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August 12, 2014

I was rather surprised when The Saturdays' newest album 'Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits' dropped through my letterbox yesterday as in all honesty I'd forgotten I'd even pre-ordered it, but after a few spins through the CD player I remembered why it was ordered - The Sats are here to cheer me up through good, cheesy pop music. It seems as though I'd pre-ordered the fancy exclusive tour edition version, which included the videos of all the songs that were released from the album, from the Yazoo sampling 'If This Is Love' through to their latest release called 'What Are You Waiting For?' which is a slice of electro, ravetastic pop (not a word, I know) - here's a mini rather sarcastic review of every track on the album so you can work out whether The Saturdays' finest is fine enough for you to fork out a tenner (or a fiver next month)
What About Us is the only number one the Sats have had, and I can see why, it's commercialised, it's exactly what the general music buying public want, it was knocked off the top spot by Ant and Dec and it includes lots of 'na na na na's'  and not much substance. Oh, don't you just love a good number one single?
Higher is probably the best single on this record, and I'm glad Digital Spy agree with me on this one as it's severely underrated. You have Flo Rida who's not from Florida singing their names, you have a beat that reminds me of summer and it has happiness sprawled all over it, it's just summer in a song
Ego has a fab video and it's a little bit eerie, the lyrics include all of the sassy language the hipster girls would love to recreate in a Tumblr gif 'u need 2 have a sit down with ur ego' but in all honesty I like it and it's hairbrush worth, and by that I mean its good enough to sing down a hairbrush badly which means it's good enough for me. Next track..
All Fired Up lets all us know that The Sats like to make the party super naughty and that the DJ blows their mind... I'm sure some parents took this the wrong way but if you want to appeal to drunk boys in nightclubs this is what you want to be singing...
What Are You Waiting For shows that The Saturdays have a great time learning the line 'what are you waiting for' in rehearsals and decided to make it into one humongous song
Up is actually fabulous, enough said. I've always loved a little bit of electro pop and this should go down in history as one of the best songs ever made by a manufactured girl group
Forever Is Over was meant to be a Kelly Clarkson song and this is why it kicks ass.
Issues is the ballad, and is probably most famous for the line 'slap you or kiss you' because Radio One misunderstood it as 'kill you' and the whole world went into uproar. I love this song because it reminds me of snuggling up in my dressing gown and growing up, I was an angsty child sometimes and boy this is one angsty song in the mind of an over imaginative 'tweenager'
Disco Love includes references to Britney, Donna Summer and the Bee Gees and is perfect for discos. It gets me up and dancing every time and it'll be one of those songs that everybody and their dog will remember at high school reunion discos
Notorious mentions The Saturdays being bad girls again... okay we get the picture. I found it too auto tuned though there was a nice product placement segment with Barry M - the lipgloss featured is very good quality as I bought it, fangirling teens do need something to satisfy their hunger you know!?
Missing You is an uptempo ballad, but it's got that sweet melancholy feeling which makes you go all warm inside which most Sats ballads don't have - it's a very nice 'end of night, now leave my house' song, at least that's what I imagine it to be
Work is the motivation song for me. It got me through GCSE exams along with one of their b-sides aptly named 'So Stupid' - I sung it before every exam and I came out with pretty okay marks, so it must have worked!
Not Giving Up was the fifth and final single from their previous album Living for the Weekend, and it's basically All Fired Up version two, with even more strobe lighting and backing track for the big live performances (on Loose Women that is)
30 Days is a song which shouldn't really exist and it's too cringe worthy to write about, even here on this blog where everything I do and appear to be is rather cringe. It just, ew. *shudders* 
808 is the best new song out of the three, which is saying something. It seems as though the band were lacking on song lyrics yet again so decided to repeat every single line a million times, which turns it into a catchy 2010 esque song
Gentlemen might be so 1999, but it's also so 2014 and I bought the milk and the cow (google it)
If This Is Love was the first ever single and if I'd have heard this song without the rest of the first album I'd have dropped them from their label immediately
Walking Through The Desert is another song you shouldn't remember the name to as it's new - I like it and I feel as though I know it from an advert but it seems slightly out of place on a greatest hits album as it is a song you only want to hear on adverts
My Heart Takes Over was a Christmas ballad and is nice as background music when your Grandad starts talking about when he was a young boy, it's nothing special on record but it's when you hear a live version you will go 'wow'
Just Can't Get Enough is the Comic Relief track from 2009 and what you would probably call a cute attempt at a cover from a hugely popular song. It's like The Vamps' version of Oh Cecilia, it's cute and sing along-able but it's nothing compared to the original - ta da!
Sorry this is up a few hours late! Blogger was having a hissy fit for most of last night and my not very funny, though highly sarcastic puns had disappeared when I opened Blogger this morning, hence the rewrite. I can't decide whether I like these sort of posts, because even though I love music, this is primarily a fashion / lifestyle blog and I don't know whether you want to see music posts? Please help and give your opinions in the comments, I reply to them all and appreciate every single little one of them - also pop your links in the comment box and I'll check your blog out too (yay!)

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