music favourites #1

August 31, 2014

I like to think of myself as one of those people who sound like they have a really limited taste in music, but who actually listen to lots of different things. I think this playlist (sort of) accomplishes this. Vanessa White (the short one in The Saturdays) gives me a heartfelt ballad, Katie Oldham plays a ukulele for God's sake and Keira Knightley is a movie star, not a music star. In reality, it turns out I'm just trying to sound educated and most of this playlist would be easily found on a commercial radio station. Damn, I thought I was intelligent all of a sudden. Better try next month Liv. Here's this month's playlist, full of - well music.
After Ever After - Disney
Boom Clap - Charli XCX
All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor
Misery Business - Paramore
Seventeen - Marina & The Diamonds
Boy - Nina Nesbitt
Complicated - Avril Lavigne
Everyday I Love You Less and Less - Kaiser Chiefs
Lost Stars (Into The Night Mix) - Adam Levine
Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home - Keira Knightley
Walk This Way - Hayseed Dixie
On A Mission - Gabriella Cilmi
Champion - Pixie Lott
Post Festival Blues - Katie Oldham
Vanessa White - Artificial
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high school and uni essentials with ella

August 28, 2014

I've been in contact with Ella for a while after finding her blog during one of the #bloggersdoitbetter chats (which I hosted a couple of Monday's back, it was rather exciting!) and as the majority of our readers are either partaking in the lovely thing we call education, we thought it would be fab to collaborate on a high school and university essentials post. Ella blogs at Ella Was Here and is studying Journalism at university in her home country of Belgium, whereas I'm from the UK studying for my A Levels.  If you have a spare couple of minutes please give Ella a follow as her posts will make your day! Here's our high school and university essensials, as written by two girls who have experience of it now. Hope you enjoy! 
Ahh... high school. Love it or loathe it, it's something we all have to do whether you live in America or Albania, and sadly it's something we need to be prepared for, even if your plan is to doss around and do nothing for a year.
First of all, you need to think positively. Without smiling and thinking about the good things about education, you can get upset and down in the dumps while munching on Cheetos and bagels all day. If you think that you can do it, there's a high chance you'll persevere and get the grades you want while staying sane in the process. 
Try and join in during lessons you despise. I hated PE, I loathed the people, the over enthusiastic competitors, and the feeling of worthlessness (I was the idiot who couldn't hit the tennis ball properly to save my life.) But as soon as I actually joined in and took the mickey out of my lack of skills, the lesson became better and felt shorter, because you were actually doing something. You never know, you might approach a sport which makes you feel good about yourself and that you're talented at... I decided that rounders and dodgeball weren't too bad after all and that dodging things wasn't that difficult (yay!)
Stop believing that being 'popular' is the best thing ever. To put it bluntly, it isn't. Stop putting the girls who have decided that their gobbier than everybody else on a pedestal, stop believing that you're inferior because you don't own 10 MAC lipsticks and a horse. The girls who believe they are the best thing since sliced bread are not worth your time, even if they are nice to you when you're talking one on one. This just shows how two faced (or fifty faced) they are because you're not 'cool' enough to be spoken to when there's lots of people around. You're probably going to lead a better life than them anyway. Look at the big picture. These bitchy girls might be like the plastics from Mean Girls, but they're currently a big fish in a small pond. Wait until they get into the real world, then you can laugh at them. 
Keep organised. Whether you're studying for your GCSE's, A Levels or just getting through years 7,8 and 9, you'll need something to make sure you hand every piece of work in on time. Get into a habit of doing work the night it is set, so there's no last minute rushes, and organise your job around school and your social life, not the other way round. Buy post stick notes, diaries and posh paper clips. You'll thank yourself for it in exam season!

