July 11, 2014

I was in York yet again to witness the preparation for the masses, that is the thousands of cyclists who were partaking in the Tour de France last weekend and the billions of people who were watching it on live television screens across the globe. I feel rather lucky to live in a part of the world where we have had many sporting events take place, from London 2012, to Glasgow 2014, through to this - Yorkshire showing us all how it's done with the Tour de France. I visited on the Saturday, where the city was fit to bursting with tourists and locals alike, who were all watching the events taking place 20 miles down the road in Leeds on large TV screens - yes, some were also trying on clothes in the massive Ark changing rooms queue, but more on that another day.
Everywhere you looked there was at least one thing that you could decide was placed there especially for the tour, and it made me smile. As a lady said on the North East news on Friday night, you're all going to moan and groan about it until it takes place, and then you'll be swept up by the magic when the day comes. I somehow got mistaken for a tourist from 'down south' as I attempted my best French accent with the typical 'no je parle pas francais' but overall I was exempt from making a fool of myself as little children ran around in bright yellow tabards with bikes supported by stabilizers.

The train journey was eventful and rather beautiful in some ways, basically we were shafted onto an old train as the most up to date ones were all in Leeds transporting the thousands expected to fall upon the city, and you could only open the doors by sticking your head out of the window and pushing the handle from the outside. Chances are these trains are in circulation everywhere, but I've never experienced anything like it and I loved the way I could gaze out of the window and have fresh air hit my face rather than standing in a stuffy cabin with only finger print covered surfaces for a view. This was probably my highlight of the Tour de France weekend and it's something I will remember forever. There's a picture of the interior and exterior above, I do sincerely apologise to the people who are staring at the camera confused as hell, I had to do it! *hides*

Did you watch the Tour de France?
-Olivia x

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