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August 19, 2014

Ever since I saw Tolly's post about upcoming Dutch brand Mooi en Lief, I've wanted to style a couple of outfits with their rather fabulous range of wellington boots, which have probably the weirdest yet greatest designs ever seen on a pair of wellies. Mooi en Lief sell wellies which, as you can tell, are a teensy bit different to normal ones, (understatement of the century) because they're fun and suitable for anybody who wants to add a bit of pizazz to their lives. They'd be fab for me, especially as my little town is what you would describe as being 'in the middle of nowhere' so there's mud and gunk on the roads and pavements as soon as you set out of the town centre (yum) so I may be investing in a pair sometime soon - but until then, here's my mood boards!
Wellington boots: Mooi en Lief | Joni jeans: Topshop (wherever else) | Bracelets: Primark |
Parka: Amazon | Black tee: Primark | War inspired satchel: Etsy | Checked scarf: Topshop
I wanted to create something here that could be worn all winter through, though also suitable for the summer festivals too without the scarf. The wellies, in the 'army' design with the studded star buckles makes the outfit suitable for the unpredictable Yorkshire weather whereas the glossy gold Primark special bracelets make the outfit look a little more polished. I like the way the outfit has different shapes within it, like the jeans will suck you in and show off your figure whereas the tee shirt is a little baggier, so along with the parka makes the outfit more casual, so it's suitable for shopping and college.
Einstein wellington boots: Mooi en Lief | White satchel | Primark | Bunting necklace: Claires Accessories
Spotted pinafore: Monki | Mickey Mouse tee: Etsy
Checked pinafore: | Striped tee: Primark
I thought about combining two very similar outfits into one here, as they're both pinafores (duh.) As the wellies take inspiration from Einstein, they'd be fab to wear for college and they'd be a real talking point with my friends as they're so unique, I mean when do you see Einstein wellies in Topshop or River Island!? I suppose this outfit has more of a silly though preppy theme, with the ridiculously overhyped Primark satchel, the bunting necklace and the pinafores, though I quite like it. I can just imagine myself doing a peace and pout in this outfit, not gonna lie. #peaceandpout
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