MUSIC: Cheryl Cole VS The Saturdays

July 07, 2014

As some of you may know, I'm addicted to girl groups and the happy go lucky music that they release in time for festival season, but I certainly wasn't expecting the two drops from Cheryl Cole and The Saturdays this fortnight, as The Sats released 'What are you Waiting For?' and Cheryl herself released 'Crazy Stupid Love.' (not to be confused with the chick flick of the same name, of course) Here's my totally honest opinions of the two tracks, hopefully you like it and if you'd like to give me a reply in the comments that would be fab too!

What Are You Waiting For, or WAYWF as I'm going to call it from now on so my fingers don't get tired (!) is what I would call an stereotypical annoyingly catchy pop song. It's basically a chant, obnoxiously loud and irritating and something I cannot seem to remove it from my head. It may be due to my lack of brain cells, but having the title as the basis of the whole song is a genius invention, I can easily sing WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR a million times a day rather easily. I did expect something a little different from the girls as it was the first single to be released from their new greatest hits album, but what they've come up with seems to be doing well on the radio and I'm sure it'll do better than their latest track Not Giving Up which kind of flopped through little radio play and too few performances. As long as WAYWF has a killer dance routine and the power to make a rather grumpy crowd jump up and chant, I'll be happy as this could be the highlight of their tour set list (only 64 days to go!) You can watch the video for What Are You Waiting For below: 

Cheryl Cole's newly dropped Crazy Stupid Love is also a club banger with a rap interlude provided courtesy of the one and only Tinie Tempah, and is, on first listens, a much better track than What Are You Waiting For - but wait! (pun not intended) Crazy Stupid Love seems to be one of those songs that sound fab but weird at first and then you realise that they're all style with little substance. I think the chorus and the 'la la la la la la' bits are excellent, but the whole thing mashed together just falls a little bit, well flat for me. I can't seem to decide what is wrong with it, especially as in my head I like it but when I'm actually reviewing it I just can't commit to giving it a good review... the one thing I definetly can say about Crazy Stupid Love is that the Tinie rap is rather embarrassing and that nobody needs to know that Tinie was dickmatised.. yup you heard right. I think this is going into the new 'embarrassing song lyrics' blog post (coming in a couple of weeks!)

My verdict:
What Are You Waiting For is good for those who have a short memory and who love repetition.
Crazy Stupid Love is good for those who like trumpets and music videos that involve twerking.

The Saturdays - What Are You Waiting For.
Do you agree with this?
-Olivia x

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