Now on to the university essentials. I (Ella) have recently finished my third year in university. And, believe it or not, I did learn a few things about university!
First of all, and probably the most important tip I can give you is, be prepared! You can easily get behind in university and It will be incredibly difficult to learn a whole course 2 days before the exam. So start to get organised now.
Make a timetable and hang it somewhere you will have no choice to look at it. You won’t have a fixed schedule anymore so make sure you don’t forget to go to your classes (yes, that happens). I always have a notebook, pen and a small organizer in my handbag. They’ll come in handy for sure! If you get organized at the beginning of the year, you won’t stress so much when it is time to study for exams.
A good laptop (and a laptop bag) is also important when you’re going to university. It does not have to be expensive but you’ll need something you can easily bring to classes and for taking notes. Most university classes allow laptops now, so bring it! A USB-stick will be helpful as well. Always make sure you store your notes not just on your laptop. Nowadays, most people use some sort of online storage but you won’t always have internet connection so make sure you have an USB-stick too.
That said, my final tip is to just have fun while being a student! Enjoy meeting new people and go out once and a while. Studying journalism was pretty stressful so I did not go out as much as I would have like to and I regret it a bit. Life is not just centred around studies or work. Make time to enjoy it too!
Thank you Ella! Hope you enjoyed this post, there will be a follow up post over on Ella's blog in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled! #overandout
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august favourites

August 26, 2014

top image: 'xoliviamae' bracelet, company magazine, retro sunglasses from claires accessories, smiggle headphones*
August has gone rather slow compared to July, though there are some things which have made it fab. My little sister bought me the 'xoliviamae' bracelet at a summer fair a couple of months back before I changed my blog name and it's been lovely to have it tied round my wrist, especially as this year I don't have any holiday wristbands to fill my arms with. For a while now, Company magazine has disappointed me as the pages became less and less about real content and more about hashtags and silly fashion trends though this month the mag made me smile again, its a real shame that the mag is going solely online as I don't tend to read online magazines when there's a much more varied blogging community to read into instead. After my first pair of round sunglasses broke, I've had to rely on the free pair that Cosmo gave away a couple of months back along with this pair of palm tree emblazoned glasses, which isn't too bad as the round frame suits my face shape and the lenses are of a lighter shade than I'm used to so the world now looks like a vintage Instagram filter. Last but not least, my Smiggle headphones have been a source of great comfort while trying to get through the mountain of work I seemed to have left myself during the college holidays, the sound quality is fab and they don't hurt my ears like the majority of headphones, I'm even wearing them while writing this!

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August 24, 2014

 dress, ark | bracelets, republic and h&m | necklace, kylie at m&co* | earrings, river island
I received this rather fabulous popcorn necklace from Kylie at M&Co the other day in celebration of the 25th birthday of Kylie clothing, which is what I would call the 'tweenager' brand - as in not children, but not exactly teen yet either (just to clear that up) at M&Co. After sending my address out on Monday afternoon, I expected the postman to take a week or so to get round to delivery, so when a parcel came addressed to me on Friday I was super happy. I seem to have broken the 'you should never wear silver and gold jewellery together' rule though I felt as though it would have been apt to wear the necklace to work on Friday as I serve popcorn (wow guess where I work guys) and to be fair, I don't think it made the outfit look any worse, and if it did I was going to work anywhere where I don't think it says that I have to be 'fashionable' in my job description. I hope not anyway.
My dress was a sale find from Ark, whom I've had problems with recently as they supposedly 'lost' and resent my order out twice, without it reaching me at any time. The funny thing is, the order was being sent to the shop so there was no need for the parcel to enter the mainstream posting system, so basically they had 'lost' it during their very own supply chain, which is rather annoying. After countless phone calls to employees who made empty promises, I ended up cancelling my order with a promise of a 10% discount code and free delivery if I ever try to make another Ark order. Funnily enough, I won't. There wasn't even an email sent to me detailing the cancellation of my order so I had to go into the bank myself and ask whether the money had been refunded to my account. Just a warning I guess, don't use the online Ark site unless you want shoddy service. Two of my friends encountered similar problems where their orders arrived either with half missing or with half of the sizes being wrong. It's a bit despicable really.
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the sunshine award

