July 03, 2014

OOTD for the bike | Jessie J and her second support act, Leah Mcfall | Sunny D is fabulous
You would only find ducks walking in the city in Yorkshire | Me and Cameron on a UCAS trip out | Marina Diamondis is also great

I'm reading a book called Hack which is so interesting | I'm sad and ask for members of Girls Aloud on my Starbucks cups | Selfie after Maleficent

I am smitten over Kate Spade's products | Me and Harvey | Yup, this could describe lots of people
This is the first time I've done an Instagram post in a couple of months, and boy have I noticed it. My Instagram feed used to be full of pictures which could easily be expanded on, I could write essays on them if I tried (!) but nowadays my feed is full of embarrassingly bad quality snaps taken either in bad lighting or with hideous filters on. I think the best picture from it this month is the over the top picture of me and Cameron as it was probably the most difficult to edit but it also looks the best. That was also a weird bus journey home. I wouldn't say I've had an exciting month, but I've had fun and I've ticked quite a few things off my bucket list, including going into Starbucks for a meal and sitting in the window for it, and fully finishing my first book of the year - YES I AM ASHAMED! Next month, I would like to have a laugh, dream more, finally buy myself a long deserved Ipod because I've lost my current one and get all of my photos developed. Dreams are made to glitter and July is going to be beautiful.
Have a lovely month!
-Olivia x

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