July 01, 2014

Knees up: The singer's choice of attire failed to showcase her athletic body
On Wednesday I went to see Jessie J who was fabulous, I was expecting a good show but I wasn't expecting the flashing lights, the vocals and the dancing all rolled into one. I've never seen anybody slut drop, high kick and dance while holding a top note and maintaining a good mentality within a crowd - which strictly speaking is incredibly difficult to do at Scarborough's Open Air Theatre anyway due to the weirdly placed lake between the performer and the audience. To put it bluntly, Jessica Cornish was GREAT.
I went with Chloe, and we danced along to songs like Do it Like a Dude, Price Tag and Wild. We had the great experience of being sat next to one of the support act's mum and grandma, which was kind of awkward when we started to take the p!ss out of the girl on the stage. Aw, she was good but she was not 18 as I thought she was as she was meant to be a pupil at the local sixth form. But the rapper who was rapping (whatever else would he be doing?) was very talented and from memory I think he had a name to do with a door and knocking at it - yup I've got the memory of a goldfish and this proves it. (from further research I found out his name was Nocky Knox)
I took a load of photos, but they were all on my little Iphone and as I've now come to find out, the quality of the camera isn't the best, and it's even worse when you factor in strobe lighting and a pop star who's wearing a white cat suit. Alas, the selfies came out pretty well and that's all you need in life... right? I did manage to take one photo which came out rather okay though, and it included a ridiculously high kick which you can see below. (yay!)
 If I had the chance to see Jessie again I definetley would jump on the fastest train and hop foot to the arena, she was that good. Even if you're not the biggest fan of her like me, she'll give you a good night out and if it doesn't rain you won't mess up your hair 'do too. It's the little things in life.
Have you ever seen Jessie J live?
-Olivia x

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