me. It is true, in my head at least, that clothes can make you happy. Money cannot buy you happiness but it can buy you clothes, which when it comes to this dress is the next best thing. Fashion is seen by the critics as such a fast paced, materialistic hobby, but I feel as though it is now a way to express how you are feeling and who you are (contrary to my previous hipster post last week.) I mean, imagine the world if every single one of us were wearing a white tee and boyfriend pants? It's ridiculously creepy.
Do you feel different when you wear different clothes?
-Olivia x


  1. Jane ☼15.7.14

    Love your outfit! x I do feel different when wearing different clothes, in a nice way - I don't buy clothes different to what I wear often, so I should do it more! Great post :)

  2. olivia kiernan16.7.14

    I am also mourning over the closure of republic:'( this dress is fab tho and perfect for summer! I agree, I feel different wearing clothes that my friends don't wear! Like l prefer Chelsea boots when the weather is colder, whereas my friends all go around in their new balance trainers (which I do like but couldn't pull off;))
    Found your blog from the #bbloggers chat on twitter and followed on both Bloglovin and GFC!
    Olivia x



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