July 06, 2014

 Long sleeved tee = Primark
Shorts = Bank
Collar = Claires
Brogues = New Look
Watch = New Look
Here's my outfit from the day out me and my little sister had in York, which was fab. I've been told because I'm wearing a black and white striped top, it makes me look like a hipster which is kind of awkward and weird because I don't think of myself as a hipster, in fact I would rather not be a  hipster. However, if wearing something I feel comfortable in makes me stereotypically one then so be it. Another ridiculous thing I have heard recently is that if your Tumblr account includes pretty pictures of flowers along with somewhat grungy memes it obviously means you have issues in your life and that you're trying to portray that you are mentally unstable on the interweb. Bar this already being an awful assumption and something that trivialises people who actually are mentally unstable to start with, it is something that annoys me incredibly. Tumblr is meant to be a place where you can be yourself and reblog things that reflect either what you're thinking at the time, or just make you smile. Reblogging a picture of a flower does not mean I want to be a flower, nor does it mean that I am referring myself to a flower, stuck in a dark hole with urges to be released into the wild. Tumblr is not an English lesson and therefore I don't believe that we need to describe our motives for every single thing we post. I'd like to think we can go onto the internet, or walk down the street and not have anybody judge us for what we're wearing or what we reblog on the internet. I know I judge people, and I know that I am not a very nice person sometimes especially when it comes to the small things, but I'm trying to change and I think that's the important thing. So, there's my rant of the day. How often do you judge people and think you know them when in fact you're making assumptions and actually have no idea who they are at all? Until next time..
-Olivia x


  1. Alexandra Dove6.7.14

    I certainly hope striped tops aren't hipster because I wear them all the time! I think it's more fedoras and a false sense of being "unique" that makes someone a hipster haha. Don't worry about what anyone thinks, wear what you want to wear and post all the pictures of flowers you want on Tumblr! Also, cute outfit! :)


  2. By far the best post of today. It's so beautifully written and put the thoughts at the back of my mind into coherent sentences that I couldn't muster if I tried (unashamedly insert following #TFIOS quote: "My thoughts are stars that I cannot fathom into constellations" - it had to be done). I get exactly what you're saying. It's sad that society is still restraining us - at an ever increasing rate unfortunately. Nonetheless, you look amazing and you should be proud to break out the stereotypes and strut down the street in black and white stripes from head to toe (including a zebra inspired hairstyle and makeup), you know, if that's what floats your boat. I love your attitude, it's so candid and refreshing. Anyway, keep it up, Lauryn xxx

  3. Thank you so much Lauryn, you're so great.

  4. Alex, I thought you'd got lost! Thank you so much, you're fab too xxx

  5. ah it's of no trouble, thank you<3


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