August 21, 2014

I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Sunshine award by Eli, a blogger from Spain. It's always lovely to be nominated for these sort of things, so thank you! I'm going to post the slimmed down version of the tag here, because I have a tendency to ramble far too much and I'm sure nobody wants to see yet another list of what to do when you're tagged. Here are the questions that Eli asked me:
Recommend a good book? The last book I finished was called Hack, by Graham Johnson which I really enjoyed. It was rather enlightening, which I like in a story, because then I feel as though I've achieved something.
Favourite vacation destination? My favourite holidays were in Mallorca and Disneyland, though Disney is so magical as an actual place, I mean a beach is a beach right?
Do you speak a foreign language? I speak rather broken Spanish as I was forced to endure four years of it in school, otherwise no. I have been taught a couple of profanities in various languages mind!
Winter or summer? I prefer summer due to the amount of clothes you can wear and show off, winter clothes are usually enclosed by a heavy coat which makes you look even larger, isn't that great.
Do you have any pets? I've never had any, no.
Favourite pastime? I've always liked listening to music though writing was always my passion, even as a little girl I created books and supposedly deep, meaningful songs.
Cinema or DVD at home? It has to be a cinema, unless I just don't get round to watching the movie.
Popcorn, sweet or salted? Salted, you see I'm already an Aussie, all I need now is the hair care range.
DIY or buy? A mix of the both, I suppose it depends what it is.
Would you spend 400 pounds/dollars/euros in a pair of shoes instead of buying a new oven when yours has broken down? I would spend 400 pounds as that's worth more than dollars and euros... but on an oven. I'm not a fan of expensive shoes so they'd mean nothing to me anyway.
Glitter, yay or nay? Yay, in the right situations. Like at festivals. Or at college. (maybe not)
My eleven fun facts are below, in a sarcastic form as ever:
I don't like too much countryside | I live in the countryside | Ribena is disgusting | As is chilli con carne, I mean it's bleugh worthy | Girls Aloud were my childhood heros | I was nearly in a flash mob advert until I ran away | Little Mix follow me on my personal Twitter | Cheryl Cole told me I couldn't spell properly and that I shouldn't hate her for pointing the mistake out | I've never seen an episode of Friends | I've had a website since the age of nine | I'm a dumb blonde unnaturally
I would like to tag Jemma, Lily, Aly, Jess, Niamh and Hollie. I think it would be fab if you could also answer the questions I did so we can do a little comparing afterwards, and if you don't understand what to do (but I'm sure you will) the full explanation is here on Eli's blog.

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mooi en lief

August 19, 2014

Ever since I saw Tolly's post about upcoming Dutch brand Mooi en Lief, I've wanted to style a couple of outfits with their rather fabulous range of wellington boots, which have probably the weirdest yet greatest designs ever seen on a pair of wellies. Mooi en Lief sell wellies which, as you can tell, are a teensy bit different to normal ones, (understatement of the century) because they're fun and suitable for anybody who wants to add a bit of pizazz to their lives. They'd be fab for me, especially as my little town is what you would describe as being 'in the middle of nowhere' so there's mud and gunk on the roads and pavements as soon as you set out of the town centre (yum) so I may be investing in a pair sometime soon - but until then, here's my mood boards!
Wellington boots: Mooi en Lief | Joni jeans: Topshop (wherever else) | Bracelets: Primark |
Parka: Amazon | Black tee: Primark | War inspired satchel: Etsy | Checked scarf: Topshop
I wanted to create something here that could be worn all winter through, though also suitable for the summer festivals too without the scarf. The wellies, in the 'army' design with the studded star buckles makes the outfit suitable for the unpredictable Yorkshire weather whereas the glossy gold Primark special bracelets make the outfit look a little more polished. I like the way the outfit has different shapes within it, like the jeans will suck you in and show off your figure whereas the tee shirt is a little baggier, so along with the parka makes the outfit more casual, so it's suitable for shopping and college.
Einstein wellington boots: Mooi en Lief | White satchel | Primark | Bunting necklace: Claires Accessories
Spotted pinafore: Monki | Mickey Mouse tee: Etsy
Checked pinafore: | Striped tee: Primark
I thought about combining two very similar outfits into one here, as they're both pinafores (duh.) As the wellies take inspiration from Einstein, they'd be fab to wear for college and they'd be a real talking point with my friends as they're so unique, I mean when do you see Einstein wellies in Topshop or River Island!? I suppose this outfit has more of a silly though preppy theme, with the ridiculously overhyped Primark satchel, the bunting necklace and the pinafores, though I quite like it. I can just imagine myself doing a peace and pout in this outfit, not gonna lie. #peaceandpout
Do you like these types of posts or not?
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oversized denim

