July 09, 2014

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I love playsuits as they're just so easy to slip on and wear, all you need is a pair of sandals or wedges to complete the look, which is fabulous for girls like me who are on a budget. And my oh my have New Look pulled out all the stops this year, with beautiful fabric designs in lightweight styles. If I had a massive budget, every single one of these playsuits would be in my basket and rightly so, as they can all be tailored towards different events and days out. Number 7 would be perfect for those chillier summer nights, where it is too warm for a denim jacket though too cold for bare arms, but it would also look nice teamed with thin tights and black brogues come Autumn. Number 2 is also a firm favourite, as it incorporates the new skort trend with a lovely coral colour I have come to associate with summer days and cocktails in the garden. Number 4 is also beautiful and the extra beading makes it look much more expensive than it actually is, and with my student discount card I can bag it for even cheaper! Hmm.. there may be an order going in sometime soon *wink wink*

Which one of these playsuits are your favourite?
-Olivia x


  1. rachh19949.7.14

    Loving the look of these, the 7th one is gorgeous! xo

  2. It's beautiful, ngl xxx

  3. I think the second one is my favourite, I love the baby blue version on their website! I think number 5 would be perfect for more casual wear though x


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