August 24, 2014

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I received this rather fabulous popcorn necklace from Kylie at M&Co the other day in celebration of the 25th birthday of Kylie clothing, which is what I would call the 'tweenager' brand - as in not children, but not exactly teen yet either (just to clear that up) at M&Co. After sending my address out on Monday afternoon, I expected the postman to take a week or so to get round to delivery, so when a parcel came addressed to me on Friday I was super happy. I seem to have broken the 'you should never wear silver and gold jewellery together' rule though I felt as though it would have been apt to wear the necklace to work on Friday as I serve popcorn (wow guess where I work guys) and to be fair, I don't think it made the outfit look any worse, and if it did I was going to work anywhere where I don't think it says that I have to be 'fashionable' in my job description. I hope not anyway.
My dress was a sale find from Ark, whom I've had problems with recently as they supposedly 'lost' and resent my order out twice, without it reaching me at any time. The funny thing is, the order was being sent to the shop so there was no need for the parcel to enter the mainstream posting system, so basically they had 'lost' it during their very own supply chain, which is rather annoying. After countless phone calls to employees who made empty promises, I ended up cancelling my order with a promise of a 10% discount code and free delivery if I ever try to make another Ark order. Funnily enough, I won't. There wasn't even an email sent to me detailing the cancellation of my order so I had to go into the bank myself and ask whether the money had been refunded to my account. Just a warning I guess, don't use the online Ark site unless you want shoddy service. Two of my friends encountered similar problems where their orders arrived either with half missing or with half of the sizes being wrong. It's a bit despicable really.
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