August 17, 2014

vest, primark | skirt, river island | necklace, sister vintage | jacket, topshop
These are probably the weirdest outfit poses I have done in my life, but I'm trying to get used to having to take outfit photos on my own, hence the bedroom shot (yay.) I've been looking for an oversized denim jacket for a while now, as I think it would be great to travel in as denim tends to keep you warm in the winter and it is great for layering over cardigans and thin blazers, though I couldn't justify for the life of me spending fifty and sixty pounds on a jacket which looks like it's been borrowed from my dad. This find was in the Topshop sale without a price tag on, and one trip to the till to ask for the price made it mine! Teamed with my student discount, it came to just over forty pounds which made me smile a hell of a lot. I advise any of you who are moving into the lower sixth this year to invest in a student card because you can save a ridiculous amount of money, the 10 percents soon add up, and they can also be used with sale items in some places (even more yays!) Hell, this jacket is worth its weight in gold already as it got me through a rain soaked four hour traffic jam yesterday after a crash on the motorway (oh no!) 
I'd also just like to say a big thank you to anybody who took part in the #fbloggers chat on Monday night - I was the hostess asking the questions because Becky is on holiday and I didn't realise how surreal it is to have so many people answering what you're asking! If you were one of them, thanks for not telling me I'm an idiot, and a big hello to any new followers from that night, give me a comment in the comment box (wherever else) and I'll check out your blog, also leave me comments and improvements, I'm always open to new ideas.
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A new beginning.

August 16, 2014

Hi guys, it's Olivia here. I don't know whether you've noticed or not, but I've not been posting on here recently and if you were wondering why, here you go. I've found somebody new.. no I'm kidding. I've started a new blog and if you want the link to it, give me a tweet at @xoliviamae or email me at, if you want to know why I've changed the link, just give me a message too as I'll be happy to answer any questions. I would post the link to my new blog here, but I um aren't... (good luck finding it if you don't know the link btw) Otherwise, have a lovely life!

whitby unedited

August 14, 2014

In college, we had a task of visiting a seaside town to take photos for one of our coursework assignments and Whitby, on the east coast of England was the place we chose to go. These pictures are the product of that day, left unedited to show the glory of being 'basic' and that life doesn't always need to be edited - all the while having been taken on an eight megapixel camera from a less than high end phone - and to me, I can't see one glaringly obvious thing wrong with them. Yes, they're not as bright as they potentially could be, but when Whitby is sunny I can go back and retake them, but lets face facts, I probably won't be going back. Why may you ask? My job was to take photos, and I did. I took photos of something real, something that I captured with my own eyes as well as with my camera. Imagine if I had edited the cars out of the fourth picture to make it more visually appealing using Photoshop's very own healing brush - maybe you'd visit Whitby and expect no cars to be there when you pass the same viewing point I did because of the view you saw in my picture. Except there would be cars there, and chances are you wouldn't even recognise the location as it would have been edited to smithereens until there was only the bare corpse of reality left.
I suppose you can liken the unedited view of Whitby (or Whit-beh to the locals) to the unedited males and females in magazine campaigns who we all make a fuss over because they look so different in the flesh. When we see the pictures of Cheryl and Britney in the album campaign shoots, we moan as their toned airbrushed bodies are paraded past us on buses around the country: "why can't you show us their cellulite" "why on earth has she got three fingers, were her other two not pretty enough" - this did happen in an advert for The Saturdays by the way - but nobody seems to care when beauty spots are edited to become even more beautiful, I mean were they not good enough in the first place either? Cheryl is obviously hot, I mean she's won so many awards for her body but marketing directors still feel the need to make her look even hotter through airbrushing - it's like that for locations. How many times do you see pictures of seaside towns without a speck of cloud in the sky? How many pictures are without a seagull, or for that matter, seagull poo? I don't think I've ever visited a seaside town without one of the pesky things lurching round me for a vinegar soaked potato chunk. You don't see that on 'Welcome to Yorkshire' and if the official tourism board isn't real, well I don't know what is.
If this post is forgotten about, then so be it. It would be fab if it made you think, and I would really appreciate your comments in the box below. Leave your links too and I'll be sure to check you out.  
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the saturdays finest selection

