July 02, 2014

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As we are rushing fast through festival season, the high street are pulling out all the stops to give us the best backpacks we can find. Sturdy they are not, but for fashion purposes I think all of these bags are perfect for a weekend away without having to break the bank. I especially love the second bag on the first row from Topshop, the oriental theme would look fab whether it be paraded down Oxford Street or a side street in Marbella. It's also a steal at £30 in the sale, with its suede exterior and kaleidoscope pattern - I may even make a cheeky purchase this afternoon as to me, it's the perfect bag for a perfect day. And think of the plus points, there's more arms for lugging the shopping round if this is on your back! *wink wink* The David and Goliath bag (number 6) is also a standout for me, it's the perfect touristy bag because it looks like it can withstand the pressure of trinkets and water bottles, what more could a girl want? Number 8 is the most unconventional backpack I've ever seen in my life, but it deserves a mention at an eye watering £130.00. Maybe I'll keep it on my Asos wishlist for the time being...
-Olivia x

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