August 12, 2014

I was rather surprised when The Saturdays' newest album 'Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits' dropped through my letterbox yesterday as in all honesty I'd forgotten I'd even pre-ordered it, but after a few spins through the CD player I remembered why it was ordered - The Sats are here to cheer me up through good, cheesy pop music. It seems as though I'd pre-ordered the fancy exclusive tour edition version, which included the videos of all the songs that were released from the album, from the Yazoo sampling 'If This Is Love' through to their latest release called 'What Are You Waiting For?' which is a slice of electro, ravetastic pop (not a word, I know) - here's a mini rather sarcastic review of every track on the album so you can work out whether The Saturdays' finest is fine enough for you to fork out a tenner (or a fiver next month)
What About Us is the only number one the Sats have had, and I can see why, it's commercialised, it's exactly what the general music buying public want, it was knocked off the top spot by Ant and Dec and it includes lots of 'na na na na's'  and not much substance. Oh, don't you just love a good number one single?
Higher is probably the best single on this record, and I'm glad Digital Spy agree with me on this one as it's severely underrated. You have Flo Rida who's not from Florida singing their names, you have a beat that reminds me of summer and it has happiness sprawled all over it, it's just summer in a song
Ego has a fab video and it's a little bit eerie, the lyrics include all of the sassy language the hipster girls would love to recreate in a Tumblr gif 'u need 2 have a sit down with ur ego' but in all honesty I like it and it's hairbrush worth, and by that I mean its good enough to sing down a hairbrush badly which means it's good enough for me. Next track..
All Fired Up lets all us know that The Sats like to make the party super naughty and that the DJ blows their mind... I'm sure some parents took this the wrong way but if you want to appeal to drunk boys in nightclubs this is what you want to be singing...
What Are You Waiting For shows that The Saturdays have a great time learning the line 'what are you waiting for' in rehearsals and decided to make it into one humongous song
Up is actually fabulous, enough said. I've always loved a little bit of electro pop and this should go down in history as one of the best songs ever made by a manufactured girl group
Forever Is Over was meant to be a Kelly Clarkson song and this is why it kicks ass.
Issues is the ballad, and is probably most famous for the line 'slap you or kiss you' because Radio One misunderstood it as 'kill you' and the whole world went into uproar. I love this song because it reminds me of snuggling up in my dressing gown and growing up, I was an angsty child sometimes and boy this is one angsty song in the mind of an over imaginative 'tweenager'
Disco Love includes references to Britney, Donna Summer and the Bee Gees and is perfect for discos. It gets me up and dancing every time and it'll be one of those songs that everybody and their dog will remember at high school reunion discos
Notorious mentions The Saturdays being bad girls again... okay we get the picture. I found it too auto tuned though there was a nice product placement segment with Barry M - the lipgloss featured is very good quality as I bought it, fangirling teens do need something to satisfy their hunger you know!?
Missing You is an uptempo ballad, but it's got that sweet melancholy feeling which makes you go all warm inside which most Sats ballads don't have - it's a very nice 'end of night, now leave my house' song, at least that's what I imagine it to be
Work is the motivation song for me. It got me through GCSE exams along with one of their b-sides aptly named 'So Stupid' - I sung it before every exam and I came out with pretty okay marks, so it must have worked!
Not Giving Up was the fifth and final single from their previous album Living for the Weekend, and it's basically All Fired Up version two, with even more strobe lighting and backing track for the big live performances (on Loose Women that is)
30 Days is a song which shouldn't really exist and it's too cringe worthy to write about, even here on this blog where everything I do and appear to be is rather cringe. It just, ew. *shudders* 
808 is the best new song out of the three, which is saying something. It seems as though the band were lacking on song lyrics yet again so decided to repeat every single line a million times, which turns it into a catchy 2010 esque song
Gentlemen might be so 1999, but it's also so 2014 and I bought the milk and the cow (google it)
If This Is Love was the first ever single and if I'd have heard this song without the rest of the first album I'd have dropped them from their label immediately
Walking Through The Desert is another song you shouldn't remember the name to as it's new - I like it and I feel as though I know it from an advert but it seems slightly out of place on a greatest hits album as it is a song you only want to hear on adverts
My Heart Takes Over was a Christmas ballad and is nice as background music when your Grandad starts talking about when he was a young boy, it's nothing special on record but it's when you hear a live version you will go 'wow'
Just Can't Get Enough is the Comic Relief track from 2009 and what you would probably call a cute attempt at a cover from a hugely popular song. It's like The Vamps' version of Oh Cecilia, it's cute and sing along-able but it's nothing compared to the original - ta da!
Sorry this is up a few hours late! Blogger was having a hissy fit for most of last night and my not very funny, though highly sarcastic puns had disappeared when I opened Blogger this morning, hence the rewrite. I can't decide whether I like these sort of posts, because even though I love music, this is primarily a fashion / lifestyle blog and I don't know whether you want to see music posts? Please help and give your opinions in the comments, I reply to them all and appreciate every single little one of them - also pop your links in the comment box and I'll check your blog out too (yay!)

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gourmet burger kitchen review

August 10, 2014

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is, to me, one of those restaurants where you know it's there, but you just don't go into. There's no reason for it, it's just there's always somewhere else on the horizon, you have a voucher for Pizza Hut or McDonalds, or you fancy an outdoor meal over a heavy burger. But armed with a two for ten pounds voucher from my favourite app Vouchers, me and a friend decided to make the jaunt into our local restaurant, and boy were we surprised.
When we entered the restaurant, we expected it to be bustling as we'd hit it right on 12.30 lunch hour - it um wasn't. There were maybe six families dining with humongous milkshakes and then us, so we had the pick of the tables. We chose one near the window as I do like to nosy at people (am I the only one?) and were left to order. One thing that confused me was that you had to pay for your meal upfront at the counter, just like McDonalds - yet there were plenty of waitresses just stood there at the same time. It didn't bother either of us paying beforehand, but I didn't expect it from a 'sit down' restaurant.
I had the 'avocado bacon' burger, which as the name suggests included a rather large beef burger laden with avocado, bacon, mayonnaise, relish and salad whereas said friend kept it simple with a plain beef burger with salad and after about a ten minute wait they came. Lets just say I've worked out why you have to pay for sides separately! The burger was humongous, and completely worth the fiver I'd paid for it. I don't think either of us could stomach a side, let alone a thick milkshake which was the choice of drink most people seemed to opt for in the store.
Saying that, the highlight of the meal for me was probably the drink. I'd chosen the strawberry and elderflower fizz on the basis that there were free refills, and I tell you now that I drink tons during meals. It was, mind my French: bloody beautiful. I'd drink it forever. Yum.
If you have the chance to grab a voucher for GBK, go. It's a cheap meal for a student budget and it'll fill you right up. If you don't have a voucher, I don't think my burger was worth £9 but hey, if you're feeling hungry, you'll pay anything!
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only the young with vodafone

August 07, 2014

(photo courstey of Gina Weaver, taken at Scarborough 27.7.14, link here)
As some of you may already know, I went to see Little Mix and Scouting for Girls last Sunday night at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre, which is the biggest outdoor theatre in Europe. Both bands were fab, but it was the support act that caught my eye and when I was asked whether I wanted to write about them, I jumped at the chance! Only The Young is a mixed gender band (no, not like S Club 7) and to be completely fair, not a single band comes to mind that I can liken them too. It's plain and simple pop, I admit it - but there seems to be a cool edge coming off it and it is honestly something I can not pinpoint. I just like it.
I had the chance to meet Betsy, Parisa, Charlie and Mikey during a mad scrum after the show, which even they admitted was completely ridiculous and mad themselves afterwards, I tell you what if I'd have been four foot tall I'd have been trod on and killed, there were that many people pushing and shoving. I dread to think what it would have been like if it was One Direction I was queuing for (or pushing for) because I think I'd have been squashed into the size of a McDonalds burger. Imagine that on your gravestone? Death by concert.... Anyway. They were all really lovely (I promise you this post is not sponsored) and I'd go and see them again live if I had the chance, they were probably as good as my faves Little Mix and coming from me, that's quite a big compliment. You can see my selfies below:

OTY are currently working with Vodafone under their new #FIRSTS program, where the phone company are inviting people to do things for the first time that they'd probably never get the chance to do otherwise. Only The Young performed at Wembley (eek!) at the Summertime Ball along with Miley and Cheryl (double eek!) and then filmed their experience with the help of their fans. I've included two embedded videos, the first one being how the band got the chance to be part of the #FIRSTS scheme and the second one is a cover of Avicci's Wake Me Up which was put together along with videos taken from the phones of the ordinary people at the gig. Am I the only one who thinks this is rather cool!?

Though I was provided with the videos, all opinions are my own and I received no payment for this post, I just think OTY are fab. -^.^-
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the july days

August 05, 2014

"The July Days refers to events in 1917 that took place in Petrograd, Russia, between 3 July and 7 July when soldiers and industrial workers engaged in spontaneous demonstrations against the Russian Provisional Government. The Bolsheviks tried to provide leadership to the demonstrations."
July, in every possible way has been one of the best months of the year. Why may you ask? I have no flaming idea, I cannot actually think of one publishable reason why this month has been great, but believe me when I tell you that it has been. I feel as though this year of college has been - for the lack of a better word - utterly crap - and that could be a reason why I've finally felt happy after being released from a hell hole that in this country is illegal to climb out of for the time being, but hopefully it will all be better come September.
Things that have made me happy this month:
  • I went to see Begin Again at the cinemas and it is probably one of the most inspiring films I have seen in my life. I've been streaming the soundtrack on a loop for nearly two weeks now and there hasn't yet come a moment where I'm begging for it to stop. If you ever get a chance to watch it, grab it with both hands as I'm rather sad that it's left my local cinema for good.
  • Can I just say Little Mix? LITTLE MIX.
  • I've found a love for iced tea from Costa Coffee (third post and second mention, we're on a roll) and I'm sorry to say that the peach lemonade is severely over rated when you've tried this. The only problem I have with it is that there's only one tea bag used, no matter whether you've bought a small or large drink so a large drink is so watery whereas the small drink, um isn't.
  • I've found myself in three newspapers within the space of three days, with two of them being national papers which means millions of people have seen either a rather large unflattering dancing picture of me or the side of my frame depending on which rag you're looking through. *sarcastic yaaaay*

I set out every month with plans, dreams and goals, with the main goal this month being to laugh more and to get three years of phone photography developed for my albums, aptly named 'selfies and #tbt.' These were all achieved and I'm picking the photos up from the local chemist next week (yup, a chemist) and to be fair, it's all rather exciting round here. I've also got some great little collaborations coming up in the next couple of weeks, with one of them being with a worldwide brand *hides* so keep your eyes peeled here on 'Olivia Curls' as you won't want to miss it!
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August 03, 2014

jacket / new look | tee / primark | shorts / river island | trainers / fred perry
earrings / river island | bracelet / h&m | sunglasses / cosmo(!)
Here's what I wore yesterday when me and my sister went into town to do a bit of sightseeing and go for tea in our favourite coffee shop. It was a pretty relaxed day, and we managed somehow to get involved in something quite spectacular which I'm not going to go into (the suspense or what!) but to put it blunty, I've realised that some things aren't as glorious as they seem in the newspapers. Eeeek. On another note, I wholly recommend the new peach iced teas in Costa, I mean they taste absolutely nothing like the Lipton versions but that's probably because the Costa ones actually have a tea bag dunked into them first so contain a slight bit more caffeine induced happiness than their bottled counterparts. Yay.
I feel rather bad that my blogging tale is coming to an end over on 'xoliviamae' but I can't hold on any longer, I physically feel like I'm losing it and though it's something that I've slaved over and adored, I just can't justify in my brain carrying it on when there's no motivation there anymore, there's no dream. I mean yeah, this blog is slightly the same thing but it's not, I feel as though I can progress and change whereas on 'xoliviamae' it just felt ridiculously stagnant, like I was going through the motions rather than connecting with a piece of my work on a personal level. I tell you what, when you stop believing that your own blog sounds like you, there's a bloody problem. So there's the last mention of that blog on here (hopefully if I can let go*) and I hope you all have a lovely day!
*You don't understand how much I've restrained from belting out Let It Go in the middle of the house right